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  1. Freeze Ray Although this power deals very little damage, the Freeze Ray encases your foe in a block of ice, Holding him helpless in place for a while. Source: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Ice_Blast#Freeze_Ray
  2. Since nobody's done it yet, here goes... /jranger
  3. My point was not "all the other kids doing it, so we should be able to, too", but rather, "Both Twitch and HC have policies against it, therefore it's not unreasonable". If I get pulled over for speeding, the cop doesn't let me drive away without a ticket just because other drivers have gotten away with it for 100 years before me. It doesn't matter who or how many times a policy is violated: what matters is that the policy exists and could be enforced at any time.
  4. Twitch doesn't allow streaming from unauthorized private servers anyway, so HC's CoC isn't all that onerous.
  5. Same here: I just don't get it -- it might be an age/generation thing. My (now adult) kids do it all the time, often while playing a completely different game. I think they just like the background noise, making them feel like they're part of a larger community, even if they're not participating in it. It's the latest iteration of the "together alone" phenomena associated with MMOs in general.
  6. No, it's me, too. Sometimes I log in to a "sub-optimal" alt to start playing it for fun, and then I remember how much better it would be if it were (insert more optimal AT/set combo), and my enthusiasm just drains away. I have to remind myself that I'm playing the char for "fun", not for optimization.
  7. I think a Sentinel/Brute pair would be a phenomal duo.
  8. See sig below. Rathstar is my first and forever char, created in the spring of 2004 at the end of Issue 1 or beginning of Issue 2 (I can't quite remember exactly, as I was also playing Asheron's Call 2 at the time). I was a big Iron Man™ fan growing up, and the ability to create my own hero with energy blasts from the hands was a huge deal for me. I loved Energy/Energy Blasters from Day One, and still do to this day.
  9. Crap, now you've given me an idea for a new AE mission.
  10. Is this the backdoor "nerf Hasten" thread? 😜 If so, I'm onboard with that. 😉
  11. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Limits#Recharge_Rate
  12. Then you're doing it wrong. 😁 (I kid! I kid! Just being snarky for the sake of laughs.)
  13. IIRC, I had a Particle Man character back in the old days... 😊
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