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Thank you for clicking.

I am looking for a role-playing SG that plays together regularly. I am equally willing to engage with those who do not have one. It need not be a large group, but I am happy to join either. I am open on theme and am happy to write into your world view. My goal with this message is to reach deep into the community and find people who might be difficult to find because they are too busy to actively recruit. Busy roleplayers are my blue sky. Please relay my message if you know someone like this, my thanks if you do.

I am ready, willing, and able to put my effort and creativity into these partnerships. I love to play, and I am an avid story teller who is also willing to provide for others. I cannot abide half-finished scenes left to rot in perpetuity or meaningless/superficial romantic/sexual relationships. I cannot abide loitering in bars for hours at a clip. Beyond that I am open and curious.

Yours truly,


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