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  1. I saw the one in Tequila, but it doesn't really "POP," so I could see plenty of players not noticing it. The actual pop-up for the Safe Mode Client, however; yeah. That's pretty blatant. A countdown timer might still be helpful, though. I had a colleague publish a minor paper on the significant impact of countdown timers in games. I'll take a looksie on my old portable harddrive next time I plug it in if anyone wants a copy. Pretty compelling stuff.
  2. Pet pathing in Bases would need to be fixed first. My Henchpets always just hang out at the entry portal whenever I enter a base. If I dismiss them and resummon them, they have a helluva time understanding different elevations inside the base, and will freeze if I ever walk up a flight of stairs or jump on a box.
  3. "years ago" Freudian slip, or was that more telling than intended?
  4. This should probably be bumped and more avenues of announcement should probably be employed around now. I saw in the Beta forums that Safe Mode's days are coming to an end with Page 5. If that's true, then I really think a strong campaign should be made to reach those last few hold outs and help them get on to the newer clients.
  5. If the reason to vote "no" against a suggestion like this is to save on work for the volunteer Development Team; fair enough. But it's been an ongoing trend from the onset of the game to improve players' travel options. Why stop now?
  6. You may also make additional accounts for free, and use those slots.
  7. It's a pretty solid idea. Deserves to be Liked.
  8. Also, call me paranoid, but the potential for trolling or outright impersonation would only increase if multiple players could have characters with exactly the same name. I've seen enough drunk and/or emotionally-charged players generate drama which just spreads like wildfire. I'm not eager to provide a tool for that kind of conduct to be employed with more precision.
  9. Gonna +1 this; Night Ward, First Ward, and Kallisti Wharf seem to have some kind of memory leak issue. They are the only zones which consistently boot me to desktop after I've visited them a few times on a single instance of the client, or while multiboxing clients.
  10. So, we've known since . . . August? I wanna say "August" that the base entry command which so many players have come to rely upon for various reasons was never intended to be available to players. Debate rages on as to the benefit or detriment of this (I'm a firm supporter of "benefit" personally), but we know there are plans in the works for the command to get axed, and for some tweaks to the Base Teleport Powers (yes, Powers, plural, don't forget the Day Job!). However, in preparation for that day, I would like to encourage the Homecoming Dev Team to consider strategic placement of additional Base Portals throughout the standard Zones. For bonus points; allow us to exit our Base to any Base Portal in a Zone. I won't object to the addition of Base Portals in Hazard Zones, buuut I can see a pretty solid argument for keeping those zones -hazardous-. Maybe just one Portal at the Main Entrance of the Hazards? (Goodness, which Entrance -is- the Main Entrance for a Zone like Perez?) I would like to encourage the aforementioned Benefit versus Detriment of travel times to continue in the previous thread, if possible. I welcome folks to suggest some /loc coordinates for where they'd personally appreciate seeing additional Base Portals pop up. Thanks.
  11. ie: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/1346-sgvg-recruitment-board/ ?
  12. After a dumpster fire of a thread showed up earlier today, I thought now would be a good time to express a little appreciation for specific stuff that the Homecoming Team does that you feel sets them above and beyond the (emphasis here: Volunteer) call of duty! Remember: Let's keep this purely positive. Encourage the Team to do the things you love them for. Any criticisms or concerns can be directed in private, where they'll probably go over more smoothly. Thanks to all of the GMs and members of the Homecoming Team for their dedication to monthly costume contests, with special thanks to GM Miss for being so involved with those events!
  13. Stickied threads in their respect Shards probably do the trick. I don't see recruitment needing a whole entire board dedicated to it. MAYBE a sub-board each under the respective Shard boards at most?
  14. I was actually examining this recently, and I'll need to verify my findings before I put my foot deep in to my own mouth, but it looks like projectiles and prop weapons and Pet summons are all treated differently for the purposes of customization. I'd need a program to view the 3D Assets in detail before I could say with any certainty, but I have some other things on my plate which I need to prioritize first. Remind me about this in a couple months if no one else has gotten back to you with a good lay-person answer.
  15. I've had maybe two or three experiences where a GM decision was not to my immediate liking. Overall, however, they have been consummate professionals as -unpaid volunteers-! Any attempt to air a grievance with a GM should probably be done in private, with other GMs/Admins, and when one has had time to distance themselves emotionally. Very bad form, komic, even if your complaint has legs to stand on. Calling a GM to lock and/or hide this thread. I recommend others do the same.
