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  1. Kind of outdated, but should be good for the fundamentals.
  2. Correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but... I get the impression that @Cipher is just looking to make a web browser of an existing character's build (if the player opts in to publish it, of course), while @The Philotic Knight is looking to make a web browser of a build planner -- like Mid's Reborn. While the two things might end up looking very similar, they serve two very different purposes. Or did I totally misread this thread? I'm looking forward to both works, if they ever become available to us mere mortals. 😊
  3. After playing Energy/Temporal and Fire/Temporal, I can't imagine why any Blaster would play anything but */Temporal, except for concept reasons (e.g.: I still love my Energy² Blaster, but mostly for nostalgia). Temporal is just that good.
  4. That's what I used to think, too, but every retrospective about previous decades (and centuries) seem to start with year 0, like disk drive numbers. *shrug*
  5. Give 'em another few months to warm up.
  6. This problem is notoriously prevalent in DFB, when one or more of the Lost get wedged into a cave tunnel wall. You can't advance/complete the TF until all 66 of them are defeated, and you can't do that if even 1 of them is stuck in the wall. Usually, the only recourse is to whittle them down with a nearby AoE DoT attack (often with really long recharges at those low levels), or simply quit and start over.
  7. Have you played on We Have Cake yet? That's basically their claim to fame over Homecoming. Logon, create a char, ask a GM to wave a magic wand, and PRESTO! You're level 50 with all the Incarnate slots unlocked and all power slots are equipped with a standard set of IOs. They also give you all the Inf you'll need to replace any of those sets with others: they've seeded the AH with Recipes and Salvage, to make it easy. Basically the same as the beta/test server here, except it's the same server that everyone else plays on regularly. I've played on WHC a few times, and it's alright. I have to admit it was thrilling to create my first few chars as instant-50s initially, but the novelty quickly wore off, and I haven't been back in several months since then. It's kind of boring to have everything handed to me immediately, without feeling like I really earned it. It's the same with all of the games I play after I learn the "God-mode" cheat codes: Oblivion, Skyrim, Conan Exiles, etc. Once I figure out that I don't have to suffer through the inconveniences with admin bypasses, I lose all interest. *shrug*
  8. Um, actually... the 20's started on January 1 of this year. Enjoy the decade! 😁
  9. But is there a guide to all the guides for guides? Guide-ception.
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