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  1. Call me crazy, but maybe what the Regeneration Set needs is permission to be defeated all the time. Make Revive have a Recharge timer of 1 minute, and an activation time of less than 1 second. Maybe even make it so the more allies you have around you, the faster Revive Recharges, so you don't miss out on the action in big teams. Adjust the Debt which a Regen character can accrue after picking up Revive as well. Alternatively, add a weaker-than-Revive revive mechanic to Moment of Glory and Instant Healing. Give the Regen'er multiple ways to get back up and back in to the fight after a full defeat. Make /THAT/ Regen's schtick! Yes, you'll get defeated, again and again and again and again, but you're right back up and back in to the fight every time! You're the sort of character who just won't stay down. That seems to be "on brand" for Regen without shifting the set in to Willpower territory.
  2. Mine's a little out of date, but: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/10583-vileterrors-roleplay-characters-as-of-2019-09-27/
  3. Ninja Run and Jump Pack. Anything else is just an indulgence. But seriously; I tend to actually do all my travelling with teleport waypoints, and then just fill the gaps with Ninja Run, with a smattering of Jump Pack'ing for the verticality. And I still seem to beat most of my teammates to the Task Force mission doors with enough time to hit Recall Team and get them all there. I only ever take Travel Powers when a concept calls for it in terms of roleplay. So, yeah. Fly's "slow." But it's Fly, and that makes it pretty important for all sorts of concepts. Maybe it deserves some more speed, but considering everything else in equal measure, I don't think it would be the end of the world to leave it as-is, nor the end of the world to give it some more oomph. Really, though, I think one of the new Incarnate Powers should be Incarnate-level Travel Powers, as detailed in another thread from weeks ago. So ends this bit of ramblings from a player who seems to be passionate about City of Heroes less for it being a game, and more for everything else that it is.
  4. And remember; a lot of these topics end up being "cross discipline" when it comes to the development and deployment of the suggestion. What we could use is a community effort to catalogue the suggestions in to an open source spreadsheet, and then sticky that to the top of the board. That way we, the players and fans of the game can take the burden off the shoulders of the Homecoming Team. What'd ya say? Wanna team up and do that?
  5. Cross-reference for roleplay recruitment posting: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/13113-everlasting-in-character-job-posting-for-professor-of-general-sciences-in-the-rogue-isles/
  6. I recommend running some tests with which Log Out method you're using too: To Login, To Character Select, or Exit Program. I'm uncertain, but I feel as though I've noticed some inconsistency with that as well. There is definitely /something/ wonky about the log out timer. Sometimes it's 0 seconds, sometimes it's 10, sometimes it's 15, and I swear I logged out somewhere with it being the full 30 seconds at least once on Homecoming. Since I have over 100 characters, and I make a habit of cycling them frequently for Day Jobs, I've noticed this wonkiness at play, but never bothered to document it precisely before.
  7. I'd recommend that we move it down to Level 8; match Positron 1 and let people access it after just one Death From Below and spare-change worth of Experience.
  8. Location: St. Martial, Etoile Isles Appointment Type: Full-Time Continuing Position Type: Associate Professor, General and Applied Sciences (with intent for fast-track to Science Department Head of Faculty) Posting Date: 2019-12-05 Application Review Date: ASAP The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Isles currently has an opening for the Science Department Head of Faculty. Qualified individuals are invited to apply for the position, with options of tenure-track or full tenure. A preference for applicants with experience in the Applied Sciences as they relate to "Super Villainy." Integral to the position is the capacity and willingness to train youths aged in their teens to early 20s; with a suitable respect for a faculty hierarchy, notably for the academy's Dean and Chief Administrative Staff. Students are provided an open and self-directed learning experience, and as such applicants to this position must be prepared to cater specific lesson plans on a per student basis. The successful candidate will demonstrate suitable motivation and innovation, without jeopardizing, threatening, or holding to ransom any Academy staff, students, or property. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in appropriate fields, or equivalent, or be capable of demonstrating a level of competency which would award a Ph.D. or equivalent; a strong academic background; an established and verifiable record of excellence and accomplishments in the field; and committed to ongoing development of the Academy's Science Department. The Revelatory Prestige Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates, while especially encouraging applications from women, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, extraterrestrials, extradimensionals, and persons of extended sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Etoileans and permanent residents will be given priority. The Revelatory Prestige Academy respects people's different needs and therefore will take reasonable steps to ensure accommodation for applicants where appropriate. If you require an accommodation to participate in the recruitment process, please notify the Human Resources Department. Note: A professional deference to the Arachnos Government and the Arbiter Corp is a mandatory legal necessity, despite any potential personal objections.
  9. I fully support a no- / low-power Control set which revolves around just talking to your targets. And Support Sets. And Assault Sets. I have a lot of concepts which I'd reroll if this, or anything like it, ever went live.
  10. Thank you so very, very much for the breakdown and explanation of the patches! THIS is the quality of work which elevates Homecoming, and I'd really like to encourage more of this in the future. Thank you!
  11. If anything, any revamp Redside should just /add/ stuff, without taking away what's already there. Like giving some additional narrative conversational branches to all the existing Contacts' arcs, so we can feel a little more self-styled and less lackey'ish. Or adding a party cruise ship docked in St. Martial. Or a military battlecruiser in Sharkhead. Or zeppelin fortress in Cap au Diable. . . . wait. What was this thread about again?
  12. I mean, if you want to be paid for 3D assets that you make, you could create content which could be imported to City of Heroes but posted to Asset Stores (like Unity's).
  13. Petless MERCENARY / Trick Arrow Mastermind. Get some extra Redraw going on in there. . . . I also did this on Live before Trick Arrow was added to Corruptors. The character was /very/ short-lived.
  14. I like the idea, despite the nay-saying. It connects with the idea of having an elected player Mayor and City Council per Shard. It's the sort of low impact, but world-building element to the game which players could contribute toward. Stretch goal, sure, but worth doing a feasibility study on at the very least.
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