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Question about atomic power side effects


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In the Mids description of several Atomic powers it talks about applying a positive or negative charge to the target.


Also, the effects tab for the same powers provide show a mag 3 confusion and mag 2 KB in the right column, where as the left column shows holds and sub one KB. The description of the power lists KD, not KB.


Since, the paragon wiki has no information on Atomic and I have not been able to find a description in the forum.


Does anyone know if and how this charging effect works? 

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Sub one KB IS KD.


(From the power description): "Many of your powers have the ability to surround your targets with negatrons or positrons. Should you combine both of these in a single target, it will result in Electron-Positron annihilation producing a burst of Gamma Rays which will inflict a small amount of damage, in addition to debuff the target's damage output and accuracy. Enemies also have a small chance of being stunned or confused. "

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