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The Devoured Earth: AT idea

Razor Cure

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This would be a totally new AT, with an attack set couple with a defence secondary, based on the DE mob types in game. A LOT of the praetorian and incarnate story follows Hamidon and the DE, and they basically overrun Prae Earth. And are clearly gonna come here next.

Looking into the existing Lore, specifically that of Pyriss, a poor hero who was given up to the DE and devoured, but still has some degree of autonomy. Going by this, I think it is totally feasible that a super powered person, particular with Incarnate powers, somehow wins back control on their body and mind, albeit having to exist is a reshaped state. Once you go Tree you never go back. Or whatever.

The AT on a whole would sorta play like a Sentinal (attack/def) but with more controlling and team buff powers too, and some evolution mechanics, with the Attack set being influence by Evolution, in the secondary.

Using the DE creatures and their animations would (maybe) make the set up and animations easier.


Feasibility: 7 (a lot of teh models and animations are already there)

Niche: 5 (we already have sentinels and khleds)

Interest: 7 (could be super fun, but not much need to make multiple ones)



Each attack has a changing damage type and effect based on Evolution. Changes from smashing/toxic/stun, lethal/toxic/slow, energy/toxic/to hit debuff. Fire/toxic/small –res.


Devouring Earth

Tier 1 -  Sting Moderate damage ranged attack.

Tier 2 – Assault. High damage ranged attack.

Tier 3 – Barrage. Moderate damage cone. Wide arc, medium range.

Tier 4 – Morphing Strike. High damage melee. Changes from smashing/toxic/stun, lethal/toxic/slow, energy/toxic/to hit debuff. Fire/toxic/small -res

Tier 5 – Commune. +Regen/to hit/damage, extra toxic damage.

Tier 6 – Devour. Superior ranged, foe hold/stun

Tier 7 – Spore Cloud. Aoe Mez

Tier 8 – Hamidon’s Fury. Extreme damage ST melee.

Tier 9 – Devestation. Superior damage PBAoe.


Devoured Earth

Tier 1 – Evolution. Must have. Lets you toggle between Thorn, Boulder and Quartz forms, each influencing the attacks. Thorn is lethal/tox slow (think spine/thorn attacks), Boulder is smashing/tox/stuns (thing earth melee/assault) and Quartz is energy/toxi/to hit buff (think quartz attacks). The animations would change, with the aoe mez before like spore burst/staligitites or Flash, same for the single target mez (stone prison, will dom, blind).

Tier 2 – Earth’s Embrace. Auto. +hp, regen, recovery, resist regen, slow (almost max) +resist to all.

Tier 3 – Shield of Hamidom. Toggle. +Resist/Def, resist slow.

Tier 4 – One with the Hamidon. Toggle. Mez protection, all but Fear and repel. +regen, resist - regen, -to hit.

Tier 5 – Emination. Place a DE emitter on the ground. Quarry gives a Cairn (+resist, minor hp), Thorn gives Tree of Life (+regen, recovery), Quartz gives +acc/def.

Tier 6 – Blessing of the Hamidon. Click. Self Heal. Extra effect based on Evolution. Quarry gets +hp, Thorn gets +regen and recovery (living tree) and Quartz gets +def and acc.

Tier 7 – Devouring. Aoe debuff, -res, -regen, -to hit.

Tier 8 – Undying Earth. Self Rez. Can also be used as a Click based Heal, for 70%, giving a large +res/def bonus and regen.

Tier 9 – Hamidon’s Avatar. Become one with the Hamidon. +resist, regen, damage, periodic aoe heal pulse.




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