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  1. Why? It works pretty well, and is a seriously good farmer, for a blaster. It takes a careful attack chain and some decent macros, but when done right I'd take it over a fire/fire. If you need help with the build and macros, I'd be happy to share. It's not as powerful in a team, but soloing +3/8 content it's a beast. DP works best close to point blank range, and MC has a lot of serious point blank buff action. They are very synergistic, and more powerful than the sum of their parts. I am betting when they made MC they had DP in mind, because there are almost TOO many synergies. Edit-ouch. you were talking about Ninja, not MC. My bust. Hmm... Ninja seems to have some nice synergies too. I will have to look into this.
  2. I don't think it's particularly light, DPS wise, but it is light DPA wise, which matters to blasters and stalkers. The thing is, it's a mitigation-heavy set... and not a crappy late mitigation like electric blast, either. It has a lot of fast aoe for cleaning out minions and luts quickly (which doesn't need 1200+ nuke numbers) but it is a little lighter on delivering ST damage quickly. But when you consider that it has 3 forms of mitigation potential on EVERY attack (-rech, -damage, KB) which you can switch between easily, I sort of understand where it's coming from DPA-wise. My only successful blaster farmer is a DP/time, where much 'harder hitting' sets fail utterly to deliver....and I think it's because I freely swap ammo types to layer as much mitigation while I am farming as I can. I look at swap ammo buffs as "Yes, I'd like", but I am not going to be disappointed if they say 'no'.
  3. It had about 70% of the circulation of Avengers in 2010, and 50% of the circulation of X-Men, at least according to Diamond. And unlike all those crappy 'Marvel Presents" and some of the nastier DC sidelines, Diamond wasn't forcing me to keep them on the shelves. They SOLD. Perhaps that is anecdotal, but when you rely on anecdotal evidence to pay your rent and keep food on the table, It seems to be pretty strong evidence. There's a reason comic stores are going out of business. I think it is half MCU, but the other half is the fact that Diamond is singlehandedly keeping the Big Two alive by stealing money from small business owners by forcing us to carry 'diversity' titles instead of just selling the comics that are GOOD and popular... of which there are very few left, and have been few since about '98. That's why they made a movie. Regardless of what Diamond reports as 'title sales', someone out there knew what people actually liked.
  4. I thought that The GOTG Arcs with Binary blew 'captain Marvel' out of the water... and Iron Man in GOTG was a lot cooler than he was with the Avengers. And Starlord's Dad was WAY cooler than EGO.
  5. There's this new thing where you go to a comic book shop, put money on the counter, and are expected to puzzle out those word-things in the balloons over the art's heads. It's been popular for a while. Star lord was already a popular character in 2010. I know I was reading GoTG then. Yes, it has nods to others as well, but you can easily tell the three fundamental influences. GOTG (Comic book), Equilibrium, and Wanted, with a hefty dose of robocop, some spaghetti western '3 amigos', and various random animes (even gundam/robotech swarm rockets are nodded at). And check out the old boards. Starlord was mentioned VERY frequently as a pistol-toting superhero, and was undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for the 'ammo swap' ability. I, personally, am VERY glad for the influence, I would simply prefer that it be a bit more pronounced with a bit LESS 'Equilibrium'. Unless you can think of another strong influence for swapping elemental ammunition? I love my "Robo the Kid" dp/temp toon, he's a complete badass who can s/l farm almost as fast as a brute and is always asked to be on teams when i log him in... but those big robot fists and gigantic hand cannons look kinda stupid doing ridiculous 'gun fu' moves. If there were alternative non-equilibrium moves, I would absolutely take them.
  6. You were looking at the first build. The last build (based on feedback) doesn't have Vengeance at all. So far it is working out pretty well in team incarnate content, and solo s/l farms. I could wish for higher s/l resistance, but it is what it is.
  7. It has s/l/e at cap, and if I go with flame mastery I lose scorp shield and 17% defense to all three. I didn't take ignite, for previously explained reasons.
  8. does anyone know the actual ppm of improved critical strikes?
