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    AE Farm

    I am still working on optimizing, but I think I might be able to get savage into the same ranks as spines and rad. Maybe even a little faster than their 'default' farming builds. It is taking a ton of tweaking, though, and the current version is still only halfway between claws and spines, but there is still a ton more tweaking to do. The real kicker is that the standard power pools and incarnates might not be the way to go... and shred, which is the only place to slot achilles -res, but it also consumes blood frenzy inefficiently. It doesn't help that mids cannot calculate blood fenzy Damage boost. But the fury from savage leaping into each spawn
  2. Yes, go over to the guides and adds section of the forums, and download the 'sounds add-on' to change the Beam rifle sound effects from their horribly loud musical electric fart sound to something more pew-pew and tolerable. Temporal has a lot to offer BR, but range synergy is not one of those things. temporal is amazing at melee ranges, and is top-tier blapper along with cold, MA, and darkness, while BR/ is almost pure long-range. Best secondaries for BR (IMO) are /TA, /nrg, devices, ninja, and Plant, because they still work reliably at cone range.
  3. From a proc standpoint, Dark is seriously dangerous. -res from achilles heels, -to-hit from all your powers and a heal to stay ALIVE against the very tough mobs, more proc goodness in tenebrous -rech, +to-hit (to damage boost your snipe), LOTS of set options for very rare and winter sets (great blaster Defense +-to hit in all attacks.) end management procs in life drain, kb +recharge proc) in torrent, several aoe's for fury -res and annihalation -res, and of course your blaster ATO's. Dark has an amazing proc toolset for maximizing your damage, -res and mitigation, which are key for fighting big bads that like to one-shot blasters. BR offers similar (but slightly less mitgation) proc options, with some KD and -def and a broad variety of attack types plus it's own built-in -res. It's kinda ideal for maximizing your +recharge as well. Plus someone has a patch over in the mods section of the boards for dealing with it's awful musical fart sounds. Water offers a lot of mitigation without suffering too much damage-wise. It benefits from damage procs more than some other sets, offers some +recharge slotting options, and allows you to slot tons of -res procs for smashysmashy steaming destruction. Many people take it off the board because of it's lack of snipe, but proc monstering a double water jet is absolutely terrifying.
  4. Sub one KB IS KD. (From the power description): "Many of your powers have the ability to surround your targets with negatrons or positrons. Should you combine both of these in a single target, it will result in Electron-Positron annihilation producing a burst of Gamma Rays which will inflict a small amount of damage, in addition to debuff the target's damage output and accuracy. Enemies also have a small chance of being stunned or confused. "
  5. Well, it is Possible you suck TOO, I have no idea, but Elec is lackluster no matter your skill level. But hey, I will freely admit that my elec defender sucked atrociously until someone came along and helped me make a proc monster out of him. The important lessons I learned turned him from rat-scrapple into just a defender that was pure team relying exclusively on his primary... Not that bad a place to be, for a /time defender. But my electric blaster was pretty unrecoverable. And while Blasters can certainly profit from being -res/-rech procced out, electric Blast ALSO suffers from having some of the worst proc options of any blaster set. Heck, even putting a little knockdown in it's aoe's could benefit the set's proccing options enormously. Electric's options are... proc damage (which is nothing on a blaster) chance for end, or chance for stun. Fire has similarly awful slotting options, but fire makes up for it by it's disgusting damage. And how many random chances for +end do you really NEED? Extra crowd control is great on a defender, controller, or someone who lives on mitigation, but for Blasters extra mitigation is a PERK, their best mitigation is killing things fast, and perks like mitigation need to be front-loaded and offer some real slotting benefit. That's why dark/, which is in the simlar range of electric damage-wise, is NOT a suck set.... because Dark offers MAJOR slotting options. Not to mention that Electric traded it's big ST non-snipe for a crappy pet with exactly the SAME sucky slotting options as the rest of the set, offers no mitigation options EXCEPT end drain, and has, as it's secondary aoe's even MORE unproccable trash. A hold at T7 with almost no damage where most sets get a big 130+ damage ranged attack or medium damage aoe control? I mean, sonic has some of the same tools, but it's -res trick makes you and your team smash through spawns like nobody's business. Ice get's one of the biggest ST attacks on any blaster as a HOLD at the level you get your Crappy VS, and even Psi's scramble thoughts is twice the damage and can be used as a mule for Razzle dazzle... which helps enormously for your defense numbers.
  6. huh... does anyone know if the control radial works well? Because, as high as the damage already is with the build, assault and support just adds a minicule amount of damage... while fear/immobilize-stun could add huge mitgation.
  7. Right here. Only minor changes (from suggestions) from the prior one, but it looks like a total beast. The only things I could do to it now would be to change sets or incarnates entirely.... although, to be fair, I was actually considering altering the hybrid to support or melee (resist). But I like the idea of getting doublehits without pushing my damage closer to the cap, because I tend to farm a lot with just about anything, and if I push the enhanced damage up too high, all those reds just get wasted. I am already at +150% for most attacks, which leaves only 3 righteous rages to cap. (Edit oops... sorry, blasters have a +400% cap, my mistake) Although I am definitely going to blow the cash to get at least one extra T4, either melee or support, so that I can swap out when I play farming games. Blasters don't have aggro management, but cones tend to work well even in an unmanaged environment. So many little factors to balance out....
  8. Man, this thing is tighter than a drum. Thanks folks. Time to go ahead and blow a respec (I have 22) and spend those Empyrian Merits!
