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  1. Well ... it was good in the early Issues (the Taxibots of Virtue wouldn't have been able to do what they did without it!) but it has since been made obsolete by Assemble the Team from the P2W vendor, among other options (such as Warshades). It was also more relevant before all the trams, ferries and other navigation option consolidations took place (yellow line vs green line in Paragon City anyone?). Just about the only zones that are "too big" for the base range on Recall Friend are Independence Port and the Shadow Shard zones. Ironically, Ninja Run+Sprint helped make Recall Friend more of a niche convenience power than usual, since with Ninja Run+Sprint practically everyone can run around at 60 mph using One Slot Wonder powers that don't even need to take up a power pick at level up. So it's not as if Recall Friend got worse, it's just that everything else around it got better while Recall Friend remained "stuck" where it started (and thus fell behind the curve). It's still a good choice for Stalkers who like to "ninja" missions to the end objective and then pull in everyone into a secluded spot to attack the Load Bearing Boss of the mission without needing to resort to long recharge time veteran or "freebie" powers like Assemble the Team (AtT) obtained from the P2W vendor. It's also good for PCs who might need to rez others, especially if they have Vengeance from the Leadership pool. This is a decent proposal for what (if anything) ought to be done to buff Recall Friend. Perhaps not as simple, but similarly useful would be to do something akin to Momentum buffing for Recall Friend ... such that the FIRST Recall Friend takes the full animation time, but if you cast Recall Friend again within ... oh, I dunno ... 10-15 seconds or so, it'll animate faster (half the time?) so as to be able to assemble groups one-by-one faster. Slightly more complicated than just a straight up animation time reduction every time it's cast, but it would also give Recall Friend a little bit more "character" when used to give it a first time slow/next times faster animation speed, as if your PC is getting "warmed up" to teleport everyone you're moving in quick succession. I REALLY don't like that option, because there are times when you'll want to put different members of the team in different places (Cavern of Transcendence Trial, for example) rather than just pulling everyone together in one spot. Now I COULD get behind a 2-for-1 power combo akin to Mystic Flight where the "main" power is Recall Friend and that for 6 seconds after you've used Recall Friend you have access to an Assemble the Team "second" power so as to bring EVERYONE in as an "alternate mode" of Recall Friend after teleporting the first friend in order to enable the "recall everyone" option. THAT would be something I can support. Recall Friend (single target) enables use of Recall Friends (entire team) for 6 seconds ... so first you bring one, then you bring the rest of them all at once. Just use the existing Recall Friend animation for both powers (with the long 6 second windup animation) and call it good. Teleport Foe ought to receive the Wormhole treatment, and proliferate the change to the Warshade equivalent power (which is just a copy/paste of Teleport Foe with a name and FX swap). Make the power a base 90% Accuracy (so a 1.2 mod value) and Alert Foes Never to make it aggro-less. Add a short duration Stun to the power (I'm thinking like 3 seconds) which can be enhanced with Stun IOs and Stun sets (including Stupefy proc for KB on arrival comedy). Increase the Teleport MAG from 2.1 to 2.7, so it will teleport Lieutenants of higher Level than your PC, but still won't teleport Bosses on up (unless you outlevel them somewhat markedly). Optionally, you could also add a Perception Debuff for a short duration after the $Target has been teleported, instead of a Stun effect (thereby removing the excuse for slotting Stun enhancements/sets), to represent a "disorientation" behavior where the $Target isn't perfectly aware of their surroundings following arrival at their destination and need a few seconds to take stock of their surroundings before noticing "everything" they need to know about where they are Now™. That ought to suffice. For Teleport itself, as a travel power, perhaps it could be inverted from how Mystic Flight works. Mystic Flight offers a Fly power (that can be enhanced), which when engaged enables access to a Teleport (which can't be enhanced). Do that in reverse for Teleport. Teleport offers a Teleport (self) power that when cast will automatically toggle on a Hover (self only) sub power which will automatically toggle off within 4 seconds after use of Teleport. Just for ease of explaining, let's call this (temp) Hover effect (to self only) ... Soft Landing. So you Teleport, and upon arrival at your destination Soft Landing is automatically toggled on for 4s. This arrangement would