  9. Oh they nodded to equilibrium also, clearly. But I despise combo sets, and I very much like DP. I think making it yet another crappy combo set would be an intensely bad idea... we have way too many already.
  10. That's exactly Right. Electric Blast needs some love. It's not 'power Creep' to want to bring it up to a level where it's an appealing alternative for modern IO builds. To be fair, even balancing the IO sets a little might help. I mean, there's accurate healing and accurate to-hit debuff... There is truly a Dearth of endurance modification options.
  11. ninjas and animals suck just as much as mercs, so it's not 'spectacularly bad' like electric blast.
  12. Well, let's face a simple fact. Dual pistols was designed, if not to exactly simulate, at least give a very strong nod to Starlord. The Idea of swapping ammos as a viable in-combat action is extremely appealing. Heck, if there was an 'air' swap ammo that gave several of it's attacks the chance to 'bounce', I'd absolutely use it, especially if it bounced outside of the aggro cap. Dual pistols IS a low damage set. Having the option to open with cold (for -rech, -dam, -speed) swap to toxic (minor -res, -def) and then follow up with fire or air (+damage, +targets) would not only be extremely fun and thematic, but it would avoid power creep because, in toto, the damage still wouldn't exceed that of a set like water, and would be a fun way to probe for enemy weknesses. As it stands right now, There's very little profit in switching out of fire other than a tiny hint of mitigation in ice and turning swap ammo off if you don't mind uncontrolled knockback. Especially when you consider that most pistols powers can easily slot -res already.
  13. Good for you. Remind me what your Electric Blaster's Name is again, So I can make sure not to invite you when I need a real blaster?
  14. So you skip a set-defining power that in essence replaces most set's biggest st attack outside of snipe, and declare that it's okay?
  15. I formed a proper argumnent, your motivation is simply highly suspect. WHY are you defending a set that is clearly broken for blasters? And I didn't say that it was GOOD for defenders, I implied strongly that it was less utterly broken. Electric Blast underperforms across all AT's, it's simply that defenders and corrupters have a method to leverage it's crappy secondary effect. And if you had actually read my post, I was pointing out that the initial developers had a mean streak, not the misguided fools defending electric blast. Way to skim for Drama, buddy. But if you would like all the OTHER examples I have found of Statesman's 'mean streak' I would be happy to oblige you. @Galaxy Brain I was referring to the old expression 'nerf monkeys'. Basically those who mindlessly peck at a million keyboards trying to make something work, and then when they never come up with Shakespeare's complete works they attempt to prevent anyone else from succeeding where they have failed.
  16. Why is it that there's always some monkey that takes it upon themselves to LIE and use words like 'objectively' to denote 'subjectively' every time anyone suggests a long-needed improvement? There's a lot of game both before and after level 50, sweetheart, and it's NOT that easy to softcap for most people.
  17. Yep, every once in a while you get KB instead of KD. This is a problem for brutes, because their taunt aura tends to keep mobs close. Scrapper mobs run and return constantly though, which is why farming is so much more of a problem... but extra occasional KB is no more of a problem than mobs occasionally running... It sucks, but scrappers are not great for aggro.That being said, however, Shockwave is an alpha breaker, not a chain staple. But then, this is for you. Even a hint of uncontrolled KB can make teams give you the stinkeye, especially if it's a boss. Let's fix it. Hmmm.... You know what? I am going to totally admit you have a point. It can complicate things. I don't worry about it on my claws/bio, but if you underslot shockwave with Apoc +5's and give it two procs you can slide both force feedback AND sudden acceleration in there. That frees up a slot that you can dump into focus for the +6 s/l resist bonus, and because of overcapping you have the leeway to reslot tough, Proton, and Alpha with Unbreakable Guard. That brings your s/l defense up to 39%, which, with decay, is softcap and slows down your reliance on your heal . It also cranks your energy/neg resist a bit higher and gives you slightly better end management. Thanks for the Ideas, it DOES make the build better, especially for exemplar teaming. I will admit it. I was thinking like Farmer. Kismet speeds up farming +4's a minor amount, but in normal and incarnate content it becomes slightly less important. How's this look? Creating a build is a collaborative effort 🙂 This one is getting tweaked until it screams. Thanks for the feedback to your feedback, It led to a better idea.
