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  1. Groovy

    Top 3?

    Primary: Fire - Just pure damage and we're blasters. Secondary: Atomic - It has most of the tools you could want. It has a single target hold. It has an AOE hold. It has some nice ST damage and a decent AOE damage power. It has an OP power (imho) in Accelerated Metabolism that is a toggle, NOT a click power....+regen, +recovery, +mez protection, +RECHARGE. It has another toggle that is FOE -DEF, -To Hit with a +recharge to you. It has the most recharge with the exception of Time Manipulation. With the extra recovery and extra recharge, it lets you deal non stop damage. AND if you trick out your build, you could get capped def to SM, LE, EN, FIRE and COLD without incarnates....which leaves Musculature & Assault Cores available for even more damage. It's a beautiful thing. For Fun/Cool Factor: Dual Pistol / Martial Combat. Gun Fu baby! For a Nice Surprise: Try Archery/Tactical Arrow. Decent Damage and loads of tricks. For AVs: Anything Mental Manipulation Dig it!
  2. Groovy

    All Storm ITF

    Just wanted to shout out and say thanks again to those on the all Storm Summoning ITF last night. There was definitely a sense of freedom just cutting loose all storm powers on a TF. It was crazy and fun. The cave missions seemed like wading through a hurricane with heavy rain/snow plus dense dense fog. I had to check the map just to see which direction I was heading sometimes then I'd bump into a baddy (who was being tossed, pushed and/or knocked down) and let him have it. It was my first time doing an "all" anything team since 2004. Now wanna try out all of the others, Rad, Beam Rifle etc..
  3. 100% agree. I am having a hard time getting past those animations.
  4. Hi. Some I'm in one of those moods and am considering a new themed toon that has something to say when a power is executed. But I'd like what is said to be either randomized or in a series so it doesn't get TOO repetitive. I can make a macro that allows me to say "What about my needs?" and fires off the Shriek power or "My mother is staying with us for a week" and fires off the Shout power. /macro shriek local “What about my needs?” $$powexec_name shriek /macro shout local "My mother is staying with us for a week!" $$powexec_name shout But instead of saying a specific phrase assigned to each power, I'd like to be able to say different things each time. I'd put together a list of "gripes" so Shriek would say different things each time I pressed the Shriek Macro. /macro Shriek local "Gripes.txt" $$powexec_name shriek (would it look something like this? possible?
  5. For the record, I am onboard with the current changes on Beta. No crash for single but modified crash for stacked rage. To me, it seems like a good compromise. I am particularly happy with the defensive adjustment considering that I have only used SS on my Ice tank. I have hasten on auto and like to double stack rage when I can but don't always do it based upon the dynamic of the team. Those that have Rage on auto may not get the full benefit or will have to adjust their game play......just like the rest of us.
  6. I'd also be interested in seeing the updated version. I've been toying with all sorts of builds and haven't been able to get one that I am comfortable with.
  7. Excuse me but my Ice/SS, Super Flu, has perma Hibernate and it's the bomb. 100% untouchable! After the 30 sec maximum use of power, I pop out of Hibernate, Foot Stomp, and hop back into Hibernate. Invincible! Dig it!
  8. Hello Protector Peeps! Groovy here! Can't believe we are actually back in COH. Alts from back in the day: Mentax, Super Flu, Chaos Nex, Hedonism So Torchbearer is the place for now, eh?
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