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  1. Yep, Ice is one of the best aoe dps only on corrupter due to scourge ticks. Water and DP both overtake it on sentinels.
  2. I am confused... why exactly is it okay for stalker comparisons to add in the pools that give snipes in a favored position to those sets that gain an advantage from them, but it's not okay for sentinels to compare with pools that are greatly influenced by the primary choice as well? I mean, the reality is that psionic is one of the best epics for sentinels that can exploit them, and the other epics mostly suck, which actually adds in to the comparison. I took the favored pool on my favorite BR sentinel, even though it's not the best choice for BR specifically, simply because I had free slot
  3. I think I got the crap animations confused... Will Dom is the one that seems to take a lifetime to actually get to a target, although mental blast is slower than crap, too. My only concern about losing mental blast is also losing offensive opportunity. I mean, regen... defensive is hardly useful. I do like the idea of losing the extra slots in pain, though... yeah, I lose some set bonuses, but I can shift those slots around to proc a few things and crank my damage up at least 40%.
  4. To be fair, I am a fan of David Tennant, but that's mostly because I really enjoyed his acting in Good Omens. But you always love the doctor you started with, and for us Gen-Xers, it will always be the Bakernater. The thing is... Christopher Eccleston had HUGE potential. I was REALLY enjoying his turn at Doc, but he was utterly short-lived, as, if he had lasted, he might have beaten all the rest of the doctors, simply because of how UNLIKE the other doctors he really was. I stopped watching, forever, when they dragged Jodie in... Not because I had a problem with a female doctor (it sorta
  5. I was thinking of adding an 'end game' build, but... that varies hugely by playstyle. This one will work just fine on a +4 ITF or most DA missions, and with stealthing lowbie chains for merits, should get you into a sweet financial position without having to rely too much on AH games or farming toons. Some of the sets can be swapped directly out for purples, but you might want to consider winter sets when you can afford them... most of them are packed with resistance and defense buffs, more than just fire/cold, and could really elevate your build. But, to be fair, I have NEVER been a fan
  6. Rad is kinda the penultimate tanker right now. MA? Meh. just about anything works fine with Rad.
  7. Tom Baker is the only doctor.
  8. Well, I have a level 38 'concept' build that I am struggling with, psi/regen, named "Gorgeous", who is a rotting hulk created as one of his first bodies by Doc Vahzilok, and eventually replaced as a holder for a random brain. The Random Brain actually turned out to be gifted much like the clock king, so, since the body was mostly unkillable and the brain was clock kinglike, I settled (almost a year ago) On a Psi-regen sentinel and have revisited it every couple of months to try to make it work. the...incredible slowness of Psi almost always makes me throw up my hands in despair... especi
  9. You know, except that procs, epics, and attack rotations are an important part of the game. And direct determiners of actual in-game performance rather than some magical, nonexistent, even keel model. And you wonder why economists are always wrong.
  10. Selling you on earth/earth when you have a thousand character slots is a bit like selling you on the idea of drinking water.... It sells itself.
  11. As much as I appreciate the VERY rough sheet, it still makes me want to beg @oldskool for a Psi/regen build sans fly 🙂
  12. ea's s/l defense and Parry's lethal stack just fine. and frankly, once you build up decent levels of defense with IO's, Parry will stack melee to cap as well fairly easily, although it's low damage means you won't stack it that often unless you are fighting a hard target... but you don't really NEED it for fighting anything but hard targets anyway. 27% s/l defense seems to be the easiest thing to achieve on /ea without making any cuts elsewhere, but if you are willing to compromise just a little you can get it to 35% easy... so when you are doing DA content, a single parry will take you to
  13. Frostweaver

    Stone Melee / ?

    My sm/ea is only level 43, I haven't finished up her build yet, but I will post it in a few days when I do.
  14. Frostweaver

    Stone Melee / ?

    Energy Aura! Honestly Stone has a lot of excess mitigation, and is fairly heavy endurance-wise. Except for energy cloak, EA doesn't screw with the way your costume looks. EP helps prevent -recharge, which can truly help stone melee, as well as a recharge bonus from Entropic Aura. Last but not least, it gets some psionic defense from power shield and end discount from energise, decent resistance to the most common damage types, and kinda blows off sapper/carnie drains above and beyond the fact that they almost never actually connect, and with defense debuff resistance and damage r
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