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  1. That makes a ton of sense to me, Psylenz. I'd struggled with the decision regarding Fold Space; Combat jumping as it is slotted provides 4% def. The same amount as Stealth. With Nerve, I feel pretty good about the Acc!
  2. Hi all, working on my Kin/Sonic defender and enjoying it tremendously! I've done my best here to create a great team build with good soloability (insofar as that's possible!) I have a wonderful tip to share for any Sonic Blast defenders. You can put damage procs in Siren's Song and it doesnt break the sleep (due to the 0.25s delay on the sleep application) I'm looking for general feedback as well as specific feedback on the following: Proposed Incarnates: Nerve, Diamagnetic (100% to-hit, 50% regen), Support, Ageless Damage levels; do you
  3. Hi Generator. Musculature is always a good choice. People often recommend Agility or Cardiac, based on your current defense or endurance needs. I find Spiritual a little disappointing for most characters due to the fact that it lowers proc rates (by enhancing the power itself for recharge).
  4. Searching the forums I came across @Camel's amazing Fire Control / Darkness Affinity build here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/20369-camels-firedarkfire-controller-45-defense-to-meleerangedaoe-perma-hasten-fade-and-soul-absorption-post-fade-nerf/ It doesn't seem like a direct translation to Mind Control works but its a great backbone for the Darkness Affinity half:
  5. As far as I can tell, Thermal Radiation / Electric Blast is the strongest sapping combo due to Heat Exhaustion. That aside, a sentinel will, ironically, do a better job most of the time simply due to Thunderous Blast.
  6. Hi everyone, This morning I brought my Mind/Dark controller; Hecate's Epiphany to level 50. I've struggled to find a good build path for him, would anyone be kind enough to share their version? Thank you!
  7. Having personally tested this on live, no it surprisingly does not. here are the two possible power effects in City of Data https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=villain_pets.poison_poison_gas.poison_trap&at=minion_pets https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=villain_pets.poison_poison_gas.initial_poison_gas&at=minion_pets You'll notice there's a 1.5% chance of -10% end and a 1.5% chance of -2.25 end. There's also a 100% chance of -100% recovery... but for what duration? Turns out it's less than a full second. That's why the ef
  8. The real impact is that RoP can't be stacked with Melee incarn for full-time mez protection right? Seems reasonable to me to gate mez protection behind primary/secondary powersets or destiny incarn. I'm not sure of the significance here given that there's a temp power that accomplishes this, unless for some reason that's unacceptable? If that temp power were less expensive would this be as problematic for people? Or is it just for the "no temps" feeling?
  9. for anyone who hasn't looked at this; using Boost Range or Power Boost (or both) turns stun into a 90s recharge ability with power boost, it becomes an AoE, boost range, a ranged attack so you can load stun up with procs and turn it into a micro nuke it takes melee attack and stun sets so with hecatomb, makos, touch of death, gladiator's strike, then maybe pounding slugfest +disorient ... you get an aoe mag 5 stun that deals 300 damage Just wanted to share this peculiar discovery. I can't figure out how to make much out of it.
  10. Really appreciate the changes to Teleport and the Recall Friend component of Teleport Target. Very positive.
  11. Just echoing that it feels weird that Stealth and Infiltration can't be used together. I understand that the stealth bonuses shouldn't stack, but it runs a bit against the changes made to other pools (e.g. SJ + CJ, Hover+Flight) and all of them + ninja/athletic/beast. Especially insofar as SuperSpeed does not suffer the same penalty.
  12. Oof no changes to traps trip mine, time bomb. Love the changes to AR, RoP, Rooted, Rest.
  13. bigfashizzel


    Hi folks, working on a MA/Regen. My first real brute project. Pre-incarnates 76hp/s regen 47% S/L def 48% Melee def 33% Ranged def 141% Global recharge I'm not really sure how to make the most of Regen; it seems like emphasizing resists would match the powerset better than Def. Not sure. Thank you for taking a look!
  14. I have to agree with the Earth/Storm assessment, the control patches in Earth and summons in Storm really give a feeling of being aloof. You create an environment that takes care of the enemies, rather than focusing on specific enemies with attacks. Add Fold Space. that being said, it'll be very low damage until you get Tornado and Lightning Storm at 35 and 38. If you're OK with feeling very much like a support character below those levels, this is a good combo. If you want to slaughter (rapidly defeat?) enemies from lv1, you're probably looking at Storm, Time,
  15. If you are trailing a fire farming brute, Single Target damage on the EBs is the most impactful way to improve clear time (in my experience)
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