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  1. ahhh thanks, I've never heard that before
  2. I wish I didn't just hear a loud whooshing noise above my head!
  3. The only thing the TPM is used for while windows is running is hard drive encryption, the 1903 release of Windows made some changes to bitlocker (the built in windows drive encryption) so do you have Bitlocker enabled on your drive? if not I would suggest you have an actual failure in the TPM chip on your motherboard, you may be able to disable it in BIOS, though that may break windows (if it does just turn it back on in BIOS)
  4. back on live I used to team with a toon called Brokeback Gunslinger, who's backstory was a convoluted combination of Malta, Brokeback Mountain, and Male stripping, he basically wore cowboy boots, the briefest briefs he could, the gunslinger mask and cowboy hat, spent most of his time doing the dance emote where you do the pelvic thrusting, weirdest time I ever spent in PI!!!
  5. This would be SO cool as an unannounced change, some unsuspecting sea serpent molester swims up for some Sally Spanking, and gets ganked!! YES PLEASE!!
  6. er maybe you should change your name to Woosh, I think you missed the thrust of both the posts you quoted
  7. NC-Soft explicitly said they did not have the database during a set of negotiation now past, they have the user data, but not the game data for the user accounts I believe, it's buried somewhere in the titan forums, there are player databases out there, but for legal reasons they aren't being shared with the server runners, and I believe Homecoming have said they don't want them either, for the above mentioned legal reasons, so the tldr to the original question No, and not likely to change from no
  8. They were one of the showpieces for Ultra mode when it was introduced, I remember being told about them in game by a gm
  9. Well maybe, they have denied having it, though some are unconvinced
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