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  1. msvcp140.dll missing today when I went to log in...was fine yesterday...help please sorry didn't see the post below me to fix the problem...
  2. Question ? Does the level of the character working this system have any effect in determining what recipe you can get ? I understand that the level of the recipe does but I don't want to do this with a lower level character if it does.
  3. DOH ! Dragging..I was clicking.. when I should have been dragging to get what I wanted. Thank you again , if I ever get this done I will open it up for you to see what you have helped me make 😁
  4. Thank you for your time and consideration . Maybe you can teach this old dog another new trick , I have read and reread the cheat sheet and have tried every combination of control, shift and alt and still cannot get something to change it's angle , I have changed the clipping and the angle and after I place something I target it then hold the keys it says and right click and nothing changes ?
  5. I looked at all the other posts and really didn't see this topic subset. I sort of remember having my secret entrance on a platform that was higher than the 2 floor levels available now. I remember doing it the old way with stacking vaults and then sliding the entrance up but now I try and get the msg. that I can't move it that way now. what if anything am I not doing right ? I was hoping for something in an Aztec style and would like to get the zone in at the top Thank you ahead of time for any help.
  6. Are these supposed to be done solo? They do not state solo leading you to believe you can do them with a group BUT everytime my friends and I run a group through these arcs only the team leader gets credit for completion ,none of the other members even get the option at the end of each mission to accept credit for someone helping them.
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