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AutoInviteReply command

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Hey my favorite devs, 


Would it be possible to add a new auto-invite slash command to the game?  I have always lamented its absence from COH, and continuously wished the game had this function. It is literally invaluable for making teams.  Basically, it  AutoReplies (just like the Backspace key in game) to the person from the last tell sent but instead of sending a tell, it invites that person to the team. 


It's nearly impossible to invite someone to the team while in the heat of combat using the mouse, nor can you really type people's character names in the chat to invite them while battling. There's just no time, and if you try it often results in your death. Let's say you wait until the battle is finished to reply and try to invite them between battles... most of the time that person will have moved on and either joined another team or logged out. With this bind, I can send out an invitation via LFG chat and then instantly invite people who reply with the press of a single button/key. It's not only necessary for inviting people during combat or while traveling, but it's outright convenient. Easy. Efficient. Just a pleasure to use.


Just FYI,  I have already hacked together this bind using Logitech G-key keyboard/mouse software. It is amazing.


It sure would be nice to have it as a standard slash command that can be used in binds/macros. Not only could I then put it on any key, but everyone would have access to this great feature without the need to buy expensive gaming hardware and software. 


In all my binding experience (I'm the author of The Advanced Bind Guide, back in the day), it's the only addition to the bind system that I feel would really be beneficial to everyone.  Or more precisely, out of all the various tweaks, additions, and improvements that could be made to the bind system, it's by far the most useful. It should also be very easy to code. Simply duplicate the AutoReply code, and remove the comma from the end of the character name, replace /T with /I at the beginning, and then execute enter/send. The name of the command doesn't matter too much to me, but you could use something as straight forward as Auto_Invite_Reply or Reply_With_Invite, or just Invite_Reply, etc.  


 Thanks for your consideration, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. 


All the best,



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