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  1. I was lucky... Had one of the box sets where acess to the Tiki Room and it's tailor was a bonus.
  2. It's not about travel time... It's about reading the content, not having someone other than the mish holder interact with glowies and NPC's, etc... etc...
  3. Given the... interesting pronunciations my car navigation system uses sometimes, that's about the only possible value of such a system. Listening for it to booch up. Otherwise, yeah. Annoying. Grating. Repetitive. /jranger
  4. I will not be available tomorrow. (My niece's company is letting employees use their Zoom for family purposes for the duration, so we now have a weekly Family Virtual Cocktail Hour on Fridays.)
  5. Disliking your idea or noting it's flaws does not create any requirement that an alternative be proposed. That odd notion has arisen to give the proponent an 'out' to avoid taking up the burden of defending their proposal or working to improve it. It's become popular because it takes essentially no effort. It's a workable idea... but level locking ToT to low levels isn't going to be popular. (It's probably the best overall solution though.) I think I'd prefer top level zones because of the easier availability of toons to exemp people up. But at least Blueside that means PI, FF, or Bricks - busy, popular, zones. Blueside, I think I'd go for IP if you want a "just passing through these levels" zone. Other than as a TF staging area, it's not a zone that sees a lot of use and there's lots of room for ToT teams to spread out.
  6. I guess I never understood quite how the interacted before... Learn something new every day.
  7. Back in my day (14 when Star Wars came out, since that seems to the touchstone in this thread) comics were freaking everywhere. You could stumble on them... Now comics are for collectors and uber nerds and are only found at specialty shops.
  8. In my head canon Paragon City offers the option to house heroes in various city zones in the (vain?) hope of cutting down street crime... Silver Sting lives in one such, a basic apartment in King's Row. From his point of view, as a vigilante, that also puts him usefully close to some of the City's less savory elements. On the other hand, thanks to his mother and father's stature, Doc Scorpion rates a nice place in Founder's Falls. But he spends very little time there. For the same historical reasons he also rates a room in the Officer's Quarters of the Vanguard Base... and that's where he spends much of his time. (He also has rooms in the Scorpion Squadron base, but almost never uses them.) Omega Inferno's official address is on Central Park in New York City. When in Paragon, he rents a suite of rooms at one of the luxury hotels in Atlas Park. When not 'officially' in Paragon, he makes use of the quarters in the Scorpion Squadron base. (Omega is all about image, and carefully cultivates the media.) Though the group is named after the Doc, Atomic Earthquake is the de facto day-to-day operational commander of the Scorpion Squadron and maintains rooms at the base. While the living quarters are normally entered through a lobby/foyer area - his room has a door that opens directly to the base's operations area. That's the only ones I've actually got a detailed enough backstory on.
  9. I didn't understand it worked like that... To my way of thinking the only thing that should alter a movement command would be another movement command. (Which would probably break other things.)
  10. And the pro-change reasons aren't equally weak? "Making choices is hard" and "I can't be as l33t as I want!" hardly strike me as anything but weak. Nobody ever claimed otherwise. The dispute is over where "ultra maxed out" should be treated as a standard to meet, or a goal that can only be achieved through sacrifice.
  11. Do we need to repeat the multi-target rez testing? I can be available same bat time, same bat channel.
  12. OK, was just farting around on Brainstorm with my boys... and the leash does not appear to be as short as it should be. Here's the initial position using a GOTO command. And here's how far they moved after being told to attack a mob. Mea Culpa - I thought I had tested it earlier, turns out I hadn't.
  13. Patching now... will jump back in when it's done if the server is up
  14. Which sounds like a Hero from the anime My Hero Academia. (Many of whom have the same style of Hero Name: Tagline naming.)
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