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  1. Yup, Projection all the way down. You argue in bad faith and have no problems with doing that. You're not worth talking to on this subject anymore either.
  2. Have you ever considered piracy using procs in that?
  3. +1 Level increases the enhancement value you get out of HamiOs ... just like with TOs, DOs, SOs and IOs.
  4. This is an interesting notion, although I disagree with some of the specifics. I'd imagine that the way it would work is that instead of being a PBAoE of refreshing effect (so you have to stay in the PBAoE to keep receiving the Group Fly effect) ... instead, Group Fly would apply a Grant Toggle Power to everyone within the PBAoE and that Grant Power would be self sustaining until it is toggled off OR (and this is where I disagree with you @Sakidave) you change zones. Basically at zone transitions the Grant Toggle Power would automatically disable before exiting the zone, so when you enter the new zone the Group Fly effect is not engaged. Basically an "on until toggled off" type of solution, where you only need to be within range at the time of casting, but afterwards the "range" is effectively "within the current zone" for the recipients (including the caster). Limit it to Teammates/Leaguemates only and you'll be most of the way there. The really nice improvement of structuring it this way is that it doesn't require everyone to STAY inside of a bubble of PBAoE around the caster in order for the effect to be persistent, which also removes the necessity for all recipients to "fly in formation" in order to stay within that PBAoE. Rig it so that each recipient needs to pay their own endurance for their own Grant Toggle Power and you can convert the Group Fly power that does all this in a PBAoE into a Click Power that invokes a toggle for everyone within the PBAoE ... so Click to Toggle, basically. The functionality to do this is exemplified in Mystic Flight, where you have toggle Fly enables click Teleport functionality. If you invert that for Group Fly, in which click Group Fly grants (toggled on when received) Fly to everyone in the PBAoE, and that granted Fly toggle persists until toggled off (or you change zones) ... would represent a rather ELEGANT solution to the limitations of how Group Fly is currently configured.
  5. The problem with that plan is that although they're "public places" they're also OUT OF THE WAY places that people won't see while moving through the zone ... UNLIKE the area under Atlas, which is clearly marked (Atlas Statue is kind of hard to miss...) and which people are moving by/around all the time so it's easy to find a "pick up event" like a costume contest there. The locations of the domed buildings is more like an Easter Egg that hardly anyone knows about, which kind of ruins the opportunities to have things like costume contests and RP gatherings there. Sure it can be done ... but it's not the "natural" location for such things to happen in the zone. Poor design choices, that.
  6. I would suggest adding a smidge of time to them on top of that, but this is a great idea. We make every pretense of competency around here ... 😎
  7. In terms of basic concept ... yes ... that's where the set ought to be. The problem comes in with the execution of that "vision" which wound up being badly UNbalanced relative to competing powersets, with unnecessary hindrances and obstacles to self-synergies thrown in all over the place. Things like not being able to ignite Oil Slick without reaching OUTSIDE of the Trick Arrow powerset for an ignition source attack power (which is just Derp By Design).
  8. Yeah, it was a vain hope. I tried. 😂
  9. Interesting question for framing the "balance" of expectations for the set. I'll give you my take (since you asked). DPS vs Support Single Target vs AoE Buff vs Control My impression of what I'd want Trick Arrow to be is ... it can't be a One Trick Pony™. I say that because my default approach to conceptualizing the powerset is that it ought to be (to use the vernacular) ... A Bag Of Tricks ... so to speak, rather than being a single concentrated purpose built "does only this" kind of powerset. That means it ought to be eclectic in what it can "do" as a powerset, rather than having singular focus, but at the same time it needs to be something that synergizes/harmonizes with itself, such that you can put two things together and realize a combination that is more than just the sum of the two parts. So using the parameters you've queried about: More Support than DPS, but not exclusively Support without DPS. A mix of Single Target and AoE, although given how the game actually works/plays the bias will necessarily be towards AoE. Buffs (as buffs) not really ... but Control AND Debuffs, most definitely. To get more specific about that ... I'd need to work up a City of Data(-ish) layout of powers and parameters to more fully answer the question in ways that can speak to specifics rather than to generalities.
