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Expanding base object permissions


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Storage objects -- salvage racks, insp collectors, etc -- have a permissions tab that seems very handy. But it has me wondering:


  1. As I recall (can't double check right now) ALL permission categories correspond to SG ranks. Could there be a way to add another row for "Visitors" or "Guests" or whatever, to make that asset fully public? [edit: same Q also for a "coalition members" permission]
  2. Is it possible to import that permission functionality to other base interactables? Thinking specifically of teleporters, to maybe represent different levels of security clearance to different wings of a facility, etc. (Especially handy in conjunction with 1.)


Anyway, if the above are possible, then those are my humble suggestions. Thanks for listening.

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Personally I think that kind of semi-chaotic outcome would be really cool. Though, since I'm proposing it as an option, presumably one wouldn't set it if they weren't comfortable with that possibility.


Just imagine how much mileage you could get out of that on a character with a "cat burglar" concept...

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1 hour ago, ShardWarrior said:

I don't know that you would want a "public option".  Or would you like for people to be able to go from base to base "raiding the pantries"?  No need to use the AH anymore, just base hop and find what you need in someone elses cabinet.

0.o  I don't see how you get straight to the worst possible (and unlikely) outcome...  The default is high security, so you can only take what people have knowingly and deliberately made available by a) sharing their passcode, and b) setting the permission to public.

That being said, back in the day in UO it was common to toss stuff you didn't want on the ground beside the West Britannia Bank.  I equipped quite a few new characters with the deliberate cast offs from other players.  I imagine other folks equipped themselves or made a few gold off the odds 'n ends I tossed when cleaning out my bank box.

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Unlikely is not the same as impossible.  Mistakes can and would be made.  Besides, anyone can already use basically all the functional items in a bases that are open to the public now.  Only exceptions are non-personal storage items.  Even the personal salvage vault will work for a player and allow them access to their inventory in any open base.


I can see the idea of wanting inter-base teleport points being permission based.  But even then, I'm not sure why one would want to have a "public-only" area in a base.  Seems to me those sharing codes want to share access to the whole thing.

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Well, just to frame this in terms of my own use-case: I recently completed (as much as these things ever are) a big ol' outdoor map, and indeed I'd love for interested parties to dive right in and enjoy it (SWAMP-9126 on Everlasting, for anyone curious). But there's also one very small indoor space belonging to a magical being. I've gone to some lengths to create a see-through "ward" at the entrance that I think both looks and feels cool, but the tradeoff is that I literally have to enter and exit base edit mode to access -- and thereby teleport authorized visitors into -- that little inner sanctum.


It's not a huge hassle on my part to have to do that, mind.  And I do also appreciate the pushback, since I'm not looking to frivolously burden our swell devs.  I just wanted to get a sense of whether the idea lights anyone else up.

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