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  1. I'm one of those "Super-Dine" people. Because I read it wrong initially, and every other reading since has been awkward with extra syllables. Or 'Dyne.
  2. Congratulations @American Valor! And to everybody who submitted such lovely costumes, well done!
  3. Pardon me while I skate in just under the wire! I've been fiddling with this look on and off for a while now. I thought about recoloring Dawn Reaper's look, but I'm incredibly happy with the way she currently looks so..she gets a sister! Please meet Dawn Shade, the newest member of my (I'm stealing this now!) "Ever After" girls. In this case, the Ever After, being a realm that resides adjacent to our normal realm. It's inhabited by spirits, unknowing beings, unquiet dead, echoes, and the like.
  4. *laughs* I haven't had the time to participate in the last two weeks, let alone run a forum contest of my own! I'm just cursed (or blessed?) with an over abundance of curiosity. You don't have to spoil the magic! I'm just a curious villain!
  5. How do you pick the colors? Do you use some sort of random roll program? A complimentary color wheel? Darts? I think it's amazing that you're doing this, Thank you!
  6. Love the color choices and lighting/shadow choices in these, @nwisth! Your wife has some mad skills! I'm really digging her style too!
  7. Congratulations! So glad everybody made it so tough for @Christopher Robin!
  8. Awe yah! I can slip into this! Please meet Weather Event, an ordinary weather girl that learned sensationalizing ( Or causing!) major weather events brings in the big $$.
  9. Oooh, I love these sorts of things! I've got a few ideas starting to develop into proper costume squirrels and maybe even a plot bunny or two!
  10. As usual, this was a lot of fun! To bad work intervened for a fair chunk of it. And Nigel's Friend is still useless. I stand by the fact that that monkey is so bad they couldn't be bothered to name it. Poor thing.
  11. *Is all giddy!* I'm so marking that nigh toff on my calendar! Woo! You know I still have that gift I got the first night I attended. *grins wide*
  12. Oh man, reads like Runeshield is just having one of those days! If he'd just hope on over to the Isles, he'd have more options for days like those. <.<
  13. Hey, I know that cult leader! He looks fantastic! Is it too late to submit something for consideration?
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