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  1. If one is not 6-slotting Consume, is one even playing Fiery Aura? In addition to powering your entire dang organization for you, Consume, used proactively, makes you immune to Sappers and other end drainers. If this does not deserve 6 slots, nothing does. In addition, Preemptive Optimization has some nice set bonuses (bonii?). Actually, all 3 of the new EndMod sets do, depending on what you are looking for.
  2. VV

    High damage builds

    You can close a large amount of that hole with IO sets. My F3 has 61% Psi Res and 20% Psi Def. Even the nastiest Psi enemies cannot leak enough damage through to overcome her Healing Flames before they die. I rarely use the Barrier Inc on her, usually slotting Ageless, instead. I'll swap to Barrier only for the toughest content.
  3. First of all, thanks for all this. This is great information. Second, I don't see the need for any additional tests with more stuff added. It might change the results slightly, but not significantly. And the less extras, the better. This is perfectly fine to make decisions. Anyone who needs other details can run their own. This environment you set up, is it in AE? Can you share the number for it? In case others need to do more tests. I am wondering if these results would be similar with the other "blasty" types, Corruptors and Defenders. Are the sets that similar across ATs?
  4. Well, the subject kind of says it all. I just noticed Dev c/f Hold fits into Lightning Storm. That seems pretty cool, unless it does something weird, which I'm sure it does. Does it check every time LS fires or only when cast or at some other bizzaro point? Anybody know?
  5. Ah, ya tricked me. So, let me reword the question, in terms of killspeed, ignoring durability and mezzability, is a Scrapper faster than a Blaster or vice versa? I've never quite figured out which has more overall net-killespeed.
  6. This this this. I main a Tanker because I love the job, but sometimes I just want to bash stuff and not really worry about managing the battlefield. In terms of killspeed, ignoring durability, is a Scrapper faster than a Blaster or vice versa? I've never quite figured out which has more overall net-killespeed.
  7. I have a mace/ninja and I really feel like /ninja is overtuned. Not that I'm complaining mind you, but it easily covers pretty much every need, with the bonus of extra movement. Also, the KB protecc is on an auto power, which is super sweet.
  8. Honestly, I always wondered this. Back on Live, when I would build PuGs on my Tanker, I always selected them last. But, I recently put one together, Mace/Ninja, specifically to solo. It has been awesome. Kills fast, but does not faceplant at the tiniest mistake like a Blaster. It has good AoE and good ST damage, so it can clear both minions and bosses at speed. So, as far as Scrappers' place in the world, originally, I think the answer is the blue-side solo specialist. I mean, sure, these days, with all the fancy IOs and Incarnates, powerset proliferation, anything can solo just fine. Heck, with P2W gear, my tanker can Rez. Anybody can do almost anything, so the idea of a "place" for any particular AT has very much gone out the window. So, now, it doesn't really matter who or what is on the team. If they are even moderately tricked out, then things are going to go fine. Nowadays, nobody has a "place", other than, teammate number 5.
  9. WTAFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've mained a Fire tanker foreeeeeeeeeever and I never knew this! I just took to targeting Sappers first. But, now that I know this, woe betide the Malta. Woe.
  10. To me, it seems almost impossible to not have mountains of Inf. Depends on one's altitis, though. I only have maybe 8 totally tricked. I generally rotate playing my main 4-5. I rarely farm, and only ever did it to PL newbie alts, not for money. But, just playing 50s makes Inf fall like rain in a hurricane.
  11. Also, usually if you cursor hover over the icon in your power tray, the name will pop up. Unless you turned that off.
  12. My F3 Tanker main. The funny part is 11,743 healing given. I guess that is the Rezzes I've done with the P2W Resuscitator.
  13. In this case, my recommendation is just to use sets of whatever is cheapest in each set. As long as you are not running on something crazy like 4x8, Grav/Storm, even cheaply slotted, can handle pretty much anything the game can throw at it.
  14. VV

    Bunch of Freaking Cowards!

    Yeah, I'm thinking of respeccing into Blaze Mastery just for Char and Ring of Fire, even though it's not really in theme. I wish there was a knock-to power somewhere.
  15. VV

    Bunch of Freaking Cowards!

    It's so rude! Even melee-main opponents will run. I've seen some opponents run and just stand there because they have no ranged attacks (or they aren't recharged). Then some just take off cross country. Like, come on, run out of the range of my mace, okay, but halfway across the dungeon, ffs?
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