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Camera turning with trackball mouse?


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Greetings All! 


Just joined / logged into the game for the first time (since official) today!


I have a trackball mouse.  Does anybody know how I might actually be able to spin the camera around so I can see my frontside?

It'd be nice to be able to take a screenshot of my toon and send it to some friends as a sort of "friendly invite".





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5 hours ago, Caulderone said:

Options -> Keymapping -> scroll down to View section ->Rotate Camera


It has a default key, which I forget as I changed it.  That key lets you rotate the camera around your character like you want to do.


Thank you so much !!


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49 minutes ago, Frostbiter said:

Hold down the middle mouse button which is the scroll wheel click on my Logitec trackball. 

Same for mine.  Just remember to set a key to reset camera and you're golden. On a side note: it's always nice to see I'm not the only person that prefers a trackball.  I always get ribbed at work because I brought my own in to use.

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I do love my trackballs but I have successfully set up CoH to be playable with my Xbox One controller. I got it working pretty well for me.

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