  18. Okay, I got bored and repurposed my claws/Bio Scrapper as a Claws/Rad, because the playstyle and strengths are actually very similar in the long run. There are a lot of play tips involved, so bear with me please, after the build. This build does NOT have hasten. It does not need it... Most of the single target attacks recycle so quickly than you can just sorta pick two you are fond of and cycle them with Follow-up and you are golden, and if you need to for exemplar purposes, you can easily swap CJ and slash or weave and slash to give yourself a heavier single target attack chain at 18/22. On Auto-powers: in teams, it is HARD to get an st attack off right in the beginning, with everyone throwing around AOE's. Also, mitigation support tends to be a lot better. In a team setting, I tend to put follow-up on auto so that I can race in and get that nice damage/accuracy buff right in the beginning, so I can follow up with an aoe and clear the stuff that the Blaster's aoe's left behind. Solo, however, mitigation is vastly more in my court and I have time to work my attack chain for maximum efficiency, so I put particle shielding on auto instead. When I am solo pushing the damage cap with reds, follow-up is sometimes just a waste of time. Spring Attack: I know it is an unpopular choice, but it allows you to put yourself right smack dab in the middle of a spawn without worrying about 'hang time' from stage-diving on packed mobs. It also is one of the two tools I use to utterly crack an Alpha, (The other being, obviously, shockwave) and, because of it's recharge time and aoe, it virtually guarantees a +100 10 second recharge boost every time you use it. Also, it's 'hero landing' which, while unpractical and murder on the knees, is incredibly cool. It also does a decent 250 damage right off the bat, which, when paired with almost guaranteed Knockdown, is a pretty good way to start a fight. Defense: Defense isn't capped, although it's pretty close. When paired with beta Decay's -5% to-hit, Stuff whiffs a LOT. You DO, however, have QUITE decent resists. The only thing you have to watch out for specifically is Rikti monkeys (and yes, the idiot clockworks in Unai Kemen's mission chain) and Seers. There's a hole, specifically, to ranged (not aoe) Psi attacks, and closing it would have meant too many cuts elsewhere. If you are going to face a horde of pure ranged psi characters that you cannot get into melee with, pop a purple. Or don't... ranged psi attacks don't tend to be that huge, and you have a LOT of regen, heal, and absorb. Your resistances are mostly sick, though, rubbing against the Scrapper Cap. Farming: The character isn't designed to Farm, although it can fire farm as easily as any character that lacks burn. That being said, though, everyone likes doing a little extra farming for recipes, loot, and especially vet level/incarnate rewards. This build can do it better than just about anyone that is not a dedicated fire farmer. Spin is SCREAMINGLY destructive, and you can play games with patrols that most fire farmers would be herding into a pack to deal with. There is a bit of -res, though, so expect about half the spawn to go running off and then running back if they survive your initial chain... but hey, that's what shockwave is for, right? Exemplar: Strike and Slash are literally the two best DPS attacks in the game. Even exemped down to level 8 you should still have access to both. You also keep access to spin and follow up, which provides more DPS than firey aura's burn. You keep your status protecting, You also have many powers at the earliest possible time to get them. Not much to tell other than that... It's the "Kitten Death from Above" build.
