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New Strike FOrce: Wretch

Razor Cure

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Wretch Task Force

Levels 10-15, as Villains have only a single TF in the low range, while heroes get Posix2, Synapse, and CoT. SO here is my idea. It's quite long, but would fill a redside gap, and every other patron minion (cuda, mantis, icey) have SF's already. Plus, it brings the snakes in, cool legacy, and CoT. ANd Zoira and MirrorSpirit are awesome.

Upon defeating X Snakes (50? Or maybe Mongooses’ arc), a special Tip is given out. Investigating it reveals..

Mission 1

Upon entering the Arachnos Base (2 floor base, NO stupid layer cake room), you are strike by how empty and quite it seems, until a tortured scream cuts through the silence. Out of the shadows, a Night Widow appears (npc pops up), her elaborate helmet marking her out as one of Ghost Widow’s elite guard.

‘Greetings Destined One (ones?). I am Night Widow Koehler (some rl lady who hunts snakes, as you do) and I have been watching your progress closely. Now feel the time is right to bring you before the one below that who we Widows serve. No doubt you just heard him yourself. Continue into this facility and speak, or at least try to speak, with him. Remember, show respect and be not aggressive, if you value your life.’

She vanishes, and you continue into the base, which is now full of snakes, attacking the playing, as yet more screams fill the air. Fighting through (maybe 2-3 floors, some Arachnos guards fighting with the snakes) you find Wretch, ‘captive’ of a big mob (unlike EVERY other npc capture, an eb, guarded by 1 boss, which is dumb, he will commence fighting as you enter, and DESTROY them).

Approach The Wretch, carefully. He looks at you, trying to focus, panting heavily, eyes red and full of pain and rage.

‘Me Wretch! You..lil destined..things! See Wretch fight snakes! Wretch HATE snakes! (He bellows louder and continues) You help Wretch? (he looks a bit confused and pleading).”

Dialogue choices. You can act suitable (sensibly cowed) and agree to help OR

Call him out on being a stupid, crazy ugly hulk of a man, after which Wretch will turn hostile and Attack!

Defeating him calms him down, and he begs for your help (‘it hurts! Please stop hurt Wretch! HELP Wretch now!), the Night Widow appearing again, offering a clue.

“I see your meeting went well/bad. Wretch may be..unpredictable, but our Lady relies on his strength and power. If he is angry at the threat of the snakes, real or otherwise, his vigil may be lax. I have looked into the issue myself, and Mongoose reports large numbers of the reptiles are abroad in Mercy Island. Go see him and follow any directions.’

Mission 2

Visit Mongoose, with Snake ambushes along the way. Then a big one (including a boss/eb) AT Mongoose. He helps fight them (same way as trainers fight rikti etc).

‘Gee, thanks Destined Ones! Usually I can take snakes no problems, but those were way bigger than most around Mercy! Anyway, now we can track em back to their hole. Let’s go!’

Mission 3

Travel to Snake Cave in Mercy. Mongoose as boss ally inside, Ar/Poison powers.

Simple cave map, full of Snakes. Boss Snake is fighting a Legacy Chain boss, both turn hostile.

Mission text comes up on exit. ‘Good job Destined Ones. You might just make it outta Mercy Alive after all! I am still worried about those Snakes, that boss had some powers I aint ever seem em use before (maybe mind control stuff?). And why was Legacy there? I don’t trust those fanatics. Get over and check out a Legacy run warehouse, while I head up the Food Chain and talk to Grillo about these snakes.’

Mission 4

Legacy Office mission. 2-3 floors, glowies contain Info about possible snake holes in the area, research of Doctor Jones, a Legacy Tellus. Defeat Tellus Jones.

Upon exit, Wretch and Widow Whatsherface appear. Talking to Wretch gives

‘Wretch angry! Leg a cee men and hunting snakes too! Wretch want to kill them, and snakes!’

Night Widow says ‘Greetings Task Force Viper/Rattler/Cobra/Sidewinder. I have spoken to Mongoose, and his consultations with Grillo have yielded results. Grillo thinks the snakes are an evolving form of the normal reptiles that haunt Mercy, and that the Legacy Chain are trying to discover the cause, in order to prevent similar outbreaks in Paragon City. Not to mention, checking  any links between the sudden evolution and possible mystic manipulations.

I have received word from my Sisters that a Large group of Legacy are mounting as assault on a Circle of Thorns library, looking for invocation. Head over there and steal any books you find, and suitable chastise both parties for trying to operate with Arachnos Sanction. A flyer is waiting to take you to Nerva.’

Mission 5

Travel to Mercy Black Line. Transports to outdoor Cot map (same as stf mission 3). 3 CoT elite bosses to steal keys from, Legacy ambush as you aggro each one. Unlocks door to CoT cave, CoT/Legacy fighting in tunnels. Ends in Pillar Zoom, Baron Zoria (arch villain) fighting Mirror Spirit. Defeat both to finish.

Zoria ‘Curse you, puppets of the Spider! The Circle WILL find out about the serpents of mercy, and bend them to our will!’

MirrorS ‘You are pawns, and know it not. The Legacy will triumph, and evil will scuttle back to the shadows!’

Call from Mongoose as you exit. ‘Hey snake hunters! I just got word from Night Widow Whatsherface. Apparently her and Grillo got together and figured out where the snakes are coming from! Let’s head over there and meet them !’

Mission 6

Snake Cave, the one with the Egg chamber (not the one in Grillo’s Arc). Mongoose, Wretch and the Widow are there. Can talk to them all.


 ‘Wretch fight! Wretch win! Don’t get in my way!’ This occurs if you did NOT fight him earlier, giving you the option now to tell him to let you lead, making him angry, so you get to beat him up. He then gets up and helps. “Wretch stay behind small people, Wretch listen.’ This if you DID fight him the first time. He will follow the team.


“Here we go! What do you reckon, want some extra firepower? Or how about something to make these things squirm?’ Choice of Shotgun or Toxic Grenade temp powers.

Night Widow:

‘Well here we are! Time to put these creatures down. Rest assured, my Lady will hear about this, so perform at your best.’

Final fight has a Snake AV, who will cast an Infinite Mag Confuse (no idea HOW) on your allies, making them attack you. They are all archvillian class. As well, ambushes of Snake bosses will show up. Defeating the eggs around the room make the ambushes stop.

Once all your allies have been defeated (knocked out), focus on the Big Snake. She has psi control, toxic aoe, poison powers and dual blades attacks. All allies will have a damage DEBUFF until they get confused, in order to stop them simply wiping the entire map with no challenge.

Rewards. Merits and Snake Skin (+minor def, movement speed) or Snake Venom (+minor toxic damage to attacks) and the Why'd it have to be snakes badge.

Roll credits!







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