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  1. So it basically turns it into "Hunter's Mark" I think it'll be a good replacement for the "Aim" skills the AT gets since the timing is overall the same. Since the buff lasts 15sec or so and takes more or less a minute to comeback. Which could make "Opportunity Strikes" pull of some time off the CD of that skill. Making it an "Assassin's Mark" lite.
  2. Dark Melee is really good since you get -To Hit and that's great with a Defense based set. An extra heal button with Siphon Life to help you when you get zinged, I would use Touch of the Nitcus on that to make sure it doesn't miss. Horefrost is more so to for the +Max HP than the heal outright I'll put Numina set here because it give defense when complete the set. two methods to gain End both are PBAOE's Energy Absorption is easy to perma yet Soul Consumption is more so for the damage so you can either go full PBAOE set for it or use one of the newer End sets that give damage buffs. Soul drain is overall the same setup yet this might be how you jump in most groups it buffs your attack and to hit. Go with either a PBAOE set or with Gaussian's To Hit set and 6 it out so you the Def and the proc which will boost your DMG and To Hit even more yet the PBAOE won't do as much. So you may want to pick which one you want to be utility and the other the pure nuke, if you want. You don't want to skip Touch of Fear since that's your largest source of -To Hit and you can put proc it out to do respectable damage via Glimpse of the Abyss and Cloud Senses OR go 6 piece and get more defense with Siphon Insight. You'll get another +To Hit Proc and make that big source of -To Hit even bigger. Personally I would run Dark/Ice/Soul for safety because Soul gets Blackest Night which is even more -To Hit and -DMG then grab Soul Tentacles for the control. For the brute sets one should go on Icicles and the other either Smite or Shadow Maul. Shadow Punch can be skipped, if not left at 1 until you want to respec out of it. if you like it it's perfect for the either set.
  3. Point 4 to start it off we should keep all the alignment powers after we unlocked them. It takes a week to unlock you should keep it. Yeah most people will just park most villains just for the amazing Frenzy yet for those that play villain and rogue it would be nice to have that power. Part 5 is overall true even though I only really used Savage and Martial Assault. T1 savage skill does lower def and snares abit yet it could be a bit stronger pre alpha slot. t1 martial has the better animation over the awkward yet busted trick shot. So imo it should be a cone since you're throwing three shurikens since the set is starved for ranged AOE and the melee AOE was never impactful enough for me to invest in. Dom already ups the mag of all mez if it made thing tick faster, front loaded and or increased damage kinda like how control core "Waylay" works that could be interesting. It won't step on controller toes too much because they have more defensive options. Doms are legit glass without Dom. Which makes me agree then need some mez protection "offline" because I made it a habit before even zoning to areas to make sure I am "online" and it makes be antsy to sit around for while I gotta keep fighting to keep my timing right with my permadom. Dom is already a CC break yet we do need something like low grade Indomitable Will across the board. That's why I took psi mastery for when I do die or lose dom in zone I can pop that work to be online again. Instead of leaping on my savage or throwing a trick shot on martial and instantly getting held then mauled. IF anything Dom should work like Brute's meter as it ramps up damage, mez magnitude, mez def/res which could allow some build freedom. Since now it's Permadom or die which I can understand why some people just play Trollers.
  4. Storm/Water can get real wild mainly due to it makes the best use of Force Feedback imo because I noticed if you set the proc in Hurricane you don't need to knockdown or repel for it to work. Then I advise you invest in Hurricane, I know a lot of players go for don't use it or slot "KB to KD" yet from my experience there's only 1 skill you should put that in and that's Lightning Storm. Yet back on Hurricane having something that rips 55% hit before incarnate and around 80+ with the Alpha and Clarion is worth having to chase down some enemies. I'm almost done with some tweeks to the build. It can hang with some steamrollers if they're willing to work with the chaos.
  5. The "villains" side for the area, Family, Skyraiders, Freakshow, Tsoo and "hero" side Outcasts, Hellions, Skulls, Longbow. Yet isn't this gonna be like a zone that'll have BOTH papers and radios? So we have like a spread of all enemy types? Maybe toss into some more exclusive enemies like Cage, Goldbrickers and PPD
  6. All the Grav/Kin Primas then the Heavys hitting you with -regen. Love that mob type it keeps you on your toes that you just can't run head long. You have to respect them
  7. True yet for me they kinda end up like Carnies I just Arachnos has BIG spawns with some of the most wild ass spawns it's why I like them and Longbow so much +8 anything is dangerous due to the sheer number and LB's have a habit of ambush triggers.
