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  1. Why? It works pretty well, and is a seriously good farmer, for a blaster. It takes a careful attack chain and some decent macros, but when done right I'd take it over a fire/fire. If you need help with the build and macros, I'd be happy to share. It's not as powerful in a team, but soloing +3/8 content it's a beast. DP works best close to point blank range, and MC has a lot of serious point blank buff action. They are very synergistic, and more powerful than the sum of their parts. I am betting when they made MC they had DP in mind, because there are almost TOO many synergies. Edit-ouch. you were talking about Ninja, not MC. My bust. Hmm... Ninja seems to have some nice synergies too. I will have to look into this.
  2. I don't think it's particularly light, DPS wise, but it is light DPA wise, which matters to blasters and stalkers. The thing is, it's a mitigation-heavy set... and not a crappy late mitigation like electric blast, either. It has a lot of fast aoe for cleaning out minions and luts quickly (which doesn't need 1200+ nuke numbers) but it is a little lighter on delivering ST damage quickly. But when you consider that it has 3 forms of mitigation potential on EVERY attack (-rech, -damage, KB) which you can switch between easily, I sort of understand where it's coming from DPA-wise. My only successful blaster farmer is a DP/time, where much 'harder hitting' sets fail utterly to deliver....and I think it's because I freely swap ammo types to layer as much mitigation while I am farming as I can. I look at swap ammo buffs as "Yes, I'd like", but I am not going to be disappointed if they say 'no'.
  3. It had about 70% of the circulation of Avengers in 2010, and 50% of the circulation of X-Men, at least according to Diamond. And unlike all those crappy 'Marvel Presents" and some of the nastier DC sidelines, Diamond wasn't forcing me to keep them on the shelves. They SOLD. Perhaps that is anecdotal, but when you rely on anecdotal evidence to pay your rent and keep food on the table, It seems to be pretty strong evidence. There's a reason comic stores are going out of business. I think it is half MCU, but the other half is the fact that Diamond is singlehandedly keeping the Big Two alive by stealing money from small business owners by forcing us to carry 'diversity' titles instead of just selling the comics that are GOOD and popular... of which there are very few left, and have been few since about '98. That's why they made a movie. Regardless of what Diamond reports as 'title sales', someone out there knew what people actually liked.
  4. I thought that The GOTG Arcs with Binary blew 'captain Marvel' out of the water... and Iron Man in GOTG was a lot cooler than he was with the Avengers. And Starlord's Dad was WAY cooler than EGO.
  5. There's this new thing where you go to a comic book shop, put money on the counter, and are expected to puzzle out those word-things in the balloons over the art's heads. It's been popular for a while. Star lord was already a popular character in 2010. I know I was reading GoTG then. Yes, it has nods to others as well, but you can easily tell the three fundamental influences. GOTG (Comic book), Equilibrium, and Wanted, with a hefty dose of robocop, some spaghetti western '3 amigos', and various random animes (even gundam/robotech swarm rockets are nodded at). And check out the old boards. Starlord was mentioned VERY frequently as a pistol-toting superhero, and was undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for the 'ammo swap' ability. I, personally, am VERY glad for the influence, I would simply prefer that it be a bit more pronounced with a bit LESS 'Equilibrium'. Unless you can think of another strong influence for swapping elemental ammunition? I love my "Robo the Kid" dp/temp toon, he's a complete badass who can s/l farm almost as fast as a brute and is always asked to be on teams when i log him in... but those big robot fists and gigantic hand cannons look kinda stupid doing ridiculous 'gun fu' moves. If there were alternative non-equilibrium moves, I would absolutely take them.
  6. You were looking at the first build. The last build (based on feedback) doesn't have Vengeance at all. So far it is working out pretty well in team incarnate content, and solo s/l farms. I could wish for higher s/l resistance, but it is what it is.
  7. It has s/l/e at cap, and if I go with flame mastery I lose scorp shield and 17% defense to all three. I didn't take ignite, for previously explained reasons.
  8. does anyone know the actual ppm of improved critical strikes?
  9. Oh they nodded to equilibrium also, clearly. But I despise combo sets, and I very much like DP. I think making it yet another crappy combo set would be an intensely bad idea... we have way too many already.
  10. That's exactly Right. Electric Blast needs some love. It's not 'power Creep' to want to bring it up to a level where it's an appealing alternative for modern IO builds. To be fair, even balancing the IO sets a little might help. I mean, there's accurate healing and accurate to-hit debuff... There is truly a Dearth of endurance modification options.
  11. ninjas and animals suck just as much as mercs, so it's not 'spectacularly bad' like electric blast.
  12. Well, let's face a simple fact. Dual pistols was designed, if not to exactly simulate, at least give a very strong nod to Starlord. The Idea of swapping ammos as a viable in-combat action is extremely appealing. Heck, if there was an 'air' swap ammo that gave several of it's attacks the chance to 'bounce', I'd absolutely use it, especially if it bounced outside of the aggro cap. Dual pistols IS a low damage set. Having the option to open with cold (for -rech, -dam, -speed) swap to toxic (minor -res, -def) and then follow up with fire or air (+damage, +targets) would not only be extremely fun and thematic, but it would avoid power creep because, in toto, the damage still wouldn't exceed that of a set like water, and would be a fun way to probe for enemy weknesses. As it stands right now, There's very little profit in switching out of fire other than a tiny hint of mitigation in ice and turning swap ammo off if you don't mind uncontrolled knockback. Especially when you consider that most pistols powers can easily slot -res already.
  13. Good for you. Remind me what your Electric Blaster's Name is again, So I can make sure not to invite you when I need a real blaster?
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