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Need Suggestions..


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  I'm looking for a solo character class to run threads, hunt badges, and handle AVs in missions.  Back in the day, I had 3 solos but only 2 that were really what I wanted.  My fire/rad was nice for farming and group stuff, but the other two were my Widow and my Claws/Regen scrapper.  Both could handle AVs solo (in missions, not TFs solo).  I remember the Widow's Def was so high she never got hit and the scrapper's regen so high he recovered more than most hits did in dmg.  And I only put a moderate amount into chips to make it work too.  Plus I don't have the millions to invest right now either.


  I have read here that regen is not as it used to be and that WP is the new regen.  What's the best in your opinion for a solo run?  Even if not a scrapper..  Tanks are not my style, cant get damage up enough, and I'm not planning to farm up to 50 first, so needs to be durable for the 1-50 run..  I currently have a fire/rad troller, a DP / SR Sentinel, and a MM with binds not working 😞 ..  


  So, in your opinions, what are my options?  My Sentinel? WP Scrapper? 


  Thanks in advance!



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Stalkers do really well solo. The whole archetype revolves around being able to take out big baddies really fast. Stalker is the Villain analogue to the Scrapper and it all revolves around stealthing around and executing priority targets which makes them into great solo characters. So you can just hop into a mission, stealth to the boss and crit him into oblivion and move on to the next mission. They have much more control over their critical hits than Scrappers do but they give up some of their AoE powers to do so.
What makes them tick is that any attack you execute while in stealth will have a guaranteed critical, combined with a stacking combo point like system that gives you 33.33% stacking crit chance for your assassin strike with every attack you do out of stealth.
There are some shenanigans you can do with this stealth mechanic such as with telenukes (Lightning Rod from Electric Melee and Shield Charge from Shield Melee for example). You can telenuke into a pack while stealthed, doing damage and the telenuke won't break your stealth so you can backstab on top of the telenuke, great times !

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