then allow you to simply edit your keybinds in the following manner. If using W as the "go forward" keybind, the standard keybind looks like this: W "+forward" You could then edit that keybind on a character with the Teleport+Soft Landing pool power to make use of this modification to the movement keybind: W "toggleoff Soft Landing$$+forward" What this syntax would do is toggleoff the Soft Landing power automagically any time you click the W key to move. The +forward means that while the key is held down, your PC will continue moving forwards. What this combination then provides is a way to access the desired "Hover until cancelled by attempt to move" functionality that we've been wanting. You could easily add the toggleoff function to ALL of a character's keybinds and have everything set up as a reference bindloadfile of modified keybinds posted in the Guides Forum for ease of use and "installation" onto any given character, making personalized edits for different keybind layouts much simpler for people to adapt and implement on their own. THAT would seem to be something which is eminently doable using existing tech and game mechanics, no need for additional animations required. By making the Hover "feature" of Teleport a "linked" secondary power that will automatically toggle off after a few seconds, but which can be toggled off directly by Player command, you "solve" a lot of the Teleport Tar problems involved in trying to make a One Size Fits All solution for everyone. If anything, I'd argue that Team Teleport is the "solution in search of a problem" power. This power really really REALLY doesn't lend itself to common useful applications, except MAYBE for Masterminds (and even then, not really). Ideally speaking, if Team Teleport were replaced with a sort of pool version of a Judgement power so as to deliver a melee attack to $Targets in a Cone in front of the caster, that would suffice. Long Range Teleport is basically a Tram/Ferry/Portal from anywhere kind of power. It's pretty much fine as is.
  2. What's up with the Complete Holding Area 100% in Island Rum then proceeding to promptly DO NOTHING discernable for a long time (until you quit the client, basically). Weirdly enough, I can command Island Rum to do a Rescan, and it will then not only "find" my installation of the game client but allow me to launch it and play it. So there's a workaround for the Complete Holding Area 100% dead end trap, but it makes remarkably little sense. @Manga?
  3. They can if they're using the correct build planner app. Yours shows an outdated app, so no wonder the file didn't parse correctly for you.
  4. Try using: /bindloadfile "./binds/PB.txt" After the latest round of Island Rum/Tequila updates to the CoH client system, I found I needed to update how I referenced all of my bind files for loading. Previously, I needed to use absolute pathnames (starting with drive letter all the way through .txt), but after the updates to the 64-bit enabled launcher(s) and client(s) all my bindloadfile commands broke, just like you described. Switching to the above relative file pathname syntax solved that problem for me.
  5. Now you're just being (deliberately?) obtuse. The order that the powers can be taken is ... and I quote myself ... A WELL ESTABLISHED PRECEDENT ... unquote. Overturning a well established precedent like that violates the spirit of the Cottage Rule as established by the Cryptic/Paragon Studios Devs (Castle in particular). If your response to that is a shrug and a "so what?" then there is nothing to be gained by trying to educate you on how you have entirely missed the point (and the forest for the trees?).
  6. That doesn't describe what's happening in the T1/T2 swap. The only set that could possibly be a cottage rule violation for is Titan Weapons, and it's exempt from the change. You say that changing the ordering of which powers can be acquired when does not break well established precedent. I say it does. Your move.
  7. Um ... if that's the problem ... why are you increasing the base endurance? Why aren't you just reducing the endurance costs of all Tanker Secondary attack powers across the board? I mean, if the balance point you're chasing is doing 75% of the throughput of a Scrapper, shouldn't the powers be costing a Tanker 75% of the endurance that a Scrapper has to pay to use those same powers? Wouldn't that be a better balance point to chase than simply increasing base endurance by +20% (and all of the knock on effects that has for endurance recovery)?
  8. Flight enhancement only increases the flight speed, not the duration of the buff that makes flight "happen" to you.
  9. Or if they go AFK ... because ... There's Always One ...
  10. Because to some people, that's ALL that matters to them. If there isn't MOAR DAKKA being produced they turn up their noses, sniff disdainfully and begin working the refs complaining to the Devs while dogpiling into playing other Archetypes (or games).
