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Default Resting Pose


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A minor QOL change, but it would be nice....


Currently, the resting pose of my heroes varies from the standard "crouching over like my back is broken" pose, to the villainous "looking around furtively" pose ( that

better belongs on red side ).   I would personally prefer to just be standing there (which I can get to by popping an inspiration - but I'd rather not have to waste one).


Suggestion:  Provide a drop down option in the costume editor screens to define which non-combat pose your character defaults to.


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The "just standing there" pose (shifting from arms crossed over the chest to hands down and slightly out from the sides) is the default pause of all characters.  A few powers put you into different idle animations, including Tough and Weave, and they replay after you zone in.  If you don't move after activating those powers/zoning in, you will end up with a different idle animation, but you can break that animation just by stepping forward.


Beast Run and Ninja Run force you into a different idle animation as long as they are active, but deactivating the powers should bring you out of those animations and back to what I think you prefer, the standard idle animation.


Finally, there are emotes that will leave you in a different idle animation after using the emotes.  Again, stepping forward one step will break those idles and restore the default one.

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