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  1. This is why I like having discussions... I could never get a chance to bounce ideas off someone else about improvements. Having slotted boxing was a normal thing for bonuses and just wait until you try to make a build to solo the MoLGTF. This build can't solo the LGTF so my dual build is stone mastery for Seismic Smash and the heal to fight the weakened hamidon. The green mitos required brawl, boxing and seismic smash, no joke. Anyways, I tried out the build you suggested and found only one problem. When the dmg proc in the hold doesn't go off, it's 20 less dmg and 40 under cont
  2. It is mostly ST but that's for AV/GM soloing. It does okay with AoE because of all the -res boosting the pets. The gremlins deal some AoE damage as well as the spider so they help a lot. The only time that I have issues is up against something like ghost of scrapyard. When I solo'd him, the gremlins ignored him and killed miners but the spider focused on him only. I put my current incarnate setup in the build because Ion takes care of groups, clarion keeps me from getting mezzed(going to make a rebirth for the heal and +regen for things that don't mez) and support because double bo
  3. I can kind of see where you were going but almost everything is either over or under slotted. A few things: If you are going to use the Coralax, you should have it perma Heat Loss is really underslotted and not perma Procs are great but you should never prioritize them over better things Benumb isn't perma Jolting Chain is good for leveling but isn't useful at 50 and the gremlins can use it too If you are sold on Leviathan, I may be able to work something up but it will require you to be dependent on medium purples to stay at softcap. I like being sof
  4. Thanks and sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday... My AC went out and I had to find a quick fix to get me by. What do you want to do with your build? Do you want to solo stuff, support or maybe just make everything hard on your enemies? Going Leviathan makes me think of a general build. I will be able to get back to you today, my afternoon should be clear... hopefully lol. Also Oops, I meant to quote OP too...
  5. Hello, I am the creator of that old thread and build. I have squeezed more out of the build like Warpact said lol. I have been lazy at getting his stuff done but I just recently did and I'm going to start back soloing again. The biggest reason why I haven't started is because this build kinda consumed me and I didn't want to play much else lol. I'm at work now but I can look at your build later. I can definitely tell that you need more defense though. I have managed to squeeze out softcap to almost everything.
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