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  1. There's been at least three attempts to start a Homecoming Wiki.
  2. No, it adds a great deal of annoyance.
  3. If only we had a source of powers other than primary and secondary... Oh, wait, we already do! Not to mention it's a rare character that I have any gap on, there's almost always a primary, secondary, or pool power that I need to pick up.
  4. I have like twelve versions of that in my collection.... Anyhow, what I came to post - been on a Weird Al kick today, and this seems appropriate here.
  5. Zone teleporters (and to a lesser extent, tram stations) sometimes strike me as having been originally designed with the thought that there'd be tremendous levels of traffic, and thus the need to separate players to control lag.
  6. I took Frozen Fists to pair with Air Superiority since I have flying as a travel power. (And I frequently hoverblast, so I get a one-two punch with nice damage and a chance of knocking them to the ground.) The sword, yeah, eminently skippable.
  7. I don't play redside at all. (Not the only thing you got wrong (in fact you got pretty much nothing right) and it's laughable you accuse me of tearing people down since you're the one that keeps putting that ball in play.) I see I have to repeat my first comment to you.... Once again, you fail to examine (or even acknowledge the existence of) the effects of this change. (And it doesn't take going to Beta to be able to predict the min-maxers will have a field day.) That being said I don't see "I can't build this oddly specific build" as being a problem. And certainly not a problem that rates breaking the foundation of the game and considerably altering how all AT's would play. It'll take about thirty second from going Live to becoming virtually required (much as IO's are).
  8. To maintain the theme, even if they do DFB/DIB, they should still hit their late teens/early twenties (I.E. when they exit DFB/DIB) with some team usefulness.
  9. I did read the whole thread - and especially the power sets. With the bulk the defender'ish' powers (in the secondary set) coming in the teens and beyond, that gives the impression that they're an afterthought rather than the main focus of the character. If you want this to be a defender'ish' set, then (IMO) the distribution of powers needs to be improved.
  10. Given the OP's history of such proposals, not it's not "putting words in someone else' mouth". It's a reasonable presumption that they're back with more of the same - especially since they failed to identify an actual problem this solution is meant to fix. As far as the second, more of the same. I judge based on what people post. In many cases, there are no comparable powers. Controllers & defenders don't generally have armor or melee attacks in their native sets. Scrappers don't generally have ranged attacks. Etc... etc... And that's kinda the point of the proposal - to give characters early access to powers they normally wouldn't until much later in the game. At least on my Earth/Rad 'troller, Earth Mastery gives me access to attacks more damaging than every other power I have - combined.) A couple of Recharge SO's takes care of the problem of long recharge. Not enough to make a smooth attack chain from, granted, but enough to significantly alter how the toon plays. Basically, the problem is that this proposal (potentially) gives FF/PI level powers to AP level toons. That's game breaking. Shifting the level upward to the teens just reduces the number of pieces the game is broken into.
  11. Hmm... a "King of the Hill" event? That sounds like it has interesting possibilities.
  12. 0.o While I give and grant that financial issues will intervene for a minority... The actual doing of replacing a computer is all but absolutely trivial. Plug it in, power it up, and make a few entries from the keyboard.
  13. The contacts on that list are mostly newer ones, and the origin arc contacts are notably absent. Other than that, it is indeed a Very Cool feature.
  14. I suspect @nihilii's point is that there's an exploit here - the player at the controls of the GM can simply sit there and let the badge hunters collect their badges unmolested and without risk.
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