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Macro Binds for Random Local Chat

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Hi.  Some I'm in one of those moods and am considering a new themed toon that has something to say when a power is executed.  But I'd like what is said to be either randomized or in a series so it doesn't get TOO repetitive.


I can make a macro that allows me to say "What about my needs?" and fires off the Shriek power or "My mother is staying with us for a week" and fires off the Shout power.


/macro shriek local “What about my needs?”  $$powexec_name shriek

/macro shout local "My mother is staying with us for a week!"  $$powexec_name shout

But instead of saying a specific phrase assigned to each power, I'd like to be able to say different things each time.  I'd put together a list of "gripes" so Shriek would say different things each time I pressed the Shriek Macro.

/macro Shriek local "Gripes.txt" $$powexec_name shriek  (would it look something like this? 




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Not that I know of, you can create rolling binds that would say a new thing each time for as many times as you wanted it to say, but it wouldn't be random, unless you had an external program that interpreted the key-press in game and amended the text file.


So for instance for a simple rolling bind:

/bind <key> "bind_load_file text1.txt$$powexec_name Shriek$$say <insert witty saying>"

text1.txt would be:

<key> "bind_load_file text2.txt$$powexec_name Shriek$$say <insert witty saying>"


<key> "bind_load_file text3.txt$$powexec_name Shriek$$say <insert witty saying>"


<key> "bind_load_file text1.txt$$powexec_name Shriek$$say <insert witty saying>"


So if you had something like AutoHotkey.Net or something similar to update the text1.txt each time you hit the same key that fires the bind. Waits a few seconds (to allow the bind to work once), then picks a new <witty saying> from a master list and saves it to text1.txt, you could probably do what you're asking, but as far as I know without some sort of external program what you're asking for isn't possible. And no I don't have a clue specifically which external program or how to set this up.


(It was heavily discussed on the forums when CoV came out because people wanted to have their pets seem more lifelike.)

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