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  1. Actually, Chuckers, that one doesn't surprise me so much. I live in a pretty large city. People just . . . put furniture in places. Some very unreasonable and challenging places, some times. At a certain point, asking those questions just feels like an exercise in futility.
  2. Did someone say "Doubleking?!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_MSFkZHNi4
  3. When they logged back in, the player I was troubleshooting with said they got Tequila instead, and it immediately fixed their Petition/Support issue.
  4. Just discovered while troubleshooting with someone in the Help Channel of Everlasting that Cream Soda can also cause issues with the in-game Petition/Support features, preventing players from getting the help they need when a mission gets stuck or they're being harassed. Something to keep in mind for folks wanting to use something other than Tequila or Rum.
  5. The tooltips do not show up for me. Likely my browser considering it bloat code.
  6. "9 minutes ago" and "yesterday" are not helpful information for me to determine when posts are hitting the forums. Can we please have the ISO standard for Date/Time applied to posts for sensible and easy-to-comprehend formatting in determining such crucial information? If a setting for this already exists, could someone please point me in the appropriate direction?
  7. Are there just some links to the maps themselves as images online? Like the old ones on ParagonWiki in the various zone pages. I always find that much preferable.
  8. My Global Channels seem to be failing /any/ time I enter an instance right now. Just up and vanish from my Friends window drop-down, but reappear once I'm in a public zone.
  9. I'll reiterate: Absolutely no Stealth. Confirmed in Combat Attributes window, with a Stealth Radius of 0.00 ft. Additionally, this has been experienced on multiple different characters.
  10. As much as City of Heroes (or more to the point, City of Villains) was / is The Dream . . . there's always been that sense that's there was something just over the horizon to make the experience truly Complete for me. I've largely had a similar experience to you, Pixie_Knight, but there's a little sense of foreboding I get in that I've always wanted to bring a piece of myself in to the game's lore and have it be truly meaningful. That's probably one of the largest reasons I was so dedicated in the past. This imagined feeling that if I was just playing /hard/ enough, that maybe I could make a lasting impression. That I could inform and influence the narrative. Those dreams came crashing to a halt during Going Rogue Beta when I spoke directly with one of the Devs about Knockback, and it helped me to realize my fantasy was very much that: Fantasy. Now that the game's back and being run by people who aren't under the thumb of a major corporate system of stocks and profit margins, I admit that the dream of my fantasy has roused itself. I think I'm a little more sensible now, and I realize that my odds of fulfilling that dream are still pretty much just as slim, but what's a roleplaying game if not a space to indulge in a little fantasy for one reason or another?
  11. Pretty good news, from the looks of it. As for this forum? I think it's pretty much spot-on. I don't think we need to worry about modifying the forum at all.
  12. I am certain. I stopped playing around 2009, though, so something may have changed on Live during that time, but absolutely no speed boosts on me other than Inherent Swift, and absolutely no Stealth Powers. Maybe I'm misremembering, but considering how easily everything else in this game has fit like an old glove, this constant Escort issue is definitely not meshing with my memory of how things played back then.
  13. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but escorting NPCs definitely doesn't feel like it used to in 2009 when I last played. The NPCs are constantly getting separated from me or their pathing goes crazy and they get lost in the same room as me. The only thing I know which is different which might account for this is that Swift is now Inherent, while I never once took Swift during Live (always went for Hurdle). I asked around in a Global Channel and got confirmation from other players who felt like something wasn't quite right either. Could someone please look in to this and see if there's possibly something interfering with NPC escorts? Thanks.
  14. Oo, wait! Is this thread secretly the new quote pyramid game? At least that would make more sense than complaining about something as old-hat as this. Again. Like, "Diminishing Returns" could also be the title of the series of threads which get started on this subject. Each one becomes worth less than the last. Sorry for the snark. It's late, and it boggles my mind to see this topic get this kind of attention. After all, if something this baked-in upsets someone so much, I've heard that starting your own server isn't too challenging. There are already Youtube tutorials online for how to do just that, in fact. I may be horribly wrong, but I don't think the Homecoming team is in the "reverse Enhancement Diversification" camp. But that doesn't mean that those of you can't have your cake for eating purposes. It's probably just not going to be /this/ particular set of servers where that happens. And if reversing D.R.E.D. ends up being worth it, I am certain players will flock to those servers in droves. I just personally wouldn't put any bank on that gamble.
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