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Grav/earth question


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I have a 50 Grav/Earth dom. Thematically it’s great. Now i’m 50 and trying to set up my build. I’ve had trouble. Deciding how i want to play him. I stay alive if i stay ranged and smah stuff from far off. But earth has some huge melee attacks. But then i get close and a KO can happen very quick. Not sure what i should do. Or if i can build for both. Any thoughts?

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9 hours ago, Tater Todd said:

I would focus on your controls first in dicey situations like that.  Make sure everything is locked down and then you can go to town.  One thing about /Earth is the fact it's so scrappy feeling so it's easy to get lost in the flow of battle. 

QFT.  May I also add, /Earth adds some soft control to the fight with the KB/KD but be sure to focus on those after you have your lockdowns in order.  They certainly come in handy when IO’s have been applied and you can keep your foes down and really add some power to your punches.  You’ll be getting a lot of enemy aggroe as is...don’t piss off the bees before you smoke them first.

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