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  1. The DARK COVEN Grand Resurrection Event The age-old, Vampire centric, Gothic themed nightclub is hosting a one night only event to celebrate the overhauled update for the base! Welcome all, dark deviants. Open house available after the festivities. Please see the forums for exact, and further details:
  2. Hey there Devils, Demons and assorted Creatures of the night! The Gehenna Club will open again this Wednesday night, with another feature location as we continue our Highway to Hell Tour! This Wednesday we start the party right with the well known House of Tess! This sprawling classic part of the old Club scene features a multilevel dance floor, a swimming pool for recreation, and an outside Tiki lounge and open air bar! We will be providing drink concierge service as you party the night away in Everlasting's Club scene of the past to the music of DJ HONEY BADGER. Be there, or be somewhere wit
  3. Yeah, that bugs the heck out of me too. Fortunately, in combat there is so much going on, I don't notice it. But the second we get out of the mission, I switch it off
  4. Oh yeah, I meant nowadays. Back on Live it totally made sense. Although, as I understand it, MM's were actually supposed to be the red-side tank-equivalent.
  5. Curses! Foiled again! *twirls mustache menacingly*
  6. Honestly, I've never understood the appeal of a Brute. I've tried a few. I mean, if you want to do DPS, play a Scrapper, if you want to tank, play a Tanker. If you want to both poorly, play a Brute?
  7. Okay, tested this on my Tank and the problem still exists, but way less than on my Scrapper or Blaster. I've kinda moved toward only soloing with my tank because of this. Looking at the bright side, there is now a reason to have a controller on your team. My second favorite AT.
  8. Happy to share! Build and notes in the spoiler.
  9. VV

    AOE scrapper?

    WHOA WHOA WHOA. What do you mean Fiery aura doesn't work like it should for a Scrapper??? I am literally moments away from rolling up a TW/Fiery Scrapper, but if FA has a problem, I might need to change.
  10. Awesome! I love Penny Palace. I added it to the monthly schedule at the top.
  11. Heck, I don't even take Confront on my Scrappers. (Although with the seemingly new "run away more" function on the opponents, I might see if I can work it in.) I wouldn't want them to burn a secondary power slot on an aggro aura. Just gimme MOAR DAMAGEEE!
  12. VV

    PUGs Hurt

    If PuGs hurt, spend more on IO sets. I only make alts that can pull a team. This is hardest on a blaster, for sure. But, I have found that doing it this way makes my life easier. Relying on other people to do their job is a fool's errand. Or, just solo.
  13. Hey, love, I don't do meetings, but if you need anything, let me know and I'll do what I can to make it happen.
  14. ZOMG I looooooooooooooooove these. I am non-binary or gender non-conforming, don't know, and don't really care, I just know I hate it when people try to categorize me. But, I love all these flags because every single one of these flags represents love and acceptance. And that is what really matters.
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