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  1. You have found a reason to use Teleport ...
  2. Try Energy Aura or Willpower paired with Kinetic Melee. You can thank me later.
  3. My sincere wish for Serum (for the Mastermind) would be that it becomes a 300s duration on a 300s recharge power that instead applies a Grant Power effect to the Medic ... so that it's the Medic who is handing out the Serum to all the Mercenaries to buff them (think Protector Bots and their Force Field bubbles). That way, it's kind of a "Medic Approved" buff to all of your Mercenaries that is doled out by your Medic along with the Stimulant and so on. That way, it's relatively fire and forget for the Player to deal with. You basically just delegate the distribution of the Serum to your Medi
  4. Mew C M Say it out loud to get the verbal pun that isn't obvious enough when it's in writing...
  5. It's a major stretch for me to reach that interpretation. If you hadn't mentioned it, that isn't what I would have been seeing.
  6. That usually means App Store if doing it as a standalone app. Just use the web version on your iPhone. So long as Safari can deal with it, you'll have it available for iPhone ...
  7. It's a huge wall of text because ... well ... there's a lot to unpack and explain if you want to figure out what I do (and why) so as to adapt the scheme to your own purposes. So the RTFM factor is kind of unavoidable, but I'd like to think that I give enough info to reverse engineer what I'm doing so that you can convert what you need to your own Mastermind. 💪
  8. The real problem with Mercenaries is that it was probably the FIRST Mastermind powerset that was built. Full stop. That means that what Cryptic Studios had "available" for being repurposed into the Mercenaries themselves was OLD LEGACY powers that had been used by Assault Rifle for Blasters and were basically the Tommygun attack powers used by a lot of Family and Mooks NPCs. Later on, Assault Rifle for Blasters (and Defenders, eventually) got a "tune up" to be less stupid with their animation times and recharge and so on ... but that update to the tuning of powers never exten
  9. Actually, you might want to instead create a thread in which the only purpose for people to post in it on the forums here is to file requests for Club delete actions by the creators of those Clubs. That way you've got an easy to access (and public) record in writing of the requests to. Think of it as being akin to the Report Typos thread, in that it's a repository for actions that need to be taken at some point (although not instantly).
  10. One thing that I think ALL OF US WANT for the web version is ... being able to link to the build via URL. Ideally speaking, if you've got the URL with the code hash built into the URL, the web version will just parse the URL into the build and pull up the completed build for you when going to the link. Kind of like how this works (although obviously a LOT more complicated!) ... LINK Basic idea here is that all you need to do is open the URL in a separate tab and you can view the build and flip back and forth to whatever post you're reading that references that buil
  11. Looks PROMISING ...!! MORE PLEASE ...!!
  12. Et Tsoo, Brute? Pretty much ... although since a Stone/MA Tanker is not a Brute, I wasn't going to take the joke THAT far, but rather let anyone else draw the inference on their own. Now, if the character WAS a Brute, then totally.
  13. In my experience, Cold on its own will not be enough to keep Ninjas operational. I recommend Ninja/Time/Mace ...
  14. That's why I say it warrants more research and noodling around in the build planner (which takes TIME ... unfortunately). But it's precisely those kinds of "well that's odd..." moments that can potentially lead to new discoveries, rather than staying on the already well beaten track and doing the same thing(s) forever.
  15. /decline The Rikti are in Founder's Falls ... so there's no reason they can be there in Founder's but NOT in Peregrine Island. The other thing to remember is that most of the Rikti we see on the streets are transformed Lost who have become Rikti-fied ... meaning those are HOMELESS PEOPLE you're seeing in the streets of Peregrine Island in the form of (transformed into) Rikti. And I'm not about to believe that Peregrine Island will have NO homeless in the zone.
  16. Except that I was 6-slotting the two Summon powers, which can then be repurposed into 2 of the 3 attack powers that I was adding. And then if I reshuffle slots between the attack powers to align more to 5-slotting across multiple powers, instead of 6-slotting everything, then it's possible to have enough slots for all of those powers. This is true ... but only while those Pets have 1+ HP. However, Pets that are exterminated do not contribute additional DPS beyond what your PC can dish out personally. So what you assert is true, but conditional upon those Pets being able/allowed to c
  17. So I had a ... peculiar thought ... yesterday, and opened up the build planner to have a look at it and started getting back some pretty funky answers that I'm going to need to spend more time investigating and noodling around with to see if it pans out to be a worthwhile alternative build choice. Basically, I wondered what would happen if I ditched the two Summons powers on a HuntsCrab and instead went for adding the ranged backpack attacks ON TOP OF the rifle ranged attacks. Yes ... this would mean weapon redraw when switching from backpack attacks over to rifle attacks ...
  18. It is pronounced (and spelled) ... Murr'kha!
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