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Rikti Mothership Raid Trial - Sunday, September 15th


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I will host a Rikti mothership raid trial on the Pineapple server on Sunday, September 15th, at 7 P.M. ET/4 P.M. PT.  This is, of course, for testing purposes of the new Rikti mothership raid instance trial.


Minimum level requirement is level 35+, which should not be a problem. :D  We will meet up in Pocket D.  Once the league is nice and settled, we will queue up.  Be aware that I still use the minimap on the regular Homecoming servers to find Pylon 20 as I am terrible with directions, and since there will be no minimap available, we may go off course a bit but we will get there. :D

Hope to see y'all there.

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So, thinking on it today, here's the tentative strategy, (pending any curveballs the new trial may throw our way):


1. Form up in Pocket D.

2. Once the league is settled, we'll queue up.

3. Once we are in the Rikti mothership raid trial instance, we'll meet up at the Point du Hoc Vanguard compound, (if we're not already placed there when the trial starts).

4. Buff up, and then take down Pylon 11.

5. Taking down Pylon 11 will spawn the Rikti dropship.  So we'll start the dropship hunt phase, and take it down.

6. Once the dropship goes *boom*, we'll meet back up at the Point du Hoc Vanguard compound.

7. Buff up again, and then take down the remaining Pylons, beginning with 12.

8. When we take down Pylon 1 and the mothership's shield drops, remain at the Pylon 1 site.

9. Buff up a third time.  Then one or two people from every team will place a bomb, and everyone else will head directly to the bowl.


Now, here's where I am open to suggestions.  One of the current known issues with the beta trial is that NPCs won't move.  So, pulling Rikti to the bowl like we normally do will not work for this test.  So, here's what I'm thinking:  If we have a large-ish league, half of the league will remain in the bowl after taking down U'Kon Gr'ai, while the other half will sweep the rim of the ship.  If we have a small league, then we'll all just remain in the bowl after taking down U'Kon Gr'ai, and when Rikti stop spawning we'll head out to the rim of the ship and take down the remaining Rikti.



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Well, I'll be bringing a Beam Rifle/Sonic Resonance Corruptor.  A couple of more people with AoE mez protection (Force Field, Sonic Resonance, or Clarion Core Destiny), would be good.  Barring that, a couple of Darkness Affinity/Dark Miasma to rez the dead (if there are any).  A couple of /Darkness Affinity Controllers with Clarion Core Destiny would make my day. :D  Other than that, buffs are nice, as is DPS.


On a normal Rikti mothership raid, some taunters (Tankers/Brutes/Scrappers) would be handy as well, to pull in Rikti to the bowl, but that will not be possible with this test.


The only AT that will not be helpful is Mastermind, because of the inability of NPCs to move.  Controllers' and Dominators' pets will be ineffective as well, but that doesn't hamper the whole AT.

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