  19. Defensively, it looks fine. Your slotting is pretty normal. Offensively... well. This is all opinion, so please take it with a gigantic grain of salt and do not take it personally... You have overloaded Ground Zero. It is truly NOT a good attack. It is a decent defense debuff for it's recharge, and it's a decentachilles mule, but it's not worth slotting as a full-on attack. The PVP sets, UNLESS you PVP frequently, kinda suck. You should be slotting for better bonuses. Moonbeam is an absolutely Brutal attack. it's got fantastic DPA, if not so great DPS. It's worth slotting, and there are some decent set bonuses. Hasten, and claws.... let's just say that Rad has you covered defensively, you seldom need much from it save the occasional heal and regular usage of particle shielding. Both of which can be easily achieved without hasten, and claws... never needs it, it is a VERY fast set. The FF procs are based on your attack's recharge prior to global recharge bonuses. This, of course, is increased by placing them in aoe's...aoe procs have a smaller % chance to proc, but a much greater number of chances to roll against. Ideally, you want them in attacks that, prior to global recharge, are longer than 10 seconds. at longer than 30 seconds pre-global recharge, your chance is near 100%. Note that ppm is an AVERAGE around which proc chances are based... while FF bonuses do not stack, my testing has shown that each instance is a separate PPM pool, with 'double procs' wasted (you cannot get more than +100 rech at a time no matter how many powers proc) Meltdown is in a weird place. It's resistance bonus is...kinda useless at the point you have it available. It gives you a 40% damage buff, which is fairly nice, and a 30% rec buff which... to be honest is barely needed with claws being such a low-endurance set. Even though it is nearly crashless, you would probably get a better result hitting Follow up PLUS radiation therapy PLUS shockwave in the same cast time. Combat jumping is VASTLY more useful than Super Jump, unless you have some personal objection to P2W vendors. Beta Decay- Another reason you don't really need Hasten. It also 'feels' underslotted, as putting a little -to-hit in it will dramatically increase your survival at early levels, and provide a decent reason not to worry about getting over 35% defense except in rare circumstance. In fact, it kinda makes shadow meld a big old honking waste of a power. Have you considered willpower? Can you invest in a purple or a winter set? ONE winter set in a melee attack is absolutely worth it, and so would a single purple set. Tell you what. If you are cool with it, I'd like to take a crack at your build. I have played both claws and Rad armor a LOT (although only together as a Brute) but I like exemplar builds and would like to try a bit of a changed focus aimed at improving your damage, ditching the need for hasten, and improving your overall survivability with fewer 'oh crap' clicks that only refresh every couple of minutes. Also, if You are cool with it, also let me know your character's 'concept' in order to help pick choices to fit in your theme.
  20. You still don't get it. It is not the fact that the secondary effect is sub-par. It is not... It is simply TOO late of a secondary effect, especially for the price in damage you pay. Every other set that has mitigation, that effect takes place IMMEDIATELY to mitigate damage the moment it is cast. Late Mitigation works fine for constrollers or defenders who have other sources of mass mitigation. And every other set that has decidedly BETTER IMMEDIATE mitigation, also have considerably better Damage than Electric Blast. The point is that EB's damage, especially in the form of Thunderous Blast, is dramatically unbalanced for a Blaster set. and the excuse that it is the 'cost' of such mitigation when said mitigation will not help against and alpha, which is what kills blasters, absolutely does not hold any water. Thunderous Blast and VS are dramatically poor DPA and DPS compared to every other set. The rest of the set is 'lowest' damage scale, which is generally reserved for sets that have meaningful front-end mitigation and a seldom-resisted damage type, such as psi and Dark. And the electric soft control is piss poor and is also lower damage than many of the 'hard controls' in sets with strong mitigation. There is nothing wrong with having a set that is stronger in theme than it is in-game, but you should not have to put up with a set that is HUGELY under par for said theme. But between you and me, I have been poking around in rarely noticed areas long enough to notice that The original Devs often displayed a mean streak. Electric Blast is clear evidence of that mean streak. And your apologism isn't helping anyone.
  21. Because you do not play other sets and thus have no basis for comparison. It's like eating nothing but Horse manure all your life... You don't understand that food is not supposed to taste like that. And if you DO claim to play other sets and do not recognize Electric's underperforming nature, then I smell a bit more horse manure.
  22. I think that the only thing DP really needs is better ammo buffs. Fire is fine as it is. Ice should provide a minor slow, recharge, and -damage. Toxic should debuff resistance and defense slightly.
  23. "Finally! Someone recognizes my incredible value to the coding community!!" -COBOL
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