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Coercive Persuasion in Arctic Air or World of Confusion

Demon Shell

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So currently I have an ATO in Frostbite and Coercive Persuasion in Arctic Air, with just a single End redux in World of Confusion. Thing is, I don't really use Frostbite much. Between Ice Slick, Arctic Air, Mud Pots, and Intuition Alpha boosting Slow effects, I don't really need Immobilization unless someone else is using KB. So I'm looking at the possibility of moving the slots around and leaving Frostbite with just an accuracy.


I've heard that Coercive's proc isn't great in Arctic Air due to the PPM changes, but I need it and the ATO set somewhere for the bonuses. The ATO can't go in World of Confusion, so that's a foregone conclusion. But how does Coercive work in World of Confusion? It has a smaller range then Arctic Air, would that make it's PPM much better, or does it not really matter because auras are just that bad for procs?


I'm sure I can formula out the exact values myself, but I just need a ballpark answer.

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