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Two "Issues"

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1)Periodically my cursor keys stop working within the edit box, I can use them fine in other areas of the browser (scrolling, url/search bar, etc) but not in the text input box (WYSIWYG Input Box), if they stop working I need to reload the page or close and reopen the page. Holding ctrl+cursor keys works (moves between words), but the move the caret one character doesn't.


2)Is there a way to turn off the audible new notification sound. I like to leave the forum open while I play, but I really don't want that sound every time a new notification comes in. I looked in settings (etc) but couldn't find an option. Especially as there seem s to be no difference between a "Reaction" and a "Reply", the former I don't need to know about, the latter is sometimes worth waiting for.

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