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  1. As usual, this was a lot of fun! To bad work intervened for a fair chunk of it. And Nigel's Friend is still useless. I stand by the fact that that monkey is so bad they couldn't be bothered to name it. Poor thing.
  2. *Is all giddy!* I'm so marking that nigh toff on my calendar! Woo! You know I still have that gift I got the first night I attended. *grins wide*
  3. Oh man, reads like Runeshield is just having one of those days! If he'd just hope on over to the Isles, he'd have more options for days like those. <.<
  4. Hey, I know that cult leader! He looks fantastic! Is it too late to submit something for consideration?
  5. Hey Grimz! I took a shot at this, I hope it sparks inspiration! Figured this guy looked pretty charismatic in an ominous sort of way. Used the ghost aura to simulate the souls he's collecting, the aura's on all the time though you could change it to just combat only. Used light and dark blues to simulate souls. CultLeader.costume
  6. Thanks! I'm still looking for a good belt. I was hoping to find a belt version of the shoulders but there doesn't seem to be.
  7. Seems like the time to put up my new project. Please allow me to introduce: The Dawn Reaper. Her boss is Death.
  8. Hey, welcome to Everlasting! If your ever interested in redside, yadayada, Arachnos sales pitch. We exist too! As far as the question goes, I've been known to take in game story arcs and switch them up just slightly and turn them into a major VG storyarc. Usually I deal with it like "Oh? So-n-so is at it again?" For defeating a signature hero (Freedom Phalanx/Vindicators), I've just considered that a character of mine either chased them from the Isles or a Mediporter whisked them away. And then just comment how such-n-such hero has no right to force their brand of morality on the Isles and that isn't it such a pain in the butt to keep having to kick them out? Although, I did turn Indigo and Crimson into an elite type of agent, rather than a specific person. So I can reuse that as a threat.
  9. Ah, cunning and intellect are also forms of strength. The mistake many make is believing there is only one type of strength and not preparing accordingly. This is an oversight that leads many disappearances.
  10. Lord Recluse is equal opportunity. If one has the strength to survive and flourish, there are many opportunities to grab power. If one does not possess such strength, than one does not even last a day in Mercy before disappearing, never to be seen or heard from again.
  11. I'm so late to the party! Welcome back! I've recreated a few characters from live, however most my RP people from live aren't around, so I've had more success with newly created characters. I've run across lots of people who have recreated their live characters and had been able to pick up where they left off, more or less. It's also fun, sometimes, to create a character from an alternate reality, where everything can just be slightly off. Say Ms Liberty was never born, so Longbow was never formed? And then walk around in perpetual confusion wondering who this Ms. Liberty is and why are those red and white people running around with guns and flame throwers? Huh. I might do that.
  12. Was nice running into you at Black Friday, last night! I always get a little giddy when I see names from the forums, in game.
  13. *Gasp* AC and Tech! OMGOMGOMG! I see myself hovering there, looking the totally wrong way! <-Tenebrous Night (TenTen. Ten.)
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