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  1. Single Shot is faster than Channelgun with the same damage, Burst is faster than Longfang with the same damage, Bayonet is both faster and more damage than Longfang while also beating the DPA of Channelgun and Slice. The only favorable comparison is that Slice has better DPA than Pummel, every other comparison between a Wolf and Crab ST power is bad.
  2. You're overestimating T1 attacks. Their damage is so much lower than anything else that it would be a terrible idea to skip your other ST powers.
  3. Also, Crab's single target attacks are pretty bad compared to Wolf's.
  4. Are you talking about the bug fix for Burn spawning multiple patches per use? While that does make it worse, it shouldn't just be left in a bugged state.
  5. The wiki has mez scales on each AT's individual page if you click modifiers in the top right, but I don't think there's a table with all of them listed in the same place.
  6. If that's your problem, then what is the issue with making them hand grenades? Wolf Spiders have the ability to throw objects from their hands, right? That doesn't even need to be added as a separate power for Bane Spiders, or even replace the gun animation. It can just be an alternate animation for the Wolf Spider grenade powers that you select in the power customization screen.
  7. Sorry, I thought Psionic Blast got it earlier than others for some reason, my bad.
  8. Bane Spiders ALREADY HAVE the grenades. They are in the powerset, by design, with no mechanical difference whatsoever to the Crab Spider version. This isn't about giving Bane Spiders more AoE when they are meant to be single target. They ALREADY HAVE the AoE, none is being added. Do you understand that concept? You can't pick both versions of Venom Grenade at the same time. There's some fundamental misunderstanding in your mind about what's being suggested here.
  9. You ARE being petty. You have this weird obsession with preventing Bane Spiders from receiving "special powers". You probably play a Crab Spider and whine about Bane Spiders being better or something. Either way, you don't want other people to have quality of life changes which don't affect you in the slightest because they "don't deserve it". The fact that you don't like the idea is, oddly enough, NOT a valid reason to keep the annoying animations. "Polluting the community pool"? What are you even on about. These aren't special powers, they already exist in the game, and Bane Spiders can already use them.
  10. I just can't imagine why anyone would be this petty. They're visual differences, there isn't meant to be a tradeoff. There could be many reasons the original devs didn't make those animations, such as being pressed for time. Regardless, it doesn't matter what the original devs thought. This is a private server.
  11. They aren't different powersets. That's literally the entire point of VEATs: you get to mix and match both. The devs didn't have some master plan to give Crab Spiders grenades and not Bane Spiders, they added a backpack version ENTIRELY FOR THE VISUAL DIFFERENCE. They wouldn't have put the grenades into the Wolf Spider powers if they didn't want Bane Spiders to use them. And by the way, redraw isn't a mechanical penalty. It's only a visual difference, the total cast time is the same. There's no balance reason not to have mace grenades, it's PURELY VISUAL.
  12. How many times do I have to say it? I don't care whether you think Banes should be penalized for wanting to use some of their best powers (?), I just want to be visually shooting grenades from my mace, not from a gun. It's not even a matter of redraw, or I would have asked for no redraw animation options like other sets already have.
  13. It's not power economy, it's purely a visual issue. And even if it were a mechanical issue, why should Bane be penalized and not Crab?
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