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Seeking Ice/MA/Energy Build?


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I've got a level 29 ice/ma tank (Kandi Kaine - a very large nondenominational holiday fairy), and I really love it.  MA is a little annoying because it gets its one AOE attack late, but when you get it, it is a great attack (don't have it yet on my ice/MA tank, but I've had it on scrapper and brute builds).  Energy absorption is way cool.  End was a bit of problem before I got it, but now life is good.  For pool powers, I went with flight, hover, and combat jumping.  I'll probably get some from the fighting pool later, but I'm not positive.  I don't have icicles yet, mainly for end reasons, and chilling embrace seems to do fine all by itself.  Look at Redlynne's SR/MA tank discussion 

for some good thoughts on the various effects you get from the MA attacks.   EBs can take a while to finish off, but I'm patient.  And of course, soloing Lady Winter is a breeze.


Aesthetically, Homecoming gives you a lot of flexibility with minimal FX for the ice armor effects and a punch option for the rather silly looking crippling ice kick.

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