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  1. I'm looking at the damage per activation ingame in the detailed information panel. It's quite possible I'm misinterpreting though.
  2. Nobody told me skip Jacob's Ladder... I was just looking for something PBAoE-ish, but now that I've played with Chain Induction for a bit I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I've been building around a strong single-target chain, and Chain Induction is kinda weak in that respect.
  3. You forget - crabs aren't random heroes (villains). They're members of Arachnos and subservient to Recluse's will.
  4. No other AT is built around a specific weapon and powerset... Except for oh, any number of others such as Katana, or Dual Blades, or any number of toggle/aura based powersets. If you don't want the backpack, then you don't get the AT's abilities. It's a simple as that.
  5. I'll just leave this here. No discussion of CoX videos is complete without it...
  6. Having leveled a couple of tanks back in the day (and soloing one currently)... You deal with the low damage output one or both of two ways: 1) keep your notoriety level modest. 2) be patient. If you want Big Damage Numbers, roll a brute or a blaster.
  7. To my mind Samuraiko was the CoX video maker back in the day... Her Issue teasers and trailers were awesome. So much better than the ones produced by NCSoft/Cryptic, which were dry-as-dust recitations of new features - basically patch notes in video form. Samuraiko's CoX playlist.
  8. Still plodding away on this build... And at level 18, I've pretty much got a choice between Chain Induction and Jacob's Ladder. Thoughts? Pros/cons? I'm leaning towards Chain Induction as it appears to be more of an PBAoE attack, and a nice complement to Thunderstrike.
  9. Don't. There's quite a few people who will look down on you and/or imply that you're a lesser player for not absolutely twinking out every single character. Ignore them. Play the way that you enjoy. ^^^ This, ten billion percent.
  10. They're justified and they're ancient And they like to roam the land - Just roll it from the top - They're justified and they're ancient I hope you understand - To the bridge to the bridge to the bridge now - They didn't want to upset the applecart They don't want to cause any harm But if you don't like what they're going to do You'd better not stop them 'cos they're coming through - Bring the beat back! -
  11. There's always that one guy... All the rhyming now for aught. Making this up on the fly, The opposite of a Nemesis plot. Rhyming is easy, poetic meter is hard.
  12. It would help to know *what* you're testing... and at what level.
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