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  1. I'd rather have bug fixes for powers before AH display glitches that are easily worked-around by simply re-clicking or clicking on the Find button.
  2. Or you could just follow the links at Paragon Wiki? That's always worked for me. The Wiki tells you where everything is, and even gives you coordinates. That combined with VidiotMaps is all I ever need. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Accolades
  3. Priorities, man, priorities. Which would you rather have the devs spend time on: improving ATs and power sets, or fixing display glitches in the AH? Obviously, doing both would be nice, but with limited time and resources, which is really more important (especially since you can simply click the "Find" button a couple of times as a workaround)?
  4. AC had the same mechanic. Some of the fondest memories I have of AC are the insanity of running around naked to recover gear from corpses. The value of gear determined what you lost with each death, so after awhile, everyone started buying and carrying expensive "death items", as insurance policies against losing equipped gear that wasn't easily replaced with just money. It was far better to lose a useless robe that cost 5X-10X more than your helmet, hauberk, or leggings, which you spent hours getting by grinding mobs for drops.
  5. My first character was a Blademaster (which I quickly abandoned), and my second was an archer (I forget what they called those). That was the original "Rathulfr", which became my consistent handle for all other MMORPGs after that. I eventually ended up taking both Item and Creature Magic in order to play without pulling my hair out (precious little left back then, even less now).
  6. I play a Grav/Energy Dom, and it's amusing at first, but it gets old pretty quickly. You're not missing much.
  7. In all my years of playing CoH, I don't believe anyone has ever considered Bruising to be a factor (at all) in having Tankers on a team. In fact, I'd completely forgotten that Bruising was even a thing until it came up in these threads. And if a minor, limited-utility, damage resistance debuff had any significant team value, my Sentinels wouldn't get so much crap about being "useless" on teams, because unlike Bruising's debuff, the Sentinel debuff is unresistable.
  8. AC was my first MMORPG, too: Thistledown, represent! Ah, good ol' AC, where everyone was a Mage-With-A-Hurt-Stick. There were no healers or tanks because everyone was a healer/tank. Everyone trained at least 2 schools of magic, in addition to whatever weapon skill set they preferred. Pity the noobs that tried to play non-magic characters: they quickly learned and rerolled accordingly. Talk about a seriously flawed game that was incredibly fun to play. I remember it fondly. I even played AC2, which was completely different, before I abandoned it for CoH and WoW.
  9. For what it's worth, I would not like to go back to old Defiance. Thanks!
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