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  1. Found another one: Raine Heartfall, in the Sharkhead Monkey Fight Club building.
  2. There was some concern raised during our team's discussions for the contest that pop culture tributes would win-by-default. I just wanted to seek a point of clarity here on that matter. Since you specifically called out the Code of Conduct (or at least assuming you did, with "CoC" not meaning "Call of Cthulhu" here) . . . am I correct in understanding that the judges will be grading based on originality of the teams' costumes, instead of the teams' abilities to make replicas of The Power Rangers, or Star Wars characters?
  3. I did the thing: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12545-shadowrun/ What say you, RikOz and ed fray? Also, there's a Shadowrun Vigilante/Rogue Group on the Everlasting Shard, apparently. Give @Ignis Volant a Tell if you're interested.
  4. Who here is in to the ol' Cyberpunk-with-fantasy-elements? The Gibson-meets-Tolkien? The Hoi-Chummer-Never-Cut-A-Deal-With-A-Dragon? Who here is a fan of Shadowrun? So, tangentially related to City of Heroes, just to keep it kosher . . . I have this vague memory that the Devs of City of Heroes cited Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020 as inspiration for a lot of the content in this game, especially with Going Rogue. The Talsorian blades, for example, are named after the company which publishes the Cyberpunk rulebooks. Also also, I run a Shadowrun campaign on Monday nights over Teamspeak and Maptool, enabled through Hamachi VPN. We have an opening in the campaign right now, and would be interested in taking interviews for a potential match for a new player. The campaign is heavily narratively-driven, and we avoid combat (since violence has consequences). It's somewhere between pink mohawk and black trenchcoat, and I personally call it "pink trenchcoat" since I like to focus on the sociopolitical evolution of the 6th World a lot in my missions.
  5. Hey now! The SNES game wasn't /that/ bad, RikOz! . . . the XBox game, on the other hand . . . well, it was Shadowrun in name only. But this prompts me to do something potentially dumb . . . make a Shadowrun Thread!
  6. I'mma just pop this in here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12308-instant-teleport-pipedream-request-incarnate-travel/
  7. I've seen it on Homecoming before, but I hadn't played on Live since 2009/2010'ish. I don't remember seeing it (or the Clanket) back then.
  8. I think all of the Inherents could use a once-over, frankly, but I've always been against Vigilance for a lot of reasons. I'm right there with ShinMagmus; Defenders should have something to reward Supportive play. Vigilance, as it stands, would honestly work better on Tankers. Defenders, I feel, would benefit from something which would work a little like Defiance, but for Support Powers instead. It would be a lot trickier to suss out, of course, and I'm too tired to parse my ideas clearly . . . but I just wanted to let Shin know that they're not alone in their feelings about Vigilance not being fitting to Defenders.
  9. Just to nip the counter argument in the dub before it gets here: "But the other servers have new content!" Yup. They do. And looking at OuroDev, you might be able to make some new content as well! We don't /really/ know why the Homecoming Team isn't showing us what's in store for the future, but there's certainly a lot of pressure on the ncsoft negotiations. I have some speculations on that, but all we can do is either step up and volunteer (and holymittens has demonstrated that volunteering can lead to getting your work put in to the game), patiently wait for the Homecoming Team, or consider migrating to one of those other servers. That last option, however, comes with some other caveats, so be prepared to consider your options carefully.
  10. Now, see, I'm not sure that's quite right. Garfield Richardson (but he prefers the plain and simple nickname of Gar-Rick) should be a refugee of Praetoria and a bit of a pariah by the standards of the other Praetorians. An independent tailor, with a small shop in Skyway, Kings Row, or Brickstown (somewhere rundown). He should provide regular Icon services, but at an inflated price. However, he should also have a unique dialogue tree, and if you earn his trust, he should eventually provide you with inconsistent backstories about how he came to be on Primal Earth. If you take the correct steps through this, you'll unlock him as a mission Contact. Except he won't offer you any missions. Oh no. No, no. Instead, he'll very firmly request that you come to his shop at precisely the correct time to try on a new super-suit he's been working on.
  11. Server? The only one. Homecoming! Sorry, poor joke. Let's try again. I'm on the Everlasting Shard. I've got one person already who is interested in teaming up, and we're waiting for more team members before committing to a theme.
  12. Awesome, thank you very much, CR Miss! So . . . who wants to team up?
  13. Given that just about the only selling point for Yellowside is the story, yeah: The gameplay should facilitate access to that story. -Having- to shut off your Experience Gain should not be "just the way things are."
  14. I may be missing your point, Sijin, but ;liedown seems pretty awesome and looks fine to me when used by a player character. Do you mean the transition from standing? If that's all, then that's an incredibly tiny price to pay for getting the character to lie down in a way that's not melodramatic like ;swoon or ;collapse. Bring on the rest of the Emotes already! . . . yes, even ;puke, despite the potential for unpleasantness. Granted, it may be a good idea to help players figure out where the puking sound effect is located, so they can block it.