  16. 2, then 7, then 12, then 17, then 22 . . . et cetera. Although, I've already made a mistake by meeting Doorman before either of the Contacts who introduce you to him, thus leaving me with two Contacts that I will forever have 0 Reputation with. I may as well delete and reroll at this point, eh?
  17. Yes, exactly. I've been there too . . . on the other side of it. I've posted about my experiences in the industry in some other threads here too. The short of it: As someone with experience in the field, marketing and publishing teams -could- provide great benefits to the developers when said teams work in a supportive role. When the marketing and publishing teams run the show, however, we end up with the current state of the industry as a whole. So, naturally, the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction these days. While unionized work environments are still a pipe-dream and crunch is still an abominable plague, we see a lot of indie dev teams making great strides and having success all over the place! I think, however, that things could be even better if those teams had dedicated and helpful public relations agents and administrative assistants. On small side-scrolling dungeon crawlers, drunken detective character studies, and faster-than-light space simulations with amazing story content, a whole marketing team is probably not needed so badly (or at all, clearly). But on a beast the size of City of Heroes, with an active and on-going development cycle . . . well, I'll be the first to admit that I could be gravely wrong here, and the possibility that I'm just trying to imagine a games industry where I have a place that -isn't- inherently destructive . . . But I still think it would be worth the effort for the Homecoming Team to consider investing in some folks who are dedicated to being practised mouthpieces, here to absorb the shock from community backlash.
  18. Sorry. I meant to imply that the best practices forced upon developers by publishers' for the publishers' benefit are bad. I put the term in quotation marks originally to imply that they weren't -real- best practices, but instead the publishers' version, which (I think our mutual first hand experiences) end up saddle-bagging or sabotaging the developers' efforts.
  19. I'm not certain, @Oubliette_Red, but it feels like I failed to be clear with the bit of text you quoted from me in https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16180-development-philosophy-and-community-servers/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-174681 Was your reply meant to reinforce what I was trying to say, or did I fail to adequately explain my point of view and wound up getting a rebuttal which actually ends up agreeing with the message I was -trying- to send?
  20. I haven't sifted through this whole thread yet, but I noticed a few things here and there . . . and it's prompted a few thoughts. The current volunteers certainly have a lot on their collective plates (between the game and their lives). They are also not currently recruiting new members to their team. The specific reason(s) are unclear (but some plausible assumptions exist). Fair enough. Not ideal . . . but it's reasonable. However: I think that one of their next "hires" should be an individual (or small team) with publisher/marketing experience AND (crucially) who is not interested in pursuing "Best Practices" established solely for commercial consumer games. Someone who works/worked in the industry, and sees how terrible the working conditions and culture are in a lot of places, and wants to actively provide their experienced services as a volunteer in a capacity that will help mitigate that widespread industry toxicity. Someone who is willing to explore new or retired methodologies for community engagement to see what works best in this volunteer environment. That's at least my thoughts on that bit. Maybe they already have such a person, but I'm uncertain of which CR(s) or GM(s) that might be. And so that leads me to the next thought: If they're willing and can find the time, little blurbs about the roles of each member of the Homecoming Team could be handy to be shared with the community. Work experience would be nice to see too, BUT that contains potentially dangerous information which could be used to identify members of the Homecoming Team. They deserve their privacy; if not only from ncsoft and legal backlash, but from some other bad actors. Which brings us to expand on that: Presently, no one's livelihood should be threatened by this volunteer endeavour, on any side of it. Some players should perhaps try to keep in mind that Homecoming doesn't represent their only place for personal enjoyment, and should invest stakes that are suitably reserved. I get it; we're passionate about this game. I'm passionate. The Homecoming Team are passionate. You're passionate. Don't EVER let passion overrule common sense or basic decency, though. Please.
  21. I suspect I'm in the minority here, but I like the GUI. But is "Testertron" really an ideal name? I mean . . . I misread it as something else at first . . . I know I have a dirty mind, but I can't be the only one who will. Can I?
  22. My theory? Insufficient supply. White Salvage is dime-a-dozen. Orange Salvage is getting mass produced by Merits, Tickets, and/or Brainstorms. Yellow Salvage is pretty much only from regular drops during gameplay. I suspect if more people would craft up some Yellows from Brainstorms, then the price could drop.
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