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Energy Mastery Scrapper Epic Pool


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Not set in stone...


Power Blast

Sniper Blast

Superior Conditioning

Physical Perfection

Focused Accuracy


...the suggestion is just to give Scrappers an Epic that gives them Power Blast/Sniper Blast (or just Power Blast).  An energy blast range attack that doesn't look like lightning and doesn't come from the eyes.


Seeing as how Darkness Mastery and Soul Mastery have overlap, I figure nothing wrong with this set possibly having overlap with others as well.

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13 hours ago, Razor Cure said:

They already have teh last 3 powers though. Also darkness and soul are an ancillary/patron pool. Body Mastery is too similar too this..and all the patrons are done.


I just put in place holders.


However, Dark Blast is repeated and Focused Accuracy and Targeting Drone are the same power with a different visual effect.


Like the original post said, however, was I was trying to get access to Power Blast and/or Sniper Blast, so Scrapper would have an Epic Pool that gave an energy blast that wasn't electric aesthetics or from the eyes.

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