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  1. I am pleased to see those Loyal to Arachnos standing tall. ~Thorn. Glory to Arachnos!
  2. That's true, about not being so literal and on the nose. I was just poking around the tailor on my /rad scrapper, looking for anyway to actually see my character when all my toggles are up. Unlike Willpower there isn't a "No FX" option for Rad. Since we're supposed to show off costumes in this thread, Please meet Thea Sandoval. She's a product of Everlasting's Random Idea thread. Thea Sandoval, AKA Corrupted Mind. She looks nice.
  3. There's a power in the Willpower set, that pulses like a heartbeat. I /think/ it's Rise to the Challenge. It would open Tanking/Scrapping/Bruteing/Stalkering if you wanted to go the melee route. As a bonus, all those AT's get electrical melee. You could could set all the other toggles as No FX and just leave the heartbeat pulse going.
  4. She was originally rolled May 29, but I'm just now getting around to writing up a post. Please meet Thea Sandoval. She's 19 and from Cap au Diable. Thea was visiting her Uncle and cousins in Paragon, when she was dragged out to Frozen Felonies for some wholesome (Annoying!) family fun. Rather than enduring another (Boring and Annoying!) lecture about coming to study in Paragon (She could totally stay with family and save money!), she sneaked out the window in the girls bathroom. While leaning against the wall (And contemplating hitch hiking back to the Isles), an energy beam emerged from the alley wall and passed through her torso. Upon waking in a S.E.R.E.P.H. facility, Thea spent the next several months learning to control her Mind and Radiation (And putting up with low key how-to-be-a-hero classes!). She was then encouraged (Blackmailed!) into becoming a Hero. She hates it. ((Roll Breakdowns! AT: 21.23 - Scrapper Primary: 63.12 - Psi Melee Secondary 65.42 - Radiation Armor)) Corrupted Mind (Thea Sandoval). She looks nice, doesn't she?
  5. Are you wearing the Midnight Visage? It's a power toggle that you got from the previous mission. Should show up under temporary Powers if your power bars are full. Ashely will only talk to you if you're wearing the form of her dad.
  6. If you do decide to give red side a go, I would say Everlasting has the largest red side population. Rumor has it that we once almost got a 2:1 ratio of Heroes to Villains! That said, thanks to null the gull, it's not terribly hard to fill a team unless it's after midnight.
  7. 30 people? That's fantastic! 75million? Wow!
  8. Do I need to talk to someone to figure out where I should stand? Is there going to be a roped off section that says "Villains beyond this point"? <.<
  9. Mine are usually written up as Powers Division files or Arachnos Files or PPD files. Public information that people with minor connections or a little skill can get a hold of. Sorting out what's true and what's BS now, that's the fun stuff.
  10. Time to lose some money on Nigel's Friend!
  11. I've never had anybody turn down a cookie bribe before!
  12. Do I need to reserve a spot for a certain redside organization for recruitment? I'm gonna have to bake cookies to bribe people with, aren't I?
  13. Just a pretty fairy. In dark colors. That doesn't hurt my eyes.
  14. *gasp* Is that the key, if Nigel's friend is to win, I have to have my story arch pushed back 4 nights in a row? Next time!
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