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  1. So, just a few things offhand. Stone Cages is one of your staples for both aoe damage and control. Take it, slot it for damage and/or procs, and spam that puppy. Power up is really good. Gives you better buffs and debuffs. It will actually increase your def/res while running. It also increases the def debuff of your powers, meaning faster kill rate. Slot it for recharge and enjoy. As a Dominator, I'm not too sure you need the Fighting pool, unless you really plan to do Tanktrolling. Lock 'em and Rock 'em, I always say. Solo, open with your controls to minimize the alpha damage. In teams, let the hardbodies take the alpha then lock em and rock em. That way, you should not need the extra def/res from Tough/Weave. You might could drop the Fighting pool and pick up Stone Cages, Power Up, and something else, maybe Tactics. Other than that, looks good for a non-purple build. Seems like you do have perma-dom, and are close to perm-hasten.
  2. Awesome! This is great info. Now maybe I can figure out how to fix my lackluster Elec/Atom Blaster!
  3. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that end-draining enemies is a fairly useless maneuver. I am unclear on the exact details, but essentially because of the way their "End" works, which is not like PCs, they can still get off attacks fairly regularly, even with what appears to be no End. If you are relying on draining End to mitigate damage, that might be why you are faceplanting more than you think you should be. I have a Dark/Savage that I play as a melee scraptroller, much like your described playstyle. And, I have to work pretty hard at being stupid to get her to faceplant. So the difference may be that end draining is not acting as enough mitigation for you. Just a thought. For a build like this, it seems like Earth/ would be a better primary. With Power-Boosted defense debuffs, you should be able to run through stuff pretty easily. Also, it looks like you are riding the edge of perma-hasten too closely. I recommend getting your global recharge up closer to 90 or 100 without Hasten, so it becomes 160 to 170 with Hasten. For Dominators, I like to get my total, including Hasten, up into the 180 range, just to make sure it doesn't drop. As far as Endurance goes, I've never been much impressed with Conserve Power. I find something like Dark Consumption in Soul Mastery to be much better at helping to support lagging energy. Or Power Sink from Mu. Or, another way to go would be something like Hibernate from Ice. That could help with both problems of faceplanting too often and running out of end. When things get problematic, just Hibe up until you're better and go back to work.
  4. What we really need is an auto-boot feature for heal aura spammers.
  5. VV

    Nerf That!

    Brutes. Maybe just rid of them. If not that, just make it so they can't join teams.
  6. VV

    AV/GM killer

    This sounds like a fun combo, but wouldn't the damage be especially low?
  7. So, not to throw a wrench into the works, but the Dominator version of Savage is actually the best due to Feral Charge (aka Savage Leap) has a base cooldown of only 10 seconds. Fully built out, it comes down under 3 seconds and it is inSANE. You don't think the time running from target to target is very much, until it becomes ZERO. Then you realize that on all other meleers, you spend half your days running across the battlefield.
  8. Some people are altaholics, I seem to be a shardaholic. I like to wander around the different Homecoming shards to see what is up, but I only have about a half dozen 50s that I play with any regularity. That means I don't have enough to leave a whole cadre on each shard, so I often transfer shards. Of course, this strips the SG off the transferred character. I am wondering if anyone has set up a cross-shard Supergroup? I realize members would need to be reinvited every time they transferred, but that's not really hard. Anyway, if there are any out there, HMU.
  9. I'm another to switch sides at the drop of the hat. Most of my characters are vigilante or rogue, so I guess they get classified as the side they are closest to?
  10. When someone comes up with enough money to buy NCSoft and hire a full dev team. How's your pocketbook looking?
  11. First Ward and Night Ward are Praetoria, too, right? Though, I realize they are different, not real real Praetoria. It is kind of weird, low-level Praetoria content is way more doable with teams, but it's hard to get a team. Low-level prime earth content is super easy to solo, but it's way easier to get a team.
  12. Another way to look at it is that I am chaotic and therefore I play controllers. Ironic, I know. Controllers, in good hands, can really survive out-of-control situations, better than most ATs. With all the tools at their fingertips, they generally have something for most situations. (Some situation are, of course, untenable, and nobody could save it.) I don't purposely make chaos, uhhh... usually... well... sometimes... Anyway, I try not to antagonize my teammates, but if things get a little cray cray, that is when a controller can really shine. So maybe we have so many chaotic controllers because chaotic people tend to play controllers. I think for the best example of this, run on an all-controller. Talk about stooooooopid. It is hilarious, CHAOTIC fun!
  13. I missed the Synapse, unfortunately. But I did take my planter out to an MSR the other day. That was fun. I *finally* got to 35 and got Transference (Plant/Kin). So glad about that. Up until then, she had been literally starving too death. Spending much times during fights converting everything to blues. Now, hopefully she can breathe more easily. I do wish she had one heavy hitter. I'm so used to having Propel on my Grav/Storm that I miss being able to actually smack something down. I thought about taking Flurry from Speed or something, but I don't really have room for it in the build. I'm planning to take the Leviathan Mastery patron pool. Water Spout sounds fun, hibernate is great utility for rambunctious controllers, and I want my own Coralax! Maybe we could do one of the patron arcs sometime, if anyone else is planning to take a patron pool.
  14. Goodness, are you guys playing on the same server I am? I play on most of the different shards and I hardly ever run into a team as bad as most of them you all are describing. I did do one ITF with what much have been an extra-newbie tanker. Rather than gathering mobs, he liked to scrapperlock on a single LT and plink away with his damageless punches. Fortunately, the rest of the group was able to make up for his ignorance and we motored right along. But, you guys have really run into some really epicly bad team combinations.
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