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  1. I'm afraid I don't understand the benefit of this suggestion over getting two slots every other level (mostly, until you get above 30 and get 3 slots every other level or so) that you can place anywhere you like as you level up. Sure, you have to temporarily forego slots in some powers for awhile if you want to prioritize a few selected powers first, but that's not really a big deal, once you get the hang of it. And that doesn't even touch the topic of the freespecs earned every 10 levels to rearrange the slots as desired. I think your suggestion makes things more complicated, not less so. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with this suggestion. Thanks!
  2. Rathulfr


    That is no longer accurate. All of the snipes are now instant if you're in combat (hit or attack within 8 seconds). If your ToHit is 97% or higher, you get additional bonus damage on top of that. Powers: Snipes General Changes ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. Now, combat status determines if snipes are fast or slow, and ToHit buffs increase how much damage fast-snipe inflicts. The snipe will be fast if you have attacked or been attacked in the last 8 seconds; this is the same time as Stalker's Hide. Source:
  3. I've used Body Armor to mule unique/global IOs like Steadfast Protection, Glad Armor, Aegis, etc.
  4. "The One"? See sig, below.
  5. I remember when (after I put a decent graphics card into my desktop) I discovered that the Nemesis Warhulks That blew my mind.
  6. CoH is my favorite MMORPG of all time, and believe me, I've played almost all of them since I started with Asheron's Call back in 2000. (Sidebar: I've been playing MMOs for 20 years now? Gleep!) That said, even I get tired of creating alts and running the same content over and over again. I don't powerlevel alts to 50, but I do PL them up to 22-27 to equip common IOs. Maybe that will change when the new Enhancements system on Beta goes live. And yes, I'm purposely avoiding playing on Beta to avoid burning myself out again when I come back to play the new content in Issue 27. I'm really looking forward to making an EM Scrapper, too. But I haven't logged on to HC more than once a week or longer in the past few months, because I'm tired of seeing the same old thing. Only significant new content -- such as the new story arcs or major AT/power set changes -- will bring me (and I suspect many others) back. That's just the way it is now with all games, not just CoH. We've recently seen updates to Conan Exiles and World of Warcraft (even though Shadowlands is delayed). And don't forget new games, such as Among Us, that take people's attention and time away from whatever else we might play otherwise.
  7. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned WoW yet, which is where I frequently use the object markers feature. Tanks usually get the blue square or orange circle (a.k.a. "the condom"), or put a skull over the primary target for focused fire, and the red X over the secondary target.
  8. My OG Scrapper was MA/SR, and took Jump Kick to enhance the concept: a hero named Carioca who is a master of capoeira, a blend martial arts and dance from Brazil.
  9. Rathulfr

    Sentinel build

    I'm a fan of the Energy, Beam Rifle, and Ice primaries on Sentinels, but mostly for thematic reasons. I think that Fire and Electricity are actually the top performers, but I could be wrong. For the secondary, I've always liked the "set-it-and-forget-it" nature of Willpower, and the Sentinel version of Regeneration is fantastic (so much so that the melee types are begging for the same treatment of theirs). Super Reflexes is also quite good on Sentinels.
  10. Hey! Speak for yourself, pal. 😆😁 Did I mention I play a Blaster?
  11. It's interesting to me that off all the other hosts besides Homecoming, only Rebirth seems to be completely invested in the "classic" experience, while many of the other hosts (Thunderspy, Cake, Sanctuary) have all veered in significantly different directions. Thunderspy flipped the Controller AT on its head and added a bunch of new power set profilerations/combos that are completely unbalanced (IMO). Cake is the "I WIN" button server with instant 50s (optional, of course). Sanctuary (the one with which I have no experience) seems to be focused on new storylines and a new trajectory for the lore (as far as I can tell). None of these are bad things, in and of themselves: but they do distinguish each host from the others. And I think that's good for the health of the overall community at large. Ironically, Rebirth -- the most faithful to the original game -- also has the smallest population of the "public" hosts (as opposed to semi-private or private hosts). There's about 20-30 players peak on weeknights (I don't have the numbers for weekends because I'm usually doing other stuff on weekends). While small, their community is active and engaged, friendly and helpful. But we're still talking about only two or three dozen folks committed to the closest we've got to a "CoH: Classic". I'm not sure that rolling back to "CoH: Year 1"* (Issues in the single digits) would attract that many, or at least, not keep them for long. Again, it would be an interesting novelty for a period of time, but then the novelty would wear off as we quickly remembered how much we all like many of the later changes to the game, especially the QoL changes. It's these QoL changes in HC that distinguish it from Rebirth and the others. They're not better or worse than the others -- just different. Ironically, Homecoming is just as subject to the old adage as anything else: "You can never go home again." (* Sidebar: Isn't SEGS working on a "year 1" progression server? And even they gave up on Issues 0 and 1, if I recall their last public update. But I could be wrong.)
  12. OMG, I thought I was the only one who did this. I got bored of HC and decided to put on my nostalgia glasses and went back (I tried it last year, too) to Rebirth. And I've had a frustrating time of it. It's so painful and slow. The people I've met there are really nice, and I've never had a problem with them. But the "make 'em grind to keep 'em subbed" system that's baked into the game is brutal. It's a relic of a different era that I'm glad is ancient history.
  13. I join all of my groups (including iTrials) from LFG, not custom chat channels. A custom chat channel, by definition, is a self-selected subset of the larger population. And I can imagine that it's theoretically possible for some subsets of any larger population to be a collection of people that are unsavory to me, or to whom I am unsavory. I'm not familiar with the "Everlasting TFs" chat channel. I didn't even know that it existed, and I've been playing pretty regularly since April of last year. I never really needed a custom chat channel for TFs: regular/universal LFG usually works pretty well for me. But if I were subscribed to it and I was made to feel unwelcome there, my choices are pretty obvious: Fix whatever might be broken in my relationship with that group of people, if desirable or possible (which isn't always the case -- sometimes you just need to walk away). Discontinue my association with that particular subset and seek out better alternatives. Create my own subset with different conditions that are favorable to me and others with like minds. But whatever choice I make to respond to this one subset of the population should not be used to paint everyone else outside of the subset with the same brush. Nor should you allow them to disrupt your enjoyment of the game, because they don't have any power to affect how you choose to play it, unless you're limiting yourself to only playing with them and by their rules. Free yourself: you don't have to seek out their approval, sanction, or participation. Look, it sucks to be hurt and/or betrayed by folks you thought you knew and liked, and whom you thought liked you. I know this because it's happened to me plenty of times, and seems to be a normal part of the human experience. That doesn't make it better or suck less, but it's just life. Move on, get a new community, or create a new community. The power is yours.
  14. Same here. My "main" is on Everlasting, and I also have others I play on Excelsior. I don't subscribe to any custom chat channels, except the one started by my SG on Indom last year (and is now never used). I guess that's why I don't get the drama caused by custom chat channels. Or maybe I'm just unloved and lonely...
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