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  1. You might be interested in looking at my Gravity/Time build and then porting the Gravity side of things into your Gravity/Force Field build. The only reason to slot recharge into Singularity is so that you can (re)summon faster. Recharge will have no affect on how quickly Singularity can use abilities. If you're going to slot Singularity AT ALL for increased control, use an HO ... not an IO. I use this: Level 32: Singularity (A) HamiO: Endoplasm Exposure (+2 Acc/Mez) (33) Expedient Reinforcement - Damage/Endurance: Level 31 (33) Expedient Reinforcement - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge: Level 31 (33) Expedient Reinforcement - Endurance/Damage/Recharge: Level 31 (34) Expedient Reinforcement - Resist Bonus Aura for Pets: Level 30 (34) Sovereign Right - Resistance Bonus: Level 25 The reason for this combination is that it yields a relatively balanced Acc/Dam/End enhancement mix along with 2 bonus resistance procs when Singularity is within 60ft of you (basically Mastermind Supremacy radius) to make Singularity even more of a tank for you. However, it's the HO slotted in that increases BOTH the Immobilize AND the Hold durations on the powers that Singularity uses to attack with (Crush, Lift and Gravity Distortion). My preference for the Energy Font is to do this: Level 26: Wormhole Overpowering Presence - Accuracy/Confused/Hold/Immobilized/Sleep/Stunned/Terrorized: Level 27 Overpowering Presence - Confused/Hold/Immobilized/Sleep/Stunned/Terrorized/RechargeTime: Level 27 Overpowering Presence - Accuracy/Confused/Hold/Immobilized/Sleep/Stunned/Terrorized/Endurance: Level 27 Overpowering Presence - Accuracy/Confused/Hold/Immobilized/Sleep/Stunned/Terrorized/Endurance/RechargeTime: Level 27 Overpowering Presence - RechargeTime/Energy Font: Level 27 Sudden Acceleration - Knockback to Knockdown: Level 21 That combination creates a Wormhole power that has a Stun duration longer than the recharge time (in the context of the rest of the build) and which will spawn Energy Fonts upon use (to layer on even more Stun power). The alternative that a lot of people use is to put the Energy Font proc into the AoE Immobilize power, since using that on groups will often times spawn an Energy Font Pet. The reason I don't is because I'd prefer to have a "perma" Wormhole and because the AoE Immobilize power is just such a ridiculous endurance hog of a power that it'll drain your blue bar empty in almost no time flat if you spam it every time it recharges and because it's only an Immobilize that does a token DoT of damage (preventing Sleep and so on from working). So even though I have the AoE Immobilize power in my build, I rarely use it (except when the situation calls for it) ... whereas with Wormhole, there's simply no good reason NOT to use Wormhole as often as possible every chance you get.
  2. Is it better efficiency through laziness ... or better laziness through efficiency ... I can never remember.
  3. I just put all 3 into Health and have done with it.
  4. Which is why you use Bullet Time with your Ninjas ... 😎 Remember kids: Guns don't kill people. SWORDS KILL PEOPLE!!!
  5. Can you imagine what the game would be like if you could DEFEAT a $Target by draining its Green Bar -OR- its Blue Bar to zero ... not just the Green Bar to zero?
  6. You're playing a LAN party at a con and really having a lot of fun! You think it might be a little bit past midnight, maybe 1 am ... ... and then somewhere behind you someone incredulously gasps, "My god, is that the Sun?" ... because, of course it is ... and the Sun is completely above the horizon already. This actually happened to me at Project A-Kon 5, and the game being played was DOOM 2 ... and my kill count was consistently higher than the other 2 players on the LAN combined (we only had 3 computers on the LAN).
  7. We don't need an app to download ... we need a web page that does the job online that we can link to for forum posts.
  8. I've had far too many experiences where I've "dinged" a Level and now the Contact is pushing me onwards to the next Contact and won't let me finish the arc. The Contacts will only talk to you if your Level (determined by XP) is within their range. It doesn't matter if you've failed to go to a Trainer to pick new powers/slots or not. So yes, if you want to be a completionist while still in Praetoria, you will need to disable XP gains. The need to do so on a Stalker might be lower than for all other archetypes (who have to fight to clear maps to reach objectives while Stalkers can just "ninja" past everything to the end room/boss, but even then it's wise to be prepared to disable XP gains at level breakpoints until you're ready to advance to the next zone.
  9. I keep trying to warn people away from Ninja/TA ... but sometimes people just have to directly experience the awfulness in order to comprehend it for themselves. Thanks for the recommendation on the build though. There's a LOT in there that I discovered/found that I hadn't been expecting, hence why the ... preamble ... to the build itself is so involved (and I would like to think, inspirational, once it is completely read and the implications understood). Yeah. Time Manipulation just fills in way too many of the "gaps" that Ninjas have simultaneously and thus making them actually "viable" if not exactly maximal top tier. The difference in survivability (Ninjas weak point!) is simply too great to ignore/pass over.
  10. That's because Pets are buffed by Tactics, so they "count" for chances to proc. A team of 8 Masterminds, each with 6 Pets (minimum) who stick together (so they're all in range) would be affecting 56 (friendly) $Targets ... giving 56 opportunities to proc the Gaussian's Build Up every 10 second interval ... Of course, under those circumstances (an all Mastermind team) you'd want to have some personal attacks to boost, otherwise you're wasting the Build Up proc on yourself (only) with no damaging powers of your own to take advantage of the Build Up buff ...
  11. I was just thinking in terms of if you want to deal with mobs in a more sequential fashion than in parallel. But yeah, that's more of a solo play style option than a group friendly (let alone herd friendly) way to play if slotting the Stupefy proc.
  12. This is the slotting I use for Dehydrate ... and it WORKS really well at 3 stacks of Tidal Power. Alternatively you can use Dehydrate at 2 stacks of Tidal Power (in order to get to 3) and then do Water Jet for the double tap. Level 12: Dehydrate Theft of Essence - Healing: Level 27 Theft of Essence - Accuracy/Healing: Level 27 Theft of Essence - Accuracy/Endurance/Healing: Level 27 Theft of Essence - Accuracy/Endurance/Recharge: Level 27 Theft of Essence - Chance for +Endurance: Level 10 Touch of the Nictus - Chance for Negative Energy Damage: Level 30
  13. I've never noticed an emote/visual FX/sound FX happen when Gaussian's procs telling you that the proc happened. Buff icon yes, other cues no.
  14. Disrupt for Stalkers Yuckers. A toggle with a 4s activation interval attempting to proc a 3.5 PPM Mag 2 Immobilize ... which theoretically is only useful against Minions ... PPM * 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + Radius * (11 * Arc + 540) / 30,000))) = Proc Chance 3.5 * 10 / (60 * (0.25 + 0.75 * (1 + 8 * (11 * 360 + 540) / 30,000))) = 30.70% Probably the biggest problem you've got here is the slow activation interval which means that for all practical purposes you're only rolling the dice for a proc every 12s instead of 10s due to the timing of the activations. Unless you're stacking it with another Immobilize of some kind, it's only going to keep Minions near you (and there can't be too much of a level difference between you either). Ironically, you might be better off using a Stupefy proc (for the Mag 6 Knockback) in order to play "keep away" from your Stalker if you want to play Anti-Tank.
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