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  1. I'd like to hope resistances are being looked at to make them more diverse, and not strictly easier or harder. Although, end game enemies could maybe have any 0% or lower resistances brought up to 10-20%. I've always felt the greater issue is the damage-types enemies use against us. Not just that there's too much of a focus on Smashing/Lethal/Energy, but the lack of Fire/Cold/Negative, and especially Toxic.
  2. I have a Fire/Dark/Soul Brute that runs Darkest Night with no Accolades. If you want a Dark/TW Tanker, go for it.
  3. Hi. Sonic Blast vet here. The answer to worst Blast set is absolutely not Sonic, and it continuously amazes me how often people misunderstand or underestimate the set. That said, it wouldn't really matter if it was the worst Blast set or not for the purposes expressed by OP, because Sonic doesn't play like other Blast sets. If you're goal is to teach people how to play a Blaster, then to me that means you'd want something with the least deviation from the Blast formula: 3 progressively harder hitting STs, a cone and targeted AoE (one of these probably has a chance to KB), Aim-like, snipe-like, an ST CC, and a nuke. Most sets only deviate in one or two areas from this for X-factor. I'm not saying its the worst Blast set, but it sounds like you want Archery. The only thing it doesn't have is a proper big-boom-style nuke. For similar reasons, I'd go with Electricity Manipulation. Archery/Electric.
  4. Brutes have 90% the survival of Tankers. Tanker HP cap is 3534. Brute HP cap is 3212.7. 3212.7 / 3534 = 90.908% Sorry. 91% the survival of Tankers. Citation
  5. What do you know? A quick search on the page for "Pylon" revealed that they have a second Swarm Missile that's 8. Such a good page!
  6. Thanks! This is great! Sorting the list by KB mag there's quite a few between 3 and 7. And while I knew there was certainly a few between 3 and 4 (I've felt the difference), there's more between 3 and 4 then between all of 4 and 7. I think I'll keep it at 7 for variety's sake, but the real take away is that 4 seems to be a much more important number than 3 for KB protection. There's some really noteworthy ones, like anything with Telekinetic Blast or Swarm Missiles having a KB of 4 (which are most VGs with robots or psychics, including Rikti Pylons).
  7. That's not possible. Recharge cap is +400%. Lowest you can get Fortitude to is 12 seconds (or 1/5th its base recharge).
  8. Jab has a 2 second cooldown. That's the problem. The other pools with 4 and 8 second recharge abilities (of which there are several) don't have a 2 second cooldown blocking you from picking the better moves until later (or starting with them). Which creates this issue you've decided doesn't matter: And yes it does. It changes what moves you have available, making pre-Rage SS even more painful. You could take Jab out of SS, move everything up a tier, replace it with nothing (so SS only has 8 moves instead of 9), and it would result in a better set than it is now with Jab, because at least then a Tanker would get Rage at 20 instead of 28. Realistically, you can up the cooldowns of each of the 3 first abilities to bring them in line with the other melee sets, you can do the same thing but also turn Haymaker into a cone, or you can turn Jab into a Parry-like, though that last one that would require moving Jab further down the tier list (Titan Weapon is the only set with a T1 Parry-like, and that's because Defensive Sweep is its only 3-4 second cooldown ability, everything else is higher). It doesn't matter to me which happens; they all carry the same effect of removing the 2 second recharge power and placing a 3-4 and 5-9 power in the T1 and 2 spots, while giving a use to the third power (a parry-like, a cone, a mid-range ST, whatever). . None of that has anything to do with the Hand Clap discussion, which only comes into play if Rage no longer stacks. As long as Rage stacks, the set doesn't need anything. Jab alone becomes almost as strong as the 4 second recharge move of most sets with their short build up active, and everything else SS has just goes up from there. If Rage stacking is removed then SS's DPS is average, has only one AoE, and at best half as many chances to proc Gaussian as other sets (so not just average DPS, but less chances to burst). It could use some small measure to bring it up, and Hand Clap would be an excellent candidate to do that with (since at end game a massive damage-less knockback that either scatters everything or has to be kb2kd'd, coupled with a mag 2 stun, is not a very good move (doubly so on a set with only one AoE)).
  9. I have a character with 3 Knockback Protection via the PvP set bonus. I have an extra slot in its build and I'm torn on what to do with it. One of the options is to slot the +4 Knockback protection IO. But would this have much functional difference in PvE content? Are there many knockbacks that are greater than 3 but less than 7? I still need a set slotted into the power, but should I maybe drop the PvP set bonus in favor of a different set and just use the IO? I'm good on +rech. I'm good on +def.