  10. Tidal Forces has the additional benefit of giving you a "free" 3 buff stacks for use in powers like Water Jet and the like, so it has additional utility beyond just "merely" being a Build Up/Aim power. Those combo points can allow you to do some rather amazing things "on demand" (so to speak).
  11. Maybe you should be looking at Ignite as less of a damage patch (heresy!) and more like it's a Caltrops patch that does more damage than Caltrops. That way it's less about doing max damage with the power and more about HERDING with it. You could use it at choke points (like doors and such) as a ...
  12. GRIEFERS AHOY! Not recommended. The real problem with Group Fly is that it doesn't allow formation flying by default. The way that people want Group Fly to work is that everyone in the PBAoE needs to "move in sync" together ... at the same speed and in the same direction ... so you don't need to coordinate in order to "herd cats" and keep everyone together inside the limits of the PBAoE. The basic concept/idea is that the caster "brings everyone along with them" in a PBAoE and that they'll keep their relative positions with each other (formation flying) while moving so that only one PC needs to have the power for a group. The power would need to be configured to affect Team (and League) but not random people you fly by (because, griefing). For movement control, the way that you rig it is that everyone in the PBAoE is subject to movement identical to the Group Fly caster ... but if individuals other than the caster use their own movement keybinds then their individual movement is "vector added" to the movement direction being granted to them by the Group Fly caster. Basically if you're flying in formation and you want to "peel off" onto a different vector (or just drop out of the PBAoE) you can do so individually. So if everyone besides the Group Fly caster remains "idle" for movement while inside the PBAoE then everyone "flies in formation" with the movement of the PBAoE caster, but as soon as anyone who is not the caster initiates a movement they will "break formation" and move relative to the caster's motion, which can take them out of the PBAoE if they move far enough away from the caster. Now, rigging all of that at the programming level might be a challenge ... but that's the basic functionality that I think we all wanted (and expected!) out of Group Fly. The reason why it doesn't work that way is because at the game mechanical level Group Fly is a PBAoE that can (and often is) subject to differentials in Flight enhancement values for different $Targets affected by the power, causing them to fly at different speeds (Swift is merely one of the causes for this). When flight speeds are different, you can't maintain a flight formation and hold positions relative to each other while in motion. You wind up being limited to needing to fly at the speed of the slowest flier (who is often NOT the caster!) and then put everyone on Follow for whoever is Not The Caster so as to not have PCs and NPCs affected by the power falling behind (and falling out of the sky). The way the power was structured from game launch is just too ... clunky ... to function elegantly in the way that people WANT to use the power. The practical upshot is that Group Fly winds up only being "useful" in a STATIC context, where you need to keep multiple people off the ground but stay in the same place for a while (Hamidon Green Mitos anyone?) but the power is next to useless for actually "towing" an entire team through the sky anywhere (like, say ... the Shadow Shard?).
  13. That's difficult to do when the guy with this avatar keeps claiming that I was advocating for the position articulated by the guy with this avatar and the first guy refuses all attempts to correct the error of his attribution. I challenge to either quote (without edits) where I ACTUALLY WROTE THAT ... or failing finding that in the record of the thread, offer an apology for attributing responsibility to the Red avatar something said by the Green avatar. And just in case it will help, my position has consistently been that altering the T1 power to enable it to light the Oil Slick created by the T8 power, via adding an Energy DoT to the T1 power that already EXISTS in the game(!) in a proliferated version of the powerset, is a desirable outcome that will resolve ONE of the problems with how Trick Arrows powers synergize internally within the powerset.
  14. Currently Level 12 in Praetoria ... Short answer ... FLEXIBLE ... depending on what the situation calls for.
  15. Redlynne

    Time/water help :-)

    DEPENDS ... First of all, if you attack $Targets with Knock Protections (Cimerorans) that tactic won't work the way you're thinking it might. I'd rather rely on -ToHit combined with +Defense to achieve the necessary NO GET HITSU!! you'd need to "neutralize" an alpha strike and that you'd want to use Knock as the "backup plan" for that, rather than the primary plan for how to mitigate that incoming damage.
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