  9. Thank you! Putting a -rech proc in the ST chain is a REALLY good idea. I cannot really afford to do it in sniper rifle (I really like the fast snipe proc) but if I swap the decimation and barrage between slug (which has kd) and Burst (which doesn't) and pull the extra +to-hit/end from tactics, I still have almost 20% to-hit bonus, and can afford to slot a -rech proc into slug... and Boom! St ranged chain has mad recharge procs too. Plus slug's 'default' pre-global recharge is slow enough that I should get a proc about every two shots. (albeit sniper would get it every shot almost) while keeping global to-hit at 20%. and Kaizen, I am trying, but the only place I have any 'give' is by getting rid of shield wall for another LOTG proc, taking LOTG out of scorp shield and putting in two Generics, and then lowering M30's damage (again, it's becoming a CC/proc mule) for that defense/run speed. Serious question, is it worth losing 5% res all when I already have capped s/l/e to take 37% ranged defense to 39% and improve negative 40-41%?
  10. Sure. and the REST of us are trying to get electric buffed so that it's DPS output is not more than 20% below that of it's closest competitor. The fact that you don't mind sentinel-level damage and can 'work around it' in exchange for a secondary trick that only works on minions and luts is not really relevant, since sentinels can do it just fine as well. Sure, you love the mitigation, who doesn't? But mitigating damage after 10 seconds of a bunch of stuff you could KILL in half the time does not help you with an alpha strike, and it doesn't help you deal with threats at 'average' blaster speeds. Look, I get it. You want to defend your favorite set. Hell, I used to defend /EA back on live for the same reason. But you know what? They BUFFED /EA with a badly-needed heal. Are you REALLY going to complain if they make VS less useless or add a damage self-buff to short circuit? Electric blast IS bad. So is /SR on Tanks and Brutes. But this is CoH. You can FORCE anything to work, any bad combination into doing the fairly undemanding content. {end powerset discussion} And the Hostility was because of your waltzing in here with the insulting and patronizing comment "As a suggestion, maybe next time avoid a topic title like "Elec Blast is Bad" and try something less judgy like "I Can't Figure out How the End Drain in Elec Blast Works.". I am not sure where you come from, but around here if you walked up to a farmer hanging a 'Trespassers will be killed by the Bull' sign and informed him that he should re-word it to say something less judgy like "I am too stupid to train my bull not to attack people" I am betting you would be missing a few teeth. You insulted everyone who agreed with the OP, including me... I play an /electric defender with POWER boost and agility radial, and know perfectly well how end drain works, as does pretty much everyone else who has commented thus far, and claiming our judgement is based on ignorance or foolishness is absolutely insulting. The rest of your comment was fine, if a bit elitist. There are lots of people floating around who are utterly dismissive of other people's experience and fully convinced of their own genius and expertise. Mostly people just ignore their know-it-all posturing. As a life lesson, blatant and condescending hypocrisy tends to evoke hostility. TL/DR version; when you insult people, don't be surprised if they insult you back for acting like a douche.
  11. Won't that cut into the damage buff for sniper rifle? He's only 21% to-hit as it stands, but then I am not sure if the damage bonus for snipe quickshot is worth it. Does anyone know if the blurb about sniper rifles benefitting from targetting drone is specific to the targetting drone? Or is it just an Artifact of +to-hit before all sniper powers got it as a bonus?
  12. So...like...super-fast evolution. Man, once you get pas the flying thing (If a hypervolved Bee hasn't lost it's wings?) You could have almost any powerset you want and stay in theme.
  13. Water, the DPS spreadsheet completely ignores combo points, and a lot of the Values on the last one I checked were actually wrong. And Electric just sucks. Plant manipulation sounds like a decent theme, but electric secondary is actually quite good. Is it like a half-bee, alien bee, 'bee protector', Robotic bee, or some chick just wearing a bee costume?
  14. Okay, the new and improved Vengeance Bait, Sans ignite but with a much faster and vastly more destructive single-target attack chain, as well as a fairly brutal and self-buffing method of dealing with the enemy when it gets up close and personal (not to mention buffing his confidence and reaction speed insanely) Still no hasten, but a ton of his attacks jack his recharge through the roof, and he can clear half a spawn with ST attacks before they can even crawl out of their makeshift search towers. His defenses are all just shy of capped, with special attention paid to sappers, carnies, and other sorts of energy-eating thugs. His resistance is nothing to write home about, but I figure without hasten I can put clarion on auto and rarely fear the endurance-dry faceplant. Still no travel powers, but he can jog at near 50 miles an hour. a P2W jump pack or temp jetpack ripped off a goldbricker should make his travels golden. All I have to say is... Thank God for no redraw!
  15. Oh, I definitely appreciate the thought. I am actually looking for...maybe... something to replace it. But keeping in theme while finding something actually useful with good slotting options is very...challenging. Not that challenging, apparently. Cross punch. slotted with Superior Avalanche. Sick damage, aoe, and it actually reinforces my s/l even more, thanks to KaizenSozes' advice about switching up slotting. The kd chance turns it into a nice emergency melee, and it REALLY fits the Rambo theme, as well a giving a short -rech and acc buff.... And with agility core, darned close to softcapped in all the important stuff, while leaving hybrid open for assault radial (for damage cap goodness). Man, I am sitting on 86 empyrian merits... I am really Glad I waited for feedback before I spent them! Thanks for the advice guys! Are there any other suggestions before I respec and blow merits on my incarnates?
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