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Limited access to the AH in bases


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We're all aware that the load on the servers from having to load the AH database with each instance of an SG base is the obstacle for being able to access the AH from bases. But what about giving access to specific tabs? The 'Sold' and 'Bought' tabs shouldn't require more than a small fraction of the AH data, particularly if all you get is the ability to collect either the purchased items or the inf from sold items. Just the item, the bought/sold price, and a 'get inf/claim purchase' button

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Implement a web front end for the AH.

Add a Browser window to the game. Make it so only that browser can "use" the AH, you'd be able to browse the AH on a web client but only buy/sell through the in game browser.

Move the /ah command to /showwindow browser auctionclient


Add some other sites to the in game browser, like Paragon Wiki (especially if/when it gets updated, or failing that a wiki for Homecoming).

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