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  1. Then why do Siphon Power and Fulcrum Shift affect allies around you?
  2. Thankfully the devs don’t care about players who think nothing should ever be changed.
  3. It is not fun, unique gameplay to have to explain to your teammates to do something completely counter-intuitive every time you get on a new team. Hey guys, everyone stand in melee range where it’s more dangerous instead of making use of your ranged powers because I’m useless otherwise. And it is a massive overstatement to say that the powers would be too similar. You would have twilight grasp and transfusion acting the same way, still having a different secondary effect. That’s two powers which do roughly the same thing in the entire game. Compare that to the amount of sets which have a generic single target heal, or pbaoe heal. Then compare that to all of the tier 1 powers in the game which are just “shoot an enemy for low damage on a low cooldown”. I understand that these powers have more healing because of their downsides, but again it’s not like I’m asking to remove all the downsides. Twilight Grasp is already basically transfusion without any of the downsides besides a small chance to miss, since you can actually control where the heal is. If that’s your concern, you should be asking for twilight grasp to have its healing cut by 50% or other pbaoe heals to be doubled since it is strictly better than anything else in the game.
  4. It is protection. You have to look at the details of focused fighting and focused senses, not master brawler.
  5. Perhaps that’s because, as we just saw, the description isn’t clear enough on what Master Brawler does. In fact, it does everything Practiced Brawler does, without requiring a reactivation every two minutes, and gives an absorb shield on top of it.
  6. It is very annoying to try to heal teammates when your heal only applies around the enemy targeted, since they might be attacking from range, or run away when they get to low health. Twilight Grasp does the opposite, only healing teammates near you, and this is much easier to use. It is sometimes nice to be able to heal melee teammates from a distance, so I would say that Transfusion, Transference, and Twilight Grasp should all apply to teammates around both the targeted enemy and the caster.
  7. "If you own Master Brawler you will also gain resistance to Knockback and Immobilization powers." If you own Master Brawler you will also gain resistance to Disorient, Hold, Sleep powers." Descriptions for Focused Fighting and Focused Senses in Mids. It is a no-brainer to pick Master Brawler, not Practiced Brawler.
  8. If it's necessary to nerf Telekinetic Thrust after lowering its cast time, I'd rather the cast time go back up a little bit instead of lowering the damage.
  9. Okay? Those are the only ST attacks available to Crabs, and they're all worse than anything Wolf has.
  10. Single Shot is faster than Channelgun with the same damage, Burst is faster than Longfang with the same damage, Bayonet is both faster and more damage than Longfang while also beating the DPA of Channelgun and Slice. The only favorable comparison is that Slice has better DPA than Pummel, every other comparison between a Wolf and Crab ST power is bad.
  11. You're overestimating T1 attacks. Their damage is so much lower than anything else that it would be a terrible idea to skip your other ST powers.
  12. Also, Crab's single target attacks are pretty bad compared to Wolf's.
  13. Are you talking about the bug fix for Burn spawning multiple patches per use? While that does make it worse, it shouldn't just be left in a bugged state.
  14. The wiki has mez scales on each AT's individual page if you click modifiers in the top right, but I don't think there's a table with all of them listed in the same place.
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