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  1. Oh GOD no. That's how it was on Live for several issues and it made the power all but unplayable. You'd hit a spot of lag, fall, hit a rooftop and start whooshing in a random direction, then you'd keep dropping and flying through the air and pinballing through everything.
  2. Power slide as an alternate for Super Speed. "Only when travel powers are active" as an option for Path Auras. Ability to change the colors for Shields:Elemental:Dark and Shields:Elemental:Ice Non-breakdance Staff animation for the PBAOE. Fire Melee, Ice Melee, Psionic Melee: Sword options for powers that don't use a sword. Non-sword options for powers that use a sword. Stone Melee: Hammer options for non-hammer powers, non-hammer options for hammer powers. "Alter all costume slots" function for modifying power FX, because it's annoying having to change all my costumes one... at... a... time... to get the glowing hands or the white haze to go away when I first pick CJ or Haste or something that I couldn't customize in character generation. If I adjust the colors on one of my Ionic Judgement, just assume I want those colors on every future Ionic Judgement by default. Same for all Incarnate powers. Variant Quills and Fire Aura that don't have a visual/auditory pulse. Just a ring of fire or a glint off the quills, maybe. Titan Weapons: Carnival Mace.
  3. Building a psychic themed character. I want to use Titan Weapon, because it's fun and I don't want to gum robots helplessly again, but that leaves defensive sets. Being a psychic themed character, I don't want a Psychic damage hole. I can deal with having a damage hole somewhere, just as long as turning the corner to see a mass of psychic damage enemies makes me go "Oh good, my defenses are GREAT against THESE. Stand back, brickyman, I've got this and I don't want you getting your brain melted." What are some good solid powersets to achieve that?
  4. So.. It's late November. Does anybody have any idea when presents will appear yet?
  5. Yes, and there's already a Candy Keeper in Atlas Park. But I don't know when the presents and so on start appearing.
  6. If nothing else, they have to make way for the Valentine's event. Personally I'd like mid-December to mid-January, but I just need to know how many parts to break the AE plot I'm running into, since I have to schedule them. I want to end it with a blow out where the villains open the way for the Winter Lord, which of course is best done the day before presents start popping up.
  7. Does anyone know what's planned for the Winter event and when it's going to start? I want to set up a plot that peaks the day before it starts.
  8. Not sure how much this affects, but.. I made an AE mission with Winter Horde in it because that character's backstory is linked to them. When I turn up the difficulty, the Winter Beast (Boss) mobs cap at 50. The named boss (Winter Beast, but with a name) , minions and LT's spawn at the normal level for settings. Probably not a huge deal, but might be worth taking a look at before winter.
  9. Mids seems to have decided that every version of my main's build I can find is a Kinetics Manipulation Buff-debuff/Ice Armor Scrapper. Suggestions?
  10. Could someone add "Sliding" to alt animations for Superspeed? Just copy the animation from Prestige Power Slide. If you're really feeling your oats, you could put some path auras in it.
  11. Took my Super Reflexes tanker out, flew to the top of the sky, fell. Had to do it again because falling damage is less than I remember. On the ground, flashing red, I looked at my display: 61% lethal resist. I have 3% right now from something or other, and I might have regenerated a little before the display updated, so that shows that scaling resistance on Tankers probably caps out at 60%, which as I recall is the scaling resist cap for a scrapper. That means that under more circumstances, it's probably closer to 30%. 60% is a nice layer of resistance for a scrapper. 30% is even a handy bonus for a scrapper suddenly stripped of defense. It's not so good on a tanker who has a higher resist cap. SR is regularly described as bad at tanking; defense can still be stripped or bypassed by very common things, and SR doesn't have the reliable healing of many other sets. SR has resistance to defense debuff, but tankers get hit by a larger volume of attacks that contain the debuffs. Could that number maybe get bumped upward? If it capped at 80%, at 50% health it would be 45% resistance. SR doesn't have a heal or a maxHP boost, so the layers are important.
  12. The issue was always that Brutes demand (and have) the ability to suck aggro off the Tank to fuel their DPS. This spreads aggro WIDER so that you don't get to be the tank with barely any aggro and inferior DPS in all cases.
  13. Ooh, this makes tanks a good AOE option because of being able to hit more things. Brute hits hard, tank hits wide. Brutes remain a DPS, for hard targets, tanks deal with minions. 
  14. Is there any reason to explain the high endurance cost of Stealth now that Invisibility's cost is reduced? The stealthiness seems on par with say, the immobilization protect of Combat Jumping.
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