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  1. Goldside was why I created my second bots/FF MM... After learning how well they soloed Redside with my first.
  2. Streetsweeping around Talos with my lvl 23 F/F tank, I sometimes have a single mob dash out of my Burn patch... But they never go more than a few steps outside of it, and always turn around and come right back. Doesn't seem to be related to the relative level of the mob either. If it's a bug, it's not exactly earthshattering.
  3. Scroll up to the patch notes, and read the text in gold - those are all the changes since this update moved from testing to being a release candidate. There's a lot more going on than just the tanker changes. That's just what people are discussing the most.
  4. A complete list of which wandering NPCs you can click on, and their responses: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Civilian_NPCs
  5. ^^ This. Along with the Art & Multimedia (which should be "Fan works" or something like that), the category names are off putting and too restrictive.
  6. Promised Neverland OP - Uverworld - Touch Off (Eng lyrics in subtitles) Not only a rockin' tune, but (by a narrow margin) my AOTY.
  7. Re:Frostfire The ice was even more fun when it was invisible... (Which it was for the longest time.) Saw more teams wipe because they got scattered by skating/skidding on invisible ice than almost anything else of any level in the game.
  8. Your response was in the present tense, so I couldn't be sure what you were referring to.
  9. And the turnabout is also true, unless you know specifically that it hasn't - referring to it as an absolute source isn't helpful either. Neither is talking trash when somebody gives a clarification.
  10. Paragon Wiki is... not entirely reliable when it comes to Homecoming. Some stuff hasn't changed, some stuff has.
  11. 0.o There's a tailor just north of City Hall in Atlas Park. Even a lvl 1 can get get to w/o much trouble.
  12. Currently, there are threads being buried by more popular threads (and one could argue this serves as a meta-comment on the value of the proposal)... Would this suggestions fix that, or simply bury threads in subforums nobody ever visits? You can have too few subforums, but you can also have too many. Not all ideas are going to receive the same level of attention, and there's simply no way around human behavior. What burden are you taking off their shoulders? I kinda doubt the Team keeps a spreadsheet of every idea that's ever posted to the forum. (Said ideas, like everything else, conform strictly to Sturgeon's Law.) If you're setting yourself up a gatekeeper as to which ideas are worth tracking (not that I think you actually mean to!), I'm solidly opposed to the idea.
  13. <Deleted because it seems that two cups of coffee were insufficient to properly energize my brain. Maxima mea culpa.>
  14. There's been at least three attempts to start a Homecoming Wiki.
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