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QoL improvement for dimensional warder

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When Going Rogue came out, the Maria Jenkins arc was changed to better match the rest of the new praetorian content.  One thing got lost in the shuffle though.  Defeating the praetorian villain Siege is required for the dimensional warder badge.  But Siege no longer shows up in the new Maria Jenkins arc.  So currently the only ways to beat Siege and get the badge are to run a BAF incarnate trial or run the old version of the Maria Jenkins arc via the flashback system.  This is inconvenient for several reasons.


- The BAF requires you to be level 50 and have your alpha slot unlocked.  You also need a large group.

- It's hard to run the entire arc in the flashback system.  The AVs/EBs can make the arc difficult to solo.  The flashback system is like a task force, meaning you can't add new people halfway through.  And it's a very long arc, so it's hard to find a team willing to commit to the whole thing in one sitting.  And siege shows up about halfway through the old arc, so if you wanted to run the new arc and just grab siege from the flashback version, you'd have to do it about one and a half times.  


I'd like to request that this be fixed/improved somehow.  I see three potential options.


1.  Add siege to one of the current/new Maria Jenkins missions.  

2.  Add the siege mission from the original Maria Jenkins arc to the flashback system as a standalone mission similar to the other badge missions.

3.  Remove siege from the list of villains required to get the dimensional warder badge.

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Siege actually does appear in a Maria Jenkins mission, just not one in the Hero's arc.  I just ran through that whole arc on my newly 50 Elec/SD Stalker yesterday and was fairly upset when the arc finished without the badge... then I ran a couple of her other missions and there he was.  I believe it was a Patrol for Warworks, then something, then Siege.

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