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  1. Blaster's Log, 2106.10 - levels 20-21 While I was still in Faultline, I paid a visit to Doc Delilah and ran missions for her. Picture below, here we are bathing in the afterglow of defeating Captain Castillo. After my play date with the good Doc, she introduced me to Agent G, who had me infiltrate Arachnos and the Sky Raiders as they battle for control of southern Faultline. I earned Entrusted with the Secret for defeating Arbiter Sands, along the Aftershock badge for finishing all of the arcs in Faultline. But I didn't quite make it to level 22: I still have about 2.5 bubbles
  2. It's all honor system. There's no prize or punishment for this: it's just something we're doing for bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment. If you feel like you have to lie about deaths, then you're only cheating yourself. IM Blaster 1 has died once due to "Lost Connection to Mapserver" while in a mission, surrounded by enemies. When I got back online, I was laying face down outside the mission door. I asked @Chainz (Mirujai) if I had to delete and start over because of that. He said no, that doesn't count because it was completely beyond my control. So tec
  3. Blaster's Log, 2106.08 - levels 18-20 Faultline fun! Ran Jim Temblor and Penelope Yin arcs in Faultline for nostalgia's sake. It's been awhile since I ran those, way back in retail live. I got to rescue Fusionette, and teamed with her and Arbiter Sands, of all people. Then I had to rescue Penny's dad: I fully expected to buy it in the last mission. Oddly enough, it was kind of a let down: it was a lot easier than I remembered. Almost died a couple of times tonight (I really hate The Lost Anathema), but not in that mission. Phew!
  4. Wow, it's @Sunsette! 😍 The OG Sentinel guidance counselor from 2019! You inspired me to try out Sentinels in the first place, and I learned so much from you. I've missed seeing your posts recently. Of course, that could be just me, because I haven't been on as much, myself.
  5. My opinion, not gospel: it's the Iron Man/Woman Challenge, not the Iron Team Challenge. Teaming up with fellow Challengers is one thing, but creating your own team of Challengers, under your own direct control, feels like cheating, to me. But on the other hand, perhaps it adds complexity to the Challenge, because all 3 player characters are indeed under your control, and that means that all 3 player characters must adhere to the rules (and spirit) of the Challenge. That means if 1 dies, it's permanently dead. You can't whip up another one on a whim. You'll need to continue wit
  6. That looks like fun. I wish I was there. 😁
  7. If you're not too discouraged to try something a bit more fun and is still kinda like Regen, try a */WP Sentinel. I love my Energy/WP Sentinel: he feels the most like classic The Invincible Iron Manβ„’ to me. I also enjoy the heck out of my Ice/SR Sentinel: SR is a treat on Sentinels, although you'll be focusing on Def there, instead of Regen. Perhaps you'll get more mileage out of Rad/WP or Rad/SR?
  8. Blaster's Log, 2106.07 - levels 16-18. I ran the Laura Lockhart mission arc, and almost got killed by Field Marshal Metzger. A last second Respite saved me, and I got the last shot off to defeat him. Facing those 5 waves of 5th Column Nebel Praktikant as prelude to that fight was not easy. My Inspirations tray was emptied by the time the dust settled. Phew. I then set Leon to rights and earned the War Hero Badge. All in all, a good day's work.
  9. I blame @Mirai! Boo! πŸ˜†
  10. Basically, if you want to play a Sentinel for maximum effectiveness, you're going to play a Psionic Mastery/* Sentinel: they're all Psionic Mastery Sentinels, regardless of whatever other primary or secondary choose. Your primary power set is almost irrelevant, because you're going to replace it with Psionic Mastery's Mind Probe + Dominate at levels 35+. Sure, you might pick a primary that offers a few attack powers to fill-in your rotation, but it's basically all MP+Dom all the time. Any other attack powers you might have are there to carry/trigger procs, not really do anything else.
  11. For squishies like me, Yes, it is worth it, if only for the additional control and defense while traveling and for muling IOs. I'm not sure that the +Def goes away entirely: I think half of it suppressed, not all of it. But I could be wrong. I'll test that later, unless someone else knows for certain. edit: found the details at https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/27807-travel-power-updates-in-issue-27-page-2/?tab=comments#comment-347727 Evasive Maneuvers Replaces the old version of Afterburner as Flight's tier 5 power If you previou
  12. This: "Sentinels are a ranged combat class" (emphasis added by me). That's the way they're designed. They have no ST melee attacks, only melee range PBAoEs. They are not designed for melee combat, even with armor secondaries. Kudos to you for trying to make them work that way, but your efforts were doomed from the start, through no fault of yours. That's not to say you can't play a Sentinel in melee range: you can. But you do so by embracing your ST ranged attacks along the way. Regen is a tough secondary for doing that, though. I have a level 50+ Fire/Regen Sentinel that wa
  13. Blaster's Log, 2106.06 - Levels 14-16 Got from 14 to 15 running missions for Meg Mason in the Hollows. I lost my Internet connection while I was in a cave fighting Vahzilok Abominations, so I suffered one defeat by Lost Connection to MapServer. I check with Mijurai and he said that LCM deaths don't count -- I had no control over the situation. When I was able to get back online, I was tired of running Meg's "arc" -- it seems to never end? I checked the wiki to see how much more there was to it. Imagine my surprise to find out Meg doesn't have an arc: she just regur
  14. Having AVs in TFs is kind of the point of TFs, IMO (how many more acronyms can I squeeze into a sentence?). It's part of what makes a TF different from other missions. So I would prefer to keep the AVs in regular TFs. However, I do like the idea of having "alternate" versions of TFs where the AVs can become EBs, instead. I don't know if that would be done with Ouroboros or by some other means.
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