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  1. Slippery slope fallacy. Having a few abilities bound to auto is nowhere near the point of complete AFK.
  2. So again, it's okay to press one button every 2 minutes for all your buffs, but not to just have them go off automatically? Also, it doesn't matter how much effort you went to to create the bind. That has no impact on the amount of skill you need to play the game.
  3. So it's fine that you can go out of your way to bind more powers to auto but it's not fine to have that functionality easily accessible in the game?
  4. All this assumes that it takes any effort or skill whatsoever to click your buffs every two minutes. It doesn't. It's just annoying. Having them on auto doesn't lower the skill requirement at all.
  5. I don't see how DFB is related to the discussion, it's popular for quicker early levels, not constant farming, and people certainly aren't going AFK in it. As long as there is still a limit to auto powers, such as only three at the same time, I think that would prevent complete autonomy while still being able to put all your desired powers on auto.
  6. No, Aim, it's in Blaster Primary sets.
  7. Thanks for telling me what my argument is, I guess, instead of looking at the data. Sounds like you're also trying to balance the game with feels. It's not like Aim having a 22.5 second recharge with 10 second duration while Rage is permanent makes my argument any different.
  8. Here's some data for you. Aim, the power based on giving a massive spike in accuracy for a very short duration, gives 50% ToHit for 10 seconds, on a 90 second recharge. Rage gives you 40%, PERMANENTLY.
  9. Then why do Siphon Power and Fulcrum Shift affect allies around you?
  10. Thankfully the devs don’t care about players who think nothing should ever be changed.
  11. It is not fun, unique gameplay to have to explain to your teammates to do something completely counter-intuitive every time you get on a new team. Hey guys, everyone stand in melee range where it’s more dangerous instead of making use of your ranged powers because I’m useless otherwise. And it is a massive overstatement to say that the powers would be too similar. You would have twilight grasp and transfusion acting the same way, still having a different secondary effect. That’s two powers which do roughly the same thing in the entire game. Compare that to the amount of sets which have a generic single target heal, or pbaoe heal. Then compare that to all of the tier 1 powers in the game which are just “shoot an enemy for low damage on a low cooldown”. I understand that these powers have more healing because of their downsides, but again it’s not like I’m asking to remove all the downsides. Twilight Grasp is already basically transfusion without any of the downsides besides a small chance to miss, since you can actually control where the heal is. If that’s your concern, you should be asking for twilight grasp to have its healing cut by 50% or other pbaoe heals to be doubled since it is strictly better than anything else in the game.
  12. It is protection. You have to look at the details of focused fighting and focused senses, not master brawler.
  13. Perhaps that’s because, as we just saw, the description isn’t clear enough on what Master Brawler does. In fact, it does everything Practiced Brawler does, without requiring a reactivation every two minutes, and gives an absorb shield on top of it.
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