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  1. Probably best to start in the Mids forum (linked above) then.
  2. If it's a MIDS related problem, you should post in the MIDS forum: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/74-forum/ Forum problems are best discussed in the Forum forum: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/63-website-suggestions-feedback/
  3. Agreed, as Basho himself said "Better a good poem with one word too many than a poor poem with just enough". But that brings in the question WRT to the description box - how much is enough? A two thousand character limit would seem to be "reasonable", but to my mind that seems to be kicking the can down the road. (More on that below.) True, but somewhat orthogonal to my point... which was addressing the OP's claims WRT creativity. Limits and creativity are not mutually exclusive. We should also consider that there's two parties to this transaction - the writer an
  4. I follow multiple micro-fiction accounts on Twitter... Then over in the Art & Multimedia subforum you have the 'Share your awesome bios' thread, where there's tons of well done work that fit within the existing limit... So, I find it hard to buy the argument that the current limit severely cramps creativity. I give and grant it isn't easy (and I'm an occasional haiku* poet, so I get it), but it's certainly doable. * Proper English language haiku, which is 3-5-3 not the 5-7-5 folks learn in school.
  5. The description field is for brief, concise, descriptions. Not novels. Write it out in notepad first and edit mercilessly.
  6. Missed out because I was on vacation and out hunting geocaches in the Cascades... But I donated in spirit!
  7. The more channels you have, the more chances for everything to become bollixed up because people who should be using the same channel use different ones.
  8. Assuming that dev time is available to balance 2,456,947 different player made creations. That's on par with with assuming I'm going to win the lottery this evening. Seriously, for this to be viable, you're going to need a large roster right out of the gate. And you're going to need a considerable number regularly added (and older ones rotated out) to prevent folks from coming back and making the same complaints of having "seen everything". That's... a lot of manpower this dev team doesn't have. It would be a huge task even for a full time dev team. When someone posts a
  9. No, we just delete that POS and rely on Outbreak and Breakout.
  10. Kennedy was President when I was born... Only for another couple of weeks, but he was President. First MMO was UO around 2001/2, then Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, then CoX in 2006. (The box set was a Christmas present.) After the Snap, made a brief foray into Second Life and tried to get back into UO but it had changed too much. Didn't play an MMO again until I returned to the City in 2019. (Held out for months because I knew it would be a time suck. After my mother died, it was exactly what I needed.) Old farts have been around and playing MMO's as long as I have. My Guildmaster in UO
  11. Top menu here in the forums ->Account->Game account Gives me my game username and an option to change the password.
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