  10. Wait what? Parry-like powers don't stack on Tankers? That's messed up. Not necessarily. The Recharge/Endurance/Damage scale has never been part of the Cottage Rule. The reason Jab/Punch/Haymaker are so garbage is because of that scale. I mean, the actual reason is because moves aren't identically scaled based on animation time (if they were, 2 moves with the same end/damage/recharge would have the same DPA regardless of animation), but what are you gonna do? Review and alter the entire game to homogenize the numbers?. Jab/Punch/Haymaker sit at 2, 4, and 8 second recharges. Among sets with 3 ST attacks in succession, they usually sit at 3-4, 5-8, and 8-12. That shifts their damage/end scale higher. If you shifted Jab/Punch/Haymaker to 3/6/8 respectively you've have a slightly harder hitting, more expensive Jab and Punch, with an untouched Haymaker. 4/8/12 and you'd have much harder hitting, but more expensive attacks. Likewise with Hand Clap. Lower the recharge and/or add in a damage and -res component; its scaling wouldn't deal more damage than Foot Stomp.
  11. Hurl is definitely a notch below mediocre, but I don't consider it much worse than Haymaker. If you were going Energy, Earth, Mace, or Leviathan, you could take Hurl over their ranged ST options. It has a higher DPA. The issue with Haymaker is it deals nearly the same damage as Cross Punch with Boxing/Kick (which, if you drop Haymaker to get Cross Punch, is only one extra ability choice assuming Tough/Weave). Only Cross Punch is a cone. And it comes with self buffs (+rech, +to-hit). Identical recharge between the two, close to the same animation time, and Cross Punch only costs 2 Endurance more. But this isn't an SS exclusive issue. Jawbreaker from Warmace and Bone Smasher from Energy have the same problem. These moves only make sense if you don't take Tough/Weave and have 0 wiggle room in your build for one extra crutch ability (and considering what you get out of it, that's going to be a much smaller number of builds than it should be).
  12. That was all with single Rage. Then I started going double-stack. Remember when I said SS was expensive? Jesus Christ. Between the -25 end on Rage's activation and Hasten's crash I'm losing an average of 35 endurance a minute without counting toggles or attacking. From the talk on here you'd expect the only thing it takes to double stack is recharge, but you need a TON of endurance management. And you can't even throw a Cardiac Alpha at the problem because those don't effect Rage's activation or Hasten's crash. During the Rage crash I'd occupy my time mostly with Taunting, using Energy Absorption, and casting Weaken Resolve, then readying myself to redouble-stack Rage once the crash expired. So, during the 50 second window where I was double-stacked and allowed to attack did I hit really hard? Yeah. Yeah I did. For as long as my endurance held out it hit really hard. The thing about SS double-stacked especially is that you don't see 2 half numbers pop out (from 2 damage-types) that you'd then add together to get the full value. You see one very, very large number. And when Gaussian proced at the start of a double-stacked Rage on a Weaken Resolved target, I saw the largest number I've ever seen on a +1 con enemy. And that was a situation I created in isolation. By myself. Was it broken? I don't know. It took a lot to get there, and I was exceedingly vulnerable to -end/-rec. If I was fighting something like the end boss of DA, Ageless T4 might not have been enough to save me from my own hubris. But I can say this, and this is ultimately why I spent the time I did on this post. A Brute has to build up Fury, a Tanker doesn't. And I would not want to see a Tanker in PvP jump up on me without warning and hit me like I hit that poor Storm Shaman. I know recharge is different there and you can't fully double-stack, but it only takes a moment.
  13. Took my Ice/SS/Soul Tanker out again and actually fought stuff this time. Difficulty was 50 +4/8 in DA. I feel like no one ever adequately articulated just how expensive SS is. Like, I play a Fire/Dark/Soul Brute that uses Darkest Night, so when I say something is expensive, I mean "I just used Energy Absorption 10 seconds ago. Where's my Endurance?" Fought DA Tsoo, KoV, and DA BP. KoV were a joke, as they generally are. DA Tsoo was a little surprising; Rage's To-Hit buff (which I feel is not brought up enough) trivialized their Hurricane. The heal was more annoying than I remember it being on my Brute. Overall, pretty much just buzzing of flies. DA BP were a lot less dangerous than I was expecting. Their -end was effective and I did observe a -14%~ def debuff at one point, but even when my Endurance bottomed out in the middle of a fight I was still okay. Going to chalk that up mostly to Energy Absorption and being +3, though. My build had the following attacks on bar: Haymaker Knockout Blow Cross Punch Foot Stomp Gloom Dark Obliteration Once I got going I went ahead and put Haymaker away. It was a waste and I've already prepared a new build without it. I could have dropped Cross Punch instead and gained an extra 2 abilities, but considering the slots I had to work with I couldn't think of anything I'd want more than a cone. Worth noting, with how underwhelmed I was with Haymaker, Jab and Punch might as well not exist to me. Foot Stomp/Dark Obliteration/Cross Punch did allow me to kill groups faster than on my Brute (but then again my Brute only has 1 AoE). Also as expected, ST did feel like it took longer to take down a Boss. I had a pretty good time overall. The rest of this is about Rage, so I'll be posting it in the Rage topic.
  14. BS/SR Pre-IOs the +Def from the Parry-like powers was a big deal.
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