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  1. You have found a reason to use Teleport ...
  2. Redlynne

    Kinetic Melee

    Try Energy Aura or Willpower paired with Kinetic Melee. You can thank me later.
  3. My sincere wish for Serum (for the Mastermind) would be that it becomes a 300s duration on a 300s recharge power that instead applies a Grant Power effect to the Medic ... so that it's the Medic who is handing out the Serum to all the Mercenaries to buff them (think Protector Bots and their Force Field bubbles). That way, it's kind of a "Medic Approved" buff to all of your Mercenaries that is doled out by your Medic along with the Stimulant and so on. That way, it's relatively fire and forget for the Player to deal with. You basically just delegate the distribution of the Serum to your Medic to give to all the Soldiers, Spec Ops and Commando.
  4. Mew C M Say it out loud to get the verbal pun that isn't obvious enough when it's in writing...
  5. It's a major stretch for me to reach that interpretation. If you hadn't mentioned it, that isn't what I would have been seeing.
  6. That usually means App Store if doing it as a standalone app. Just use the web version on your iPhone. So long as Safari can deal with it, you'll have it available for iPhone ...
  7. It's a huge wall of text because ... well ... there's a lot to unpack and explain if you want to figure out what I do (and why) so as to adapt the scheme to your own purposes. So the RTFM factor is kind of unavoidable, but I'd like to think that I give enough info to reverse engineer what I'm doing so that you can convert what you need to your own Mastermind. 💪
  8. The real problem with Mercenaries is that it was probably the FIRST Mastermind powerset that was built. Full stop. That means that what Cryptic Studios had "available" for being repurposed into the Mercenaries themselves was OLD LEGACY powers that had been used by Assault Rifle for Blasters and were basically the Tommygun attack powers used by a lot of Family and Mooks NPCs. Later on, Assault Rifle for Blasters (and Defenders, eventually) got a "tune up" to be less stupid with their animation times and recharge and so on ... but that update to the tuning of powers never extended to Mercenaries, which had to (polite cough) ... soldier on ... (ahem!) with their poor game design after everything else that came after them were designed much better. So the Mercs' attack powers are all OLD LEGACY powers that were meant for NPCs, where no one is going to mind if they underperform which have never been given a balancing pass to bring them up to par with the rest of the Mastermind primaries. In other words, the real problem with Mercenaries can basically laid at the feet of being first NEVER getting adjusted to match everyone else ... leaving them stuck with obsolete antiquated terrible attack powers that work "fine" for Foe NPCs (who tend to be more numerous so as to "make it up in volume" for their lack of individual firepower) but which land on absolutely abysmal breakpoints (that all break unfavorably away from Mercenaries being useful/effective in combat) ... and they have never even once received a balance pass to bring them up to snuff. Cryptic Studios never did it. Paragon Studios never did it. ... and now it's up to Homecoming to finally get around to doing it when they can find the ever scarce resource of Developer Time™ to do it. Personally speaking, I'm of the opinion that twiddling some of the recharge times on the OLD LEGACY obsolete powers along with basically DOUBLING the base damage of every damaging power that Mercenaries have(!) ought to be sufficient to bring them up to par with the other Mastermind primary powersets. That way, you would only be editing the excel spreadsheet parameters that govern what they're "allowed to do" rather than trying to reprogram all of their animations and deal with the huge can of worm that THAT would open for things to start breaking all over the place. Yes, it would mean that the OLD LEGACY obsolete animations would be kept, but at least they wouldn't all be AS SUBSTANDARD as they currently are. Point being, if you can "better balance" the animation to recharge times for the Mercenaries attack powers, so as to reduce idle time waiting for attacks to finish recharging, while simultaneously increasing the damage that each power delivers ... that then would cause a marked enough improvement in the damage output of Mercenaries to keep them from gnawing a hole through the bottom of the barrel like they've been doing ever since the release of City of Villains. After that, you basically just need to fix Serum into not being a Joke/Trap power that's a complete and utter waste of a power pick ... and you'll be good to go. I'm thinking that would be the simplest, cheapest and perhaps most effective way to "fix" Mercenaries so they aren't weighed down as badly by the legacy of their abysmally bad game design parameters that they got stuck with in the first place which have NEVER BEEN MOVED. Is it a "perfect" solution? No. Would it be an "adequate" solution? I'd like to think it would be ...
  9. Actually, you might want to instead create a thread in which the only purpose for people to post in it on the forums here is to file requests for Club delete actions by the creators of those Clubs. That way you've got an easy to access (and public) record in writing of the requests to. Think of it as being akin to the Report Typos thread, in that it's a repository for actions that need to be taken at some point (although not instantly).
  10. One thing that I think ALL OF US WANT for the web version is ... being able to link to the build via URL. Ideally speaking, if you've got the URL with the code hash built into the URL, the web version will just parse the URL into the build and pull up the completed build for you when going to the link. Kind of like how this works (although obviously a LOT more complicated!) ... LINK Basic idea here is that all you need to do is open the URL in a separate tab and you can view the build and flip back and forth to whatever post you're reading that references that build via that link which includes the necessary code hash to reconstruct the build on the web based planner.
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