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  1. so thats not possible by taking flight huh? you know an actual POWER? this is silly, not a single compelling reason has been given for this change, I'm out the fanatic desire for more for less is too tiring to deal with
  2. that plays both ways, there has been nothing pro this change but opinions either, silly argument to make about it really
  3. I'm not the one trying to change anything and add feature creep, so it seems silly that I need to justify myself further than I have, which is, I think the continual feature creep from these "quality of life" changes constantly piling up will in my opinion kill the game
  4. i it was still actually time gated that would mean something, however the time gate is now a minor inconvenience and nothing more
  5. why so aggressive to people who don't do as you wish? calm down, believe it or not other people are allowed to have opinions, I'm not calling for changes to be made, I'm just saying degrading the systems the game was built around more are a bad idea, you don't need to jump down my throat about it
  6. no I want the jetpacks slowed because they are not powers, I think they are too useful and have since they were introduced, I think all the "temp" travel powers are WAY overpowered
  7. I present to you, the Dutch entry for weirdest music video of all time (and possibly most disturbing)
  8. I think you're on the right track there, I suspect it will be a tricky one to balance, but this is definitely a good start
  9. you guys think too small Arguing on internet forums is the endgame for LIFE
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