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  1. No, thank you. I'm not a fan of PvP at all. I don't think we need any more PvP zones.
  2. Tuesday sure came around fast this week. Next up: nerf Regen or Super Strength Scrappers?
  3. Influence, positional defense (depends on AT), and typed defense. The latter two are so I can monitor the effects of debuffs. On Brutes, I'll also monitor Damage Bonus.
  4. I think you mean "Thunderspy", not Torchbearer. Torchbearer is one of the shards here on Homecoming. Thunderspy is another private server host that has different features, costume pieces, ATs, and power sets.
  5. Please add to costume creator immediately.
  6. I'm also the only person in this thread who knows how long it took me to kit out my new alts before and after the nerf. My perception is that my buying power has remained about the same, and is actually better in many cases, because prices for some items have dropped since the nerf. The few items whose cost has remained high over the same period appear to have been unchanged, for the most part (aside from normal supply/demand fluctuations). To me, this indicates that the nerf was successful in addressing a problem with inflation. Do I make significantly less Inf per 6 minute farm run? Yes, I won't deny that. But I'm still making quite a bit of Inf per farm run, and usually only need to run 1 or 2 more times to make up the difference. It's not that great an inconvenience to spend another 10-15 minutes farming for a few million more Inf. Suggesting that playing the game for a few more minutes to get more stuff is massively distressing is also insulting to me. YMMV.
  7. My new favorite blaster was created a few months ago when someone here on the forums tried to dismiss my comments with an intended insult: "go away, blasterman." And thus, BLASTERMAN was born!
  8. The moon is indeed a harsh mistress.
  9. /jranger buddy: changing Propel's random objects would ruin my favorite team drinking game! Whenever someone on the team uses Propel, everyone else shouts out what they see on their client. Anyone who sees the same object as someone else has to take a shot. Example: Planter! Cabinet! Trash can! Car! Statue! Car! Globe! Players 4 and 6 have to take a shot, because they both saw a car. It's loads of fun: try it some time! 😁
  10. Most of my friends are sick and tired of hearing me preach the gospel of CoH. "It's FREE!" "It's awesome!" "You can make any look you like!" "Builds are diverse and flexible!" "It's casual-friendly!" "It's only 4GB on your SSD!" I still can't pull them away from World of Chorecraft. 🤮
  11. +1 from me. I love the new insta-snipe, as it makes my snipe power a part of my regular rotation. However, there are definitely times when I wish I could suppress the insta-snipe for the regular old snipe, without having to not attack (or be attacked) for 8 seconds. I'd gladly give up insta-snipe for 8 seconds if I could occasionally get regular snipe while in combat, again.
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