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  1. Deliberate Easter Egg from back in the OG days,
  2. We have the Art & Multimedia forums... Which badly needs a description added. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/62-art-amp-multimedia/
  3. "Hasn't been caught yet" isn't the same "won't be a problem when they do get caught". That somebody is doing something against the ToS isn't cause for claiming "it's OK to violate the TOS". These are not difficult concepts to grasp.
  4. Up at the top of the Finances and Donations forum page, "Follow", "Send me an email when new content is posted"
  5. While I have no doubt there's at least one person who does absolutely insane stuff like that... I seriously doubt there's a large enough pool of people doing so to justify monkeying deep in the code. My guess is that for the vast majority of the playerbase, the cap is more than sufficient.
  6. If you had made any arguments in favor of it, that would be reasonable statement. You haven't. Given the vast amount of radio missions already being run (especially a high levels), what purpose is served by making them even more attractive to farm?
  7. The first part of this statement is meaningless, it's only "true" because there are more "lower level" zones compared to only one or two "max level" zones. The second part is a completely groundless assumption. And no part of your response addresses the problem - excess inf flowing into the economy is not healthy for the economy.
  8. Agreed. It's a lovely idea, but balanced implementation is likely to an endless tarbaby.
  9. Hard no. Ya wanna farm, go to AE. (Plus we just got rid of the ability to create waterfalls of inf a few months back - and the game is better for it. We don't need the inflation that re-introducing that waterfall would create.)
  10. What about the increased horizontal travel speed? I mean, my main jumper has gone from 60mph to 90mph just by copying him over to Beta. (I.E. no changes to slotting or enhancements.) Double Jump, which takes up no tray space, is disadvantaged compared to powers that take up as many as three tray slots? I'm not seeing it that way. With a single power pick I can hit the flight ceiling everywhere but the Shadow Shard and stay airborne completely across many city zones... What's not to like? I wouldn't have minded a boost to base jump height, to reduce the times I ne
  11. Individual flavors, hands down. (So long as no individual power is uniquely disadvantaged other than those inherent to the power... E.G. Teleport and SS.)
  12. Crossbows take considerable physical prowess as well. (Especially the kind drawn manually.)
  13. Some people (maybe most people) do - but not everyone. All of my solo toons work their way through low level content because its just not fun otherwise. Also, the very last thing we need to do with this game is to emphasize grinding and speed leveling.
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