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Fix Lopsided Event Enhancements


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First off I want to say I am not saying that I want to see anything of any enhancement currently being produced in game "fixed". But what I would like to see is enhancements of varying use or effectiveness be created that provide options when slotting this level of enhancement.


If you look at the Winter event hancers they mostly all deal with offering the same bonuses to mostly the same things. I would like to see other sets created in these that help to buff other things. For example, none of the winter sets that I have noticed provide a buff to ranged defenses. But if I am slotting a blaster capping ranged it more important then say Melee or even fire or cold. Or another example would be that I have not seen any options for energy defense or resistances, but many times a tanker or armor sets has one particular weakness. Now if you want to over come fire/cold def and res issues well winter sets are really nice but to make up for energy issues they offer nothing and that I know of I am not sure anything offers similar levels of bonus for that res type or def type. 


Just saying IMO it would be nice to have some choice when looking at investing that much time into a character to find something for everyone. I don't say one hancer should benefit everything, I am saying I want a choice that maybe instead of stacking cold/fire def and res I can split with other things but still be pulling in the other top end set bonuses as well. 

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I agree with you.


But I suspect that the disparity comes from the fact that they never finished adding loot boxes, if there was a larger range there would no doubt be more varieties of IOs that would cover those areas that aren't covered now. Hopefully the HC devs can expand the range in the future (hopefully through some other mechanic than loot boxes).

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