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  1. the game is supposed to be trivial at 50 (well 50+incarnates) the point of City, like other level based games is levelling to the cap
  2. to the best of my knowledge, for the privacy reasons you mention I'm pretty sure this is explicitly being avoided by homecoming
  3. Well the forums do use 3 Microsoft true type fonts already 😄
  4. A very weird, inflammatory post that has since been deleted 😄
  5. Oh I dunno even without the 64 bit client it was significantly better here than on live
  6. Doesn't it breach Twitch's TOS? Homecoming team have said they'd rather people didn't but they won't do anything to stop anyone, however since this is an illegal, private server my understanding is streaming from here is in breach of Twitch's rules this is only what I've picked up, and may be incorrect though, I'd suggest checking Twitch's rules
  7. For replying to those posts when words just don't convey your feelings!!
  8. Terrifyingly this makes me want to create a Vigilante called Sir Humphrey Appleby
  9. I stick in Team, and use a keybind to say supergroup to speak in that channel bind s sg should when you hit S put your chat window into the SG channel (only for that post) and replacing sg with team should do the same for the Team channel
  10. It is both true and inevitable, though I don't believe a firm date has been set yet, just soontm
  11. I don't know they are that far along yet for a request and fulfilment list, they are contacting people on the volunteer list for experimental test content (the two new mission arcs for example) but the feeling I get is they don't want to make things to in depth until they are further along in their negotiation. I suspect you are on the right path that eventually out of the donation pool they will start buying resources they can't get from volunteers. but again thats when they have more certainty of no big hammer falling on them from Korea
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