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    I remember Zeppo. He was essential to the Marx Bros as the company's built-in straight man. He was also flexible enough to take on the role of any of his brothers, and often filled in whenever one of them was unable to perform. Zeppo and his brother Gummo founded the theatrical agency that represented the Marx Bros, and eventually went to become an engineer. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeppo_Marx
  2. Rathulfr


    Um, actually... DPS isn't even the best method for measuring damage output in CoH. Due to its combat mechanics, the better method is DPA: damage per activation time. So whenever I see someone asking for or bragging about DPS, I automatically know they're a noob and snort in derision from my upturned nose. "Get thee hence back to WoW, noob," is what I'm usually tempted to say, but don't, because I already know I'm better than everyone else. Then I go back to wondering why nobody ever wants to team with me. 😭 😄😜😁
  3. I was a wee lad then, too. My younger brother and I had to sneak out of bed and down the hall to just behind my dad's recliner to surreptitiously watch the Apollo coverage on the black and white television without alerting dad to our presence.
  4. I think that random AT, primary, and secondary is sufficient. So, no, don't roll random pool powers.
  5. Not likely, given that it's written in .NET. It would have to be rewritten from scratch for mobile platforms.
  6. I appreciate your encouragement. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Sentinels. I really do love Sentinels, and would prefer to play them, if they were just a smidge better with DPS. But this runs me afoul of the Sentinel haters, who often sound like they'd rather see the AT deleted entirely; however, it also runs me afoul of the Sentinel zealots, who are convinced that my criticisms are unjustified. It seems like I can't win for losing, so I try to bite my tongue or couch my comments as gently as possible, to avoid triggering either camp.
  7. I defer to @oldskool, as he is indeed The Sentinel Whisperer. 😉
  8. I've got an Energy/WP Sentinel that I enjoyed playing last year. It's fun to play, but less optimized than any of the advice/builds you'd get from experts like @oldskool or @nihilii. Sent WP is difficult to soft-cap defense or to cap all resistances; however, I compensated for that by really leaning into regen/rec. This made it a lot tougher, but definitely vulnerable to heavy alpha strikes from higher-level/more-complex enemies. If you're going to go WP, I recommend a complementary primary with good debuffs, like Dark, Psychic, Rad, Sonic, Water, etc. Avoid pairing pure damage primaries (like Energy or Fire) with WP. That's just my opinion: someone more experienced with WP Sentinels might have better advice.
  9. *shakes fist and bellows ineffectively* "You kids get off my lawn!"
  10. I'll try to be on at 7 PM Central tonight, work permitting.
  11. My head hurts. I definitely feel dumber.
  12. Ah, this is the tired old "range is defense" argument then. I'm not going to rehash all that here, as it has all been said before elsewhere. We are at that impasse, then, and I will simply agree to disagree.
  13. But are not Sentinels still less durable than Scrappers? Don't they have res capped at 70%, instead of 75%? I could be wrong about that -- I'm working ATM and can't check it in game.
  14. Ah, my apologies for the false assumption, then. I have and enjoy many Sentinel builds (see sig below). I currently have two in their 30s, an AR/SR and an Ice/Invuln. They're hella fun to play, I don't deny that. But they definitely do less DPS than any comparable DPS character (ranged or melee) at the same level.
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