  8. I have one personally you're a melee ranged character you can legit sit and lockdown mobs because you don't need to do damage. You got the best sleep in the game, a really good confusion, a hold aura that synergies with your end drain aura. A TAOE hold that can be proc'ed up for solid damage a nasty PBAOE hold that kills regen. Personally you gotta make a choice of not taking the rez and fallout because overall you don't have enough slot personally to keep it. You want to go Mu for a bit more damage from Ball Lightning and grab that Power Sink and only use it after an EM Pulse. You are basically the best sapper you don't hurt much yet you'll make a lot of encounters for others a breeze you have great debuffs and a assortment of control options to prevent the group and yourself from get overwhelmed. Gameplay wise I normally start off with Static field and then go into Synaptic Overload then you throw down the toggled debuffs and save Lingering Radiation for AV's or really tough mobs. Yet IF you feel bold enough you run head long into a mob EM Pulse then wait 5 sec then Power Sink and the mob should be gone or nearly by time the PS animation is done. I don't use Chain Fences as much due to the sleep and confusion are more useful then I still run into mobs and let my holds do a lot of heavy lifting. I found myself using jolting chain for the knockdown then sitting on them to hold them which allows me to do anything else or allow my team to do anything they want. Also this is not a hover in the back kinda character due to your auras you're kinda shadowing the tank or melee characters. You can help them by having your Radiant Aura auto firing and Accelerated Metabolism at the ready also.
  9. From my time playing sometimes it DOES feel like you're a bit too strong. Like some +4/8 mobs are a complete joke compared to how they were when you was much weaker. Like Ruin Mages and Luminous Eidolons early game are the worse thing to run into. Late game people have issue with Malta and Carnies when personally the best mobs to fight late game are Longbow, Family and Vanguard since they can mess up a good team depending on the spawns and aggro management. Some mobs just don't have a fear factor like Longbow shreds your res and def. Get two Rad Warden spawns and nobody pays attention a squad might get wiped. To be real builds are supposed to be "broken" then teams that bounce off each other are unstoppable. Incarnate stuff DOES factor in it depends on what people have and if they use it. With my Spider Solder as a Huntsman I can deal with +3/8 solo with all the summons and the support hybrid and then use the rebirth destiny to fill the hole that I can't heal. I can handle +4 yet I'll rather have a faster TTK. The problem is like with most things once you get some cash, hamis, merits and tons of spare IO's, you're no long afraid. Until you get comfortable it's gonna be pretty bad and for some once they get comfortable they might get bored.
  10. Playing around with tankers on the test server. To me I like WP/StJ the most "perfect" personally, the whole aesthetic of it is amazing.
  11. Since you're Illusion, I'll maybe play around with Poison. Personally I would say Traps since you can poc caltrops to have -res.
  12. From everything I've played I want to try Mind/Kin yet the most impressive for me is Plant/Time. Both are just really safe, powerful and are good no matter the level. I haven't made the character yet from playing my Plant/Poison and my Ice/Time. I'm like yeah Plant/Time is controller I can take to 50+
  13. Personally I'll say Time works well with Ice. The auras in both are the same size and you get both before 10. The only problem this is a low DPS and a overall hot character end wise. Even with the IO's I normally used to stop the end drain on other character this one still feels the heat when I have to start clearing rooms without much downtime. Besides that Ice/Time is still great because you can just stand in most mobs and watch them get snared while the team kills them. Personally from what I played you'll like having Glacier in this setup because you're mainly gonna be in melee range basically hugging a tank. Don't get Shiver, Flash Freeze or Jack Frost. Yes don't get Jack it isn't worth the investment if you're gonna group put more investment into time. Now have 4 holds 3 of them come up pretty fast, Glacier is your slow one. A lot of snares, good healing, buffs/debuffs the problem is one thing you have to get use to you don't do damage. You're basically in the room to make sure the enemy has a very bad day. Then for late game either go Ice or Leviathan since Hibernate is gonna be your friend because they'll will be times when another mob or two sees you and start shooting you in group play. Just pop Hibernate and let the party catch up.
  14. Yeah, I saw this on my Ice/Cold and I do have a spare node I can throw up there for lulz.
  15. I'm giving this setup a try, it works well. The issue I see that people aren't playing SR as much it's not flashy until you're in the middle of hornet's nest of Longbow and nothing happens to you. Now my issue is the choice of Alphas since Agility works for the SR and Musculature works with Katana.
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