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Scaling resist on SR tankers


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Took my Super Reflexes tanker out, flew to the top of the sky, fell. Had to do it again because falling damage is less than I remember.

On the ground, flashing red, I looked at my display: 61% lethal resist. I have 3% right now from something or other, and I might have regenerated a little before the display updated, so that shows that scaling resistance on Tankers probably caps out at 60%, which as I recall is the scaling resist cap for a scrapper.

That means that under more circumstances, it's probably closer to 30%.

60% is a nice layer of resistance for a scrapper. 30% is even a handy bonus for a scrapper suddenly stripped of defense.

It's not so good on a tanker who has a higher resist cap.

SR is regularly described as bad at tanking; defense can still be stripped or bypassed by very common things, and SR doesn't have the reliable healing of many other sets. SR has resistance to defense debuff, but tankers get hit by a larger volume of attacks that contain the debuffs. Could that number maybe get bumped upward? If it capped at 80%, at 50% health it would be 45% resistance. SR doesn't have a heal or a maxHP boost, so the layers are important.

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SR has options to be sturdier:

Shield Wall +5% res

Reactive Defenses +3% res (also climbs on low life, so ~+10% when low on life)

Tough +24% S/L res

Superior Might of the Tanker +6% S/L/T/P res

Superior Might of the Tanker proc +6-18% res
Superior Gauntleted Fist +6% S/L/F/C/E/N res


Getting all of that, SR tankers hit the S/L cap with ease and get pretty close against everything else once their life gets low enough.

Also, SR is virtually invulnerable to defense debuffs. Doesn't matter how many you get hit with. If you get and slot all your powers, cascading failure cannot happen. Monitor your defense with combat attributes and see.

The one thing I would love SR to get is the Master Brawler option like Sentinels get, but on Tankers this isn't even necessary as the Gauntleted Fist proc gives them healthy amounts of absorb.

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You'd also have to take into consideration that it's a scale based on a percentage of your health.  Scrappers have much less health than a Tanker thus has less opportunity to actually utilize that resistance especially if they take a large chunk of damage quickly while the Tanker could take the same hit and still be left with over 20% HP.


So basically, the Tanker's HP and HP cap give them a smoother scale for their resistance and for ATs with less HP, that effective scale will spike with narry a couple of pot shots left in them.

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