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  1. I routinely get a group together for tabletop Shadowrun every Monday. Convincing them to play City of Heroes, though, has been challenging . . . most of them see the game as "too old," or not offering enough roleplay depth. We'll see what happens when we conclude the current chapter of our on-going campaign early next year, and put it on pause for me to recover from GMing for the past three years straight.
  2. Are you looking for hero-side, or would a Prestigious Academy in the Etoile Islands be a good fit?
  3. I'm unsure if this is a bug, but it's inconsistent at the least. I got Force of Nature a while ago while Redside, and switched sides, and received Gaes of the Kind Ones (both Badge and Power). This was a while ago. I then switched back, and earnt Headline Stealer, Demonic, and Invader. Approximately a month ago, but it's hard to remember exactly when. However, just now when I switched back yet again to Blueside, I only got Task Force Commander. I did not receive either Conspiracy Theorist Badge/Crey Pistol Power, nor Archmade/Eye of the Magus. According to ParagonWiki, I should have received the other Accolades/Powers. Was this changed for Homecoming, or am I the victim of a bug?
  4. Not to belabour the point, but the Rikti thing was never really that well hidden. It was on the official website in two places straight from launch, even: The Rikti Villain Group page and the Timeline page. It's not a real secret. Not like the [REDACTED!] secret is.
  5. It's not like you would need to create an entire mission or story arc, Echo Night. Just create those two characters and save their NPC files to your local drive. After that, either post them here as plain text, or email them to a receptive GM/CR/Dev.
  6. I mean, I'd recommend organizing an <em protest> rally in the Croatoa lake, but I can only imagine how heartbreaking it would be if someone punted Sally in the middle of said protest.
  7. I happen to firmly disagree on that assessment. I would much rather be on Homecoming that weekend, but there are things more important in life than being happy. All the same . . . any official word on contest participation by proxy?
  8. Ok, thanks for pointing that out. I went to double check, and you're correct. The show is on the Sunday. However, my spouse's friend is having her wedding on the Saturday, so I'm still in a boat of no-chance-to-get-on-Homecoming. I saw both days blocked out on my calendar, and just forgot which was which.
  9. I mean, don't force us to stop punching her if we don't want to, but we have the technology now . . . how about we add a Contact to Croatoa who sells a Temp Power called "Camera" that can only be used on Sally. Use Camera on Sally, and earn the Believer Badge. Also, add a new badge . . . Disbeliever and have that one award for the punching-of-Sally which currently exists. Pretty please?
  10. Could be fun! You could write a full package deal, and offer it to the Devs too. Do such things as create the captain and first officer in AE, save the files, go in to Striga and jot down some /loc spots for spawn locations, write some content for it, and then package it all up and send it to the various Community Reps here on the forums. The less work the Devs have to do themselves, the more likely they are to implement it, I'd imagine.
  11. The spouse won't go for changing dates. Saturday was chosen for particular reasons.
  12. The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Islands Everlasting Server (naturally) Learn-1453 @VileTerror This is a school for young adults and youth in the Rogue Isles who want to pursue self-motivated learning opportunities. The faculty and staff are cherry-picked to ensure that they understand the price for intentionally undermining or manipulating the students. The Academy caters to exclusivity; with the ultra-wealthy or influential being the only ones permitted to be the benefactors of the enrolled students. And Arachnos, of course, since who would dare oppose the magnanimous Lord Recluse or his Arbiters? Located in St. Martial, the Academy has ample parking (at least ample by the standards of the Etoile Isles), an intimate setting for small-sized classrooms of various types, an extensive library containing both technological and magical resources, and nearby student residence facilities. There are also some on-site guard barracks, since a Prestigious school such as this needs to ensure the safety of students from threats both external and internal. The base plot also includes a little slice of street-level life in a simulated St. Martial.
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