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  1. There is no conceivable reasonable way to handwave away the difference between visitor and resident as "a semantics thing". It's a vital difference to consider because increasing the incentive for Null tourists to visit redside does little to significantly alter the existing status quo - while the question as phrased implies a desire to change the status quo. Changing the status quo means finding a reason for people to stay redside and play redside for extended periods of time. Not just farming paper missions for increased Mayhem rewards. (Because that shades more towards Null tourist activities.) You, ideally, want people playing the arcs and freely teaming with others for a variety of activities as they do blueside.
  2. Certainly, increased rewards will generate increased activity... but the topic of discussion is increasing population. The two are not the same.
  3. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to increasing redside population is going to be... Null the Gull. He's going to be a particular problem if you add more rewards, people will just swap, grab the reward, and come back. (Morality/Alignment missions aren't in the same weight class because they have a cost in time and effort to accomplish the switch.) If you want to increase redside population, you have to rig the game so that people go there and stay there for a significant amount of time. It's not enough to attract them, you also have to keep them. With HC's "any barrier higher than a sheet of typing paper is unacceptable" culture, that's going to be difficult to accomplish.
  4. *nods* I've soloed a 'bots/FF through Praetoria and it was fun. Nowadays I might look closer at a 'bots/Electrical Affinity MM.... And though they've got a steep learning curve, MM's in general are fun soloers.
  5. I believe they're referring to the temp powers you get from the primary mission.
  6. So, the question is - why was it a chore? The +2 setting? A badly configured team? A team where too many players had no actual idea how to play effectively? Synergy between one or more of these (or other) reasons? There's a lot of things that can cause a run to go south, and not all of them are the difficulty setting itself.
  7. When I was in the Navy, if a base runner kicked over the baseman's beer it was an automatic out.
  8. *nods* This isn't about AT's as much as it is roles and tactics - and understanding what each player is bringing to this week's party and how it will work together in combat.
  9. They did communicate - "there was a problem, we fixed it". It's right there in the patch notes. The Dev's are not responsible for meeting the delusional expectations of players.
  10. Even if they were "using as intended", nothing in a game is set in stone - if something is having a negative effect even if it is WAI, then the devs are going to stomp it.
  11. A very odd thing to say - right after you defend an act that makes people uncomfortable.
  12. Cleanup is aisle 5! A can of worms has been opened! 😁😁😁
  13. Paragon Wiki is a snapshot of the game at Sunset. Homecoming (Unofficial) is a living document covering the Homecoming servers - and (IMO) should be a 'one-stop-shop'. A replacement for, not a supplement to, Paragon Wiki. As to why the history? Homecoming is not a new game, it's the heir to the original game. The history provides context.
  14. Hmm... It appears the sound files linked from the Music page didn't get copied over... https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Music
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