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  1. It's been said (or more to the point: claimed) that a Mastermind Primary is analogous to an amount of work equivalent to three to seven "regular" Power Sets. I am 100,000% in favour of more Mastermind Sets, but until something changes in the development process, we are regrettably less likely to see them than other content. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, of course. Just getting this little rant out of the way before someone significantly more negative goes ahead and craps all over other people's dreams. NOW THEN! With -that- out of the way: Yes please! More Mastermind Primaries! I'd like to see something like "an alien invaders" Set. Get some Neo-Shivans and Khledian Henchpets to devastate your opponents!
  2. "Play the game normally." . . . sooooooo, stand around in my base for three or four hours sending Global Tells and moderating Global Channels? I kid, but only partially. I imagine the listed team activities are more what you meant to have in mind. Can you provide any additional details as to the intention behind this testing, and what specific factors you may want given a more solid "working over?"
  3. That's a thoughtful hope, 24601. You pretty much nailed it, but there's still the overarching problem with out-of-touch publishers kowtowing to greedy investors who demand continuous, unsustainable growth. The industry as a whole is pretty well divided right now between AAA teetering on the edge of ruin, and indie darlings. There are a few mid-tier developers and publishers still in the mix, but only enough to point at and say "hey look! There's one!" With that current climate, it's actually City of Heroes Homecoming that represents the most significant hope for the future, in my professional opinion. Granted, I am definitely a little biased, given how impactful City has been in my life. But this whole rogue server situation is potential lightning in a bottle for the future of games. It's the sort of treatment that needs to become the normal. Small, but sustainable, but also; not tiny. So . . . yeah. Pretty big news story, this little venture. Granted, people boycotting acti-blizz is also big news. It's a shame that more people didn't, in wake of the human rights violation scandal, but after observing trends in this industry for the past twenty years . . . it's more shocking to me that any significant number of people boycotted at all. Gives me hope. Been a while since I felt that.
  4. Why no love for the Rogue Isles, huh? Why no love for the villains? We hosted a New Years Party in Upper Mercy on Everlasting, and we were shunned. SHUNNED, I say! You Paragonians shall all rue the day! <em shakefist>
  5. I actually just ran it, heh. Still only gave 66 Merits, like normal.
  6. The code doesn't allow for it. Yet. The Homecoming Team has announced, in the past, that they are working on a Vectored Knock code. This will, hopefully, allow for what you're requesting here. The other alternative is a Taunt which applies an Unresistable -99% Range Debuff . . . but that's unreliable, as some enemies might still run off in other directions due to AI hiccups.
  7. City of Heroes is almost 100 votes ahead of 3rd place! Great work, everyone, but we mustn't rest on our laurels! No! It is the enemy who will taste death and defeat! AS YOU KNOW! MOST OF OUR BATTLE BRO- wait, what was I doing? Oh. Right!
  8. I realize it's only been a few minutes since the patch hit the regular manifest.xml for the 32- and 64-bit clients, but the beta.xml manifest is still trying to hand out the winter event version of those clients.
  9. Actually, with how many people are claiming "the game is too easy already," why -not- give enemies those Buff Auras? As an option. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/11876-new-difficulty-mechanic-advanced-enemies/ I was only playing devil's advocate for all those players who keep harping on this concept that somehow their experience with the game's current difficulty is universal. I'm all-for restoring the AoE Holds to Issue 0 levels without any other change. I just prefer to provide compromises since other people have different experiences and preferences. s'what I do.
  10. I'd just like to point to Atomic Manipulation's Radioactive Cloud. Activation: 1.07s Recharge: 90s !!! Endurance Cost: 20.18 Accuracy: 1.00x ! Area Effect: Unlisted? Target Cap: Unlisted? Mag 3 Hold for 17.15s at 35 / 19.07s at 50 ! and to Plant Manipulation's Vines. Activation Time: 3.10s Recharge: 90s !!! Endurance Cost: 20.18 Accuracy: 0.80x Area Effect: 15ft Target Cap: 10 Mag 3 Hold for 8.58s at 35 / 9.54s at 50 If Blasters are allowed to have this level of AoE Control, why aren't Controllers and Dominators? I know some people will call for these to be nerfed, but it's not like they're actually overpowered. They're reasonable, frankly. What's unreasonable if where the Control Sets' Holds are presently. If people are honestly, actually concerned about "City of Statues to Beat Up," let's perhaps invest in giving enemies more tools to counter Control in large mobs. Such as Support units who cast Control Protection Buffs on their allies. Or low value PBAoE Status Resistance Buffs from Lts and medium value from Bosses, so their presence makes Minions a little more challenging to overwhelm completely.
  11. Excelsior. They drink straight, liquid Excelsior. Probably with a paint-thinner and gasoline chaser. Come on folks! Dip in to your lore wells.
  12. Glad to see that City has clawed its way up out of 5th. Very glad. But come on! We -at least- need to beat those w.o.w'ers! Runescape's gonna Runescape, so I have no hard feelings there, but City has always suffered under the shadow of blizz's beast. No more, I say! Rise up, City! Rise up to defeat your hated foe!
  13. Voted, and displeased with how far City is lagging behind. COME ON, FOLKS! Show that Homecoming spirit!
  14. The game can handle Powers which grant targets another Power, right? Someone mentioned blowing up teammates, but what about, instead, the Time Bomb is a Buff Power. It gives an allied player a Temp Single-Use Trip Mine that has 0 Interrupt time to cast. The Time Bomb will expire from the teammate after a while, but you can cast on multiple teammates to arm them with bombs simultaneously.
  15. Actually, if my understanding of the code is adequate, this wouldn't be that difficult; it could be handled with a client-side TXT file or registry call function. Basically, add a function to the "Select Character" button which writes to that file a simple value ranging from 0 to 100. 0 means: Ignore, and the other values translate to which page to display the next time the Character Screen is displayed. The real challenge is modifying the GUI to have a checkbox for this. Easier would be to make it a slash command in the executable that toggles between Ignoring and setting the Last Page Used number.
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