  11. It's not the cottage rule... Cottage Rule
  12. Which is only an acceptable answer ... IF AND ONLY IF ... there is a "manual override" method available for cancelling that extended duration. Absent that "manual override" option ... suggestion declined.
  13. You're analyzing from a soloist perspective where the two effects are equivalent and therefore interchangeable with no discernable difference. Six of one versus half a dozen of the other. That calculus changes though as soon as you start looking at it in terms of Team-2 or more ... and the team context is actually what's more important here, because what a Tanker can "do" for a team is far more "relevant" in a team context than what they can do while solo. I say that because Taunt is pretty much irrelevant while solo (you get all the aggro by default) and only really becomes important in a team context. Now, we can argue over whether Bruising should stack or not. Spoiler alert, I'm of the opinion that it should ... because we know what happens when it doesn't. Imagine how the game would play if buffs/debuffs/mez effects for other Archetypes DID NOT STACK so that only the "biggest" effect mattered and everything else was rendered moot/irrelevant due to the lack of stacking. Yeah ... like that. Holds don't stack on Hamidon, so it sucks to be you! That kind of Gimped By Design game mechanical work is going to seep into the conventional wisdom™ regarding how many you "need" to bring to bear of a particular archetype. We can argue whether Bruising should be resistable and/or unresistable. I'm personally of the opinion that Bruising ought to be at least partially unresistable, so as to make the effect that much more relevant against "hard" targets such as AVs and GMs where it is most desperately needed, especially in Incarnate content. Getting the "tuning" right on that mix is a different question, one that ought to be subject to iterative playtesting, but that's the basic notion that I have. We can even argue over whether Bruising ought to be a Only $Target Hit kind of thing, or ought to be broadened out into more of a "Flanking" type of mechanic (rather than an explicit Bruising type) that is part of how Gauntlet works ... meaning whether or not the resistance debuffing ought to be seen as a product of being HIT or as a byproduct of being TAUNTED via punchvoke courtesy of Gauntlet. Spoiler alert, I'm thinking that making the Gauntlet function as a PBAoE effect (as opposed to Target AoE via pseudopet delivery mechanism or ugly UGLY code hacking) triggered by use of secondary attack powers by Tankers might be the way to go ... and that the PBAoE effect could be "broadened" into being something of a Taunt plus Resistance Debuff style of mez/debuff delivery concept. The mez would be the Taunt, while the debuff would be the Resistance debuff, all rolled into the same package. I'd even go so far as to advise that the Resistance debuff include not only lowering resistance to all of the 8 basic damage types (including Psionic, but not UNTYPED) but also debuffing Resistance against mez effects, thereby helping to increase their duration (and therefore their potential to stack "deeper" for increased total MAG through repeated casting). And then, if you're going to do all that ... instead of what's on proposal here ... I'm thinking it would be a good idea to include those Resistance (ALL!!) debuffing effects into the ranged Tanker Taunt power in each secondary so that you can apply those same "flanking" debuffs at a distance while drawing $Targets towards you (by getting and holding their attention via Taunt and Range debuffing) ... and if those debuffs all STACK from different powers (up to a limit) and from different casters (NO LIMIT) then you'll have a very different design concept that isn't stepping on the toes of either Scrappers or Brutes or even Defenders/Controllers ... because ... the Tanker "brings something to the party" that no one else can "do" in quite the same way. Anyone and everyone can "bring damage" to the party. Scrappers and Brutes just happen to do that "better than other archetypes" ... as do Blasters (when they don't pull aggro for doing it). But being a Force Multiplier? That's something that I'm of the decided opinion that Tankers OUGHT TO be doing and allowed(!) to be doing. The fact that Tankers HAVEN'T been allowed to function as force multipliers, except as aggro magnets (so others can do their things in relative safety), is an inherent game mechanical design flaw that has never been properly addressed. In other words, I'm of the opinion that Tankers ought to make EVERYONE AROUND THEM (including themselves!) BETTER at whatever they do ... rather than just getting a buff to (self only) melee damage at the expense of everyone else that they team up with. But obviously I'm in the minority when it comes to holding that opinion/perspective. Far more people just want to play MOAR DAKKA! and watch Big Numbers™ smoke off their $Targets on screen, because that feeds their power trip fantasies so much more easily.
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