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  1. Sine Language is an amazing name! It's been turned into a Beam Rifle/Time Corr. Thank you for this amazing name!
  2. In the first year or so of the Tower, we were looking to get some Hero vs Arachnos group rivalries going. We kept running in to the same problem, none of the Hero groups we contacted or who contacted us ever wanted to lose beyond the "We Heroes didn't ask for this, we're just chilling in our base and you evil villains came and blew us up/kidnapped/killed" thing that would give them every reason to smash down the Tower. None of them ever wanted to be the aggressors or even remotely in the wrong. We were wanted as a punching bag to advance their SG storylines, but they weren't willing to help ad
  3. Rikti Monkey Fight Club? *perks* Always down for seeing Nigel's Friend loose. I'm usually hanging around the university district in Cap, if I'm not running a storyline or doing #justarachnosthings
  4. I'm one of those "Super-Dine" people. Because I read it wrong initially, and every other reading since has been awkward with extra syllables. Or 'Dyne.
  5. Congratulations @American Valor! And to everybody who submitted such lovely costumes, well done!
  6. Pardon me while I skate in just under the wire! I've been fiddling with this look on and off for a while now. I thought about recoloring Dawn Reaper's look, but I'm incredibly happy with the way she currently looks so..she gets a sister! Please meet Dawn Shade, the newest member of my (I'm stealing this now!) "Ever After" girls. In this case, the Ever After, being a realm that resides adjacent to our normal realm. It's inhabited by spirits, unknowing beings, unquiet dead, echoes, and the like.
  7. *laughs* I haven't had the time to participate in the last two weeks, let alone run a forum contest of my own! I'm just cursed (or blessed?) with an over abundance of curiosity. You don't have to spoil the magic! I'm just a curious villain!
  8. How do you pick the colors? Do you use some sort of random roll program? A complimentary color wheel? Darts? I think it's amazing that you're doing this, Thank you!
  9. Love the color choices and lighting/shadow choices in these, @nwisth! Your wife has some mad skills! I'm really digging her style too!
  10. Congratulations! So glad everybody made it so tough for @Christopher Robin!
  11. Awe yah! I can slip into this! Please meet Weather Event, an ordinary weather girl that learned sensationalizing ( Or causing!) major weather events brings in the big $$.
  12. Oooh, I love these sorts of things! I've got a few ideas starting to develop into proper costume squirrels and maybe even a plot bunny or two!
  13. As usual, this was a lot of fun! To bad work intervened for a fair chunk of it. And Nigel's Friend is still useless. I stand by the fact that that monkey is so bad they couldn't be bothered to name it. Poor thing.
  14. *Is all giddy!* I'm so marking that nigh toff on my calendar! Woo! You know I still have that gift I got the first night I attended. *grins wide*
  15. Oh man, reads like Runeshield is just having one of those days! If he'd just hope on over to the Isles, he'd have more options for days like those. <.<
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