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Water and Will


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I've made a Water Blast/Willpower.

I'm looking towards my level 50 powerset.


I'm inexperienced with WB but an old expert with Willpower.

Are their any water blast powers I can skip or drop from my level 50 build?


How is Water Blast in PvP, or Sentinels in general?

I'd love to arena with this character.



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The trouble I had with Water was that every power is useful, so I didn't want to skip any of them.  The same is true with most of Willpower, which could make for very tight build.  I hope you have a better time of it than I did.



Energy/Energy Blaster (50+3) on Everlasting

Energy/Temporal Blaster (50+3) on Excelsior

Energy/Willpower Sentinel (50+3) on Indomitable

Energy/Energy Sentinel (50+1) on Torchbearer

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For what you are doing, I would not recommend skipping powers out of Water Blast.  If you aren't min/maxing, then you don't need an Epic/Patron power at all.  

Non-defense based Sentinels can be decent in the current state of PvP.  Certain primary sets can be made to be very competitive in PvP (Dark Blast, Ice Blast and Psychic Blast).  Water Blast is very AoE-oriented which makes it more friendly to PvE than it does PvP.  You can potentially make Water/Will work for PvP but you'd probably want a different build for it.  Willpower can push hit points (necessary for PvP), and Water Blast can take on damage procs (also necessary for PvP).  

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