  15. I'll level with you . . . I don't have a whole set thought out . . . but the recent post by GM Sijin in Transfusion/Transference Thread gave me an idea for a new targeted AoE Heal . . . I don't have a name for it yet (that's where YOU could pitch in! As well as with fleshing out the rest of this set, in fact), but I do have an idea . . . A Targetted "Attack" AoE Heal (like Transfusion or Twilight Grasp), with a Chaining component! On the surface, it would be a lacklustre heal when used against small mobs or single enemies. Maybe healing roughly for 45% to 70% of what either Transfusion or Twilight Grasp would do (depending on balance, and whether or not the Signature of this Power could be programmed in), in an AoE area slightly smaller than that on the Translight Graspfusion (new name for addressing those two powers at the same time. Sticking to it from here-on out). So far, just a weaker, smaller Transfusion. But then . . . it can jump to another enemy! Now, of course, we don't know the full extent of what can and can not be programmed, but in my mind's eye, I see the next hop being a smaller radius and for a smaller value. If the Heals have to stack, then it would be as low as 5% of the original Heal (or as high as 50%, again depending on where we set the initial Heal value and how we want to balance this). If the Heals can be coded so they don't stack up (thus avoiding any super-healing of anyone in overlapping AoE zones), then we can have the heal value as high as 90% of the initial Heal. Should still be a smaller radius, though. And then it jumps again, and again. Maybe three or five times. But here comes the extra special bit! If the Chain hits the maximum number of targets, and the user is within range, then it arcs back to them, completes the circuit, and casts a final AoE Heal for the same value as the initial Heal from their position, AND grants the user full Endurance cost refund! You get that electricity theme, get a rule-of-cool signature which marks the Set as different no matter what else you throw in to it, and in gameplay you get a Heal with has some potential for compelling tactical decision making. It's a heal that would encourage the team to seek a fresh mob of enemies to get the maximum benefit, creating a risk versus reward decision. Do you just heal on the last enemy in a mob, for the relatively poor amount . . . or do you wait until the team engages with the next mob, and try for a completed circuit for greater healing and personal Endurance? Other Powers in the Set could include an ally-target cast PBAoE Pusling Damage Aura with Endurance Drain against enemies (like Lightning Field). Some Resistance Shields like Thermal and Plasma Shields, but with strong Endurance Drain Resistance as well (great for protecting the team from Sappers and Carnies). A Speed Boost-style Power; less Movement Speed but more Endurance Recovery (or instead; Endurance Discount) and maybe some Recharge. A Breakfree Power with a name like "Stimulating Charge." And maybe an AoE Nuke which only hits Enemies' Endurance and has a chance for Stun. How's that sound? Worth fleshing out in more detail?
  16. . . . I've tried to type a version of this message three times now, and something in my browser is screwing up and losing me all the text I've been typing . . . So, short and sweet version: Thank you very much for your time, candour, and communication, Sijin. It's deeply appreciated, and your thoughtful response really demonstrates the quality of your character. I hope this dialogue can be a bridge which builds to greater communication with the Homecoming Team. I've probably repeated myself enough times in regard to my feelings on what the City of Heroes revival represents, but I'll say that I do so in an attempt to seek answers. I know that people process information in different ways, so I hope my efforts have not crossed the line in to "annoying" for anyone on the Team. Although, without direct engagement to my core question from someone with the authority to answer it, I'm afraid all I can think of doing is attempting to engage with them in different ways. I don't know enough about Korean corporate culture to understand the impact it may have on communication here at Homecoming, but I'm just hoping that it's just something of that nature which is creating the barriers. Yet, as it stands, all we've got on the ground floor here is speculation . . . which sucks, for a whole host of reasons. But . . . thanks again! You're proving to be a fantastic GM, and your efforts are not going to waste.
  17. Yeah; a night or two ago there was something in the LFG channel about people talking about Superluminary's name, and whether there was a relation to Luminary.
  18. You're welcome. (I'm totally taking all of the credit for this, even though I don't deserve it.)
  19. Are multibox contestants allowed, or must all entries be compromised of separate players?
  20. Those first and last photos of Ghost. Damn. Very nice.
  21. No one /suffers/ from Altoholism. Just make another alt. You know you wannnnnna.
  22. Honestly, if you're not pumping out Transfusions every time its off cooldown, I don't think you're Kineticsing to your full potential. Tranfusion is wonderful! "Just" be sure to be on your toes about who/what you're targeting, and its position relative to yourself and your teammates/pets.
  23. What happens if you just ignore the tentacles and go straight for the head? I mean, with Incarnate stuff, shouldn't it be possible?
  24. As a player who has a main Hero which is Kinetics since 2004, I'll say this: Getting in to the thick of things to benefit from Kinetics' gameplay mechanics has been insanely rewarding and engaging compared to almost all the other characters I've played. Kinetics isn't a "backline" Support Set; it's a dynamic one, which can be truly effective when used by someone willing to be a team leader. Calling out when and where your Powers will come in to effect is MASSIVE, and Kinetics really reaches its apex when you're able to effectively communicate with your team. I'm all-for leaving Transfusion and Transference unchanged. Thank you.
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