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  1. Playing around with tankers on the test server. To me I like WP/StJ the most "perfect" personally, the whole aesthetic of it is amazing.
  2. Since you're Illusion, I'll maybe play around with Poison. Personally I would say Traps since you can poc caltrops to have -res.
  3. From everything I've played I want to try Mind/Kin yet the most impressive for me is Plant/Time. Both are just really safe, powerful and are good no matter the level. I haven't made the character yet from playing my Plant/Poison and my Ice/Time. I'm like yeah Plant/Time is controller I can take to 50+
  4. Personally I'll say Time works well with Ice. The auras in both are the same size and you get both before 10. The only problem this is a low DPS and a overall hot character end wise. Even with the IO's I normally used to stop the end drain on other character this one still feels the heat when I have to start clearing rooms without much downtime. Besides that Ice/Time is still great because you can just stand in most mobs and watch them get snared while the team kills them. Personally from what I played you'll like having Glacier in this setup because you're mainly gonna be in melee range basically hugging a tank. Don't get Shiver, Flash Freeze or Jack Frost. Yes don't get Jack it isn't worth the investment if you're gonna group put more investment into time. Now have 4 holds 3 of them come up pretty fast, Glacier is your slow one. A lot of snares, good healing, buffs/debuffs the problem is one thing you have to get use to you don't do damage. You're basically in the room to make sure the enemy has a very bad day. Then for late game either go Ice or Leviathan since Hibernate is gonna be your friend because they'll will be times when another mob or two sees you and start shooting you in group play. Just pop Hibernate and let the party catch up.
  5. Yeah, I saw this on my Ice/Cold and I do have a spare node I can throw up there for lulz.
  6. I'm giving this setup a try, it works well. The issue I see that people aren't playing SR as much it's not flashy until you're in the middle of hornet's nest of Longbow and nothing happens to you. Now my issue is the choice of Alphas since Agility works for the SR and Musculature works with Katana.
  7. For me it'll be Traps my issue is that the bombs are overall useless. Easily the best thing about it is the Acid Mortar you can get enough recharge that having two out is pretty easy. The poison trap and shield generator are solid. The last two skills take too long to be useful which sucks yet what sucks even worse they do horrible damage for all that setup. Everything else about it is subjective. Triage beacon with Miracle slotted give you some recovery, Caltrops are never not bad yet if good groups or higher levels you're wasting time since they're blasting. Seeker Drones are janky I want them to be some sneaky stun yet how they both run into the same target and even with accuracy nothing happen it's easily skipped. I just wish now we can get a Toxic Web Grenade like Devices since I honestly forget it even exists even if it's solid tool for keeping runners in the same room. Since what I noticed with Traps that even AV will "nope" out of the room if they're caught with both the poison trap and an few pops from the acid mortar sometimes running quite far into to the area. I like Traps in spite of its serious jank at times since it's completely a support set. I prefer to pair it with Dual Pistols.
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