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Activation Time - Self Buffs and Inspirations


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I guess it was like this back on live, maybe, but the activation time for powers can be very annoying, and makes the game feel sluggish.  

Note: I'm not talking about cool downs - I'm referring to the time it takes to draw the circle around the power icon, before the power actually fires.

I can understand the 1 or 2 second wait for attacks, to prevent exploits (damage spikes) in PVP, but not so much in PVE.  

As for inspirations ....  I can't tell you how many times I've died on squishier characters after clicking a green inspiration several times, to no effect.   It just takes too long.



Reduce the activation time for self buffs by about half.   I can see the possibility for exploits on attacks in pvp, so leave them alone.

Reduce the activation time for inspirations to be as close to instant as possible.



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