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  1. Ugh, there's a ton of stuff wrong with Mind Control. I mean, they are the only set with a 6s recharge on their T1 power. WTF is up with that? And, they tried to combine Telepathic and Telekinetic into the same set, (same with Psionic Assault), so neither effect gets a fair shake. Anyway, to the subject at hand. The petlessness is a significant problem. I also agree that it would be sort of out of theme for them to summon something. I think in this case, real issue is that in team combat, Confuse is just used as a soft hold. The victims are still targetable by PCs, so they tend to
  2. Oh yeah, I don't know about the popup screen notification. Live is too far ago to remember. I just wanted to confirm to the OP that Grav did indeed get the damage bonus. Huh, I may have to reconsider that option.
  3. Do you get containment messages on your other controllers? Below is a test I just ran with my Grav. I believe that the second Propel damage of 459.19 Smashing damage is from Containment, though it does not specify that. The Impact damage is there separately.
  4. True, this is just common game boredom that often sets in for some people after a game has been out for a couple years. People find whatever to complain about, but really they are just ready to move on to the next sparkly. SAST syndrome.
  5. Of course it can exist. You can build it. The code is readily available. They literally say that. It's weird to me that the original devs created the incarnate powers, but then did not put in much to challenge that level of play. There are the few iTrials that are a bit harder than most of the stuff, but there's not much of that, and even that isn't that hard. This is a funny statement. So many gamers complain when devs nerf something to manage power creep. I mean, there will be wailing with every rebalance. (Not saying you do this, specifically, just that most do
  6. Thing is, MANY people play sloppily these days. I've not noticed a particular preponderance of one AT or another. Bad controllers may seem more prevalent because 1) their powers are flashy and 2) they have a greater impact on combat than most ATs. I think it is mostly just the power creep that has reeeeaaaaally creeped up. Unlike "back in the day" when things could be pretty tough, these days you can have a team full of sloppy players and still do fine.
  7. I generally slot Lightning Storm with 5 Apocalypse and an extra damage proc. I find it does really solid damage and serious mitigation. Tornado gets 4 Expedient Reinforcement, a KB>KD IO, and some other damage proc. Again, does some really solid damage and massive mitigation. Using Tornado as your Tank is super fun. While LS and Nado are two of my favorite powers in the game, I would not take Storm on an alt designed to be in the super speed runs. Cold or Sonic are your best bets for that.
  8. I thought Tornado and Lightning Storm did not properly proc the FF procs because they are pseudo pets. Is that not true?
  9. Hmmm... I've been thinking about this for a long time. I keep trying to make a water blast character, but haven't found one I like. I already loooooooove Storm and am kind of salivating about having the Defender version of it. I am also vainglorious and like to do splashy stuff, as well as control the entire battlefield. I think I will have to give this a go. As a veteran Storm user, one note to the OP If you do not want to get into melee then Hurricane is definitely your friend. Stand/Fly at the back of the group with Hurricane on and ain't nobody running up on you. It is
  10. So, I am really getting to love the Teleport Pool. But, I have this one big issue, every time I teleport, the Follow command cancels. As far as I know, this is the only movement power that does that. It is incredibly inconvenient. Is there any reason it does this? Is it a bug? Is it working as intended? Now, you might say, "Well, just tap the F key again," (because you are a know-it-all who assumes I have tried that). However, if you tried this, you would realize that just the time it takes you to make this extra keystroke can let an opponent get away. If your target is already ru
  11. For future reference, it seems one can get the LRT power with just the Clubber badge from Pocket. As far as I can tell, that's the easiest way to get it for a newbie Praet. Might be easiest for a newbie Paragonian, too. That is Badge_OGTH2.png .
  12. Great run last night! Quick question, do we have a discord?
  13. Oh I guess I never noticed that. All my previous toons must have already had those badges. Okay, thanks!
  14. You need ALL the badges in a zone to unlock LRT? Is that a new update to the update? I though you just needed one travel badge to unlock it.
  15. So, I just started a new Praetorian alt (Resistance Crusader, whoa). I have unlocked the travel badges for Nova Praetoria and Imperial City. But, doing so has not unlocked the Long Range Teleport. I thought that unlocking any zone badge would unlock the LRT power. Is that not correct? Image below to demonstrate.
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