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Multiple missions on one door

Wild Claw

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Not that big of a deal, but I ran into this one today, so thought it might be wise to get it on a list somewhere.


Sometimes you get more than one mission using the same door. If one of them is a timed mission, it's kinda aggravating to get shunted into the *other* one instead. It currently seems to run on whichever one was picked up first, though I've only ran into this one two or three times so that's not a good sample size.


Is there some way to get it to give you the chance to choose which one to go in on? Or maybe prioritize timed missions over untimed ones?

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3 hours ago, boggo2300 said:

Select the timed mission in the Nav tab before you click the door

For extra clarity, don't just click the mission, click it, then press the Select Task button. The waypoint should change from yellow to red if you previously had no mission selected. If you did have one selected, it will pop up a confirmation that you're changing selected tasks, and the old one will change from red to yellow, and the new one will become red.

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