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Illusion Summoning (Mastermind Primary)


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As a spin-off of this thread, I was thinking that Illusion Control might be an interesting set to port, (with modifications, of course), to Masterminds.  Here's my attempt at that:


1. Spectral Pang:  A lighter damage, faster recharging version of spectral wounds.


2. Summon Phantom Army:  You summon 1-3 decoys.  Unlike the controller set, these can be damaged/destroyed.  They do, however, benefit from the upgrade powers in this set, to gain more attacks & abilities.  Either their powers would be assigned randomly, (like the true decoys), or they can be some mix of the existing ones.


3. Spectral Wounds: As per the original power.


4. Enhance Illusion: First upgrade power.


5. Blinding torrent: A cone attack which deals moderate psionic damage, with a small chance to put targets hit to sleep.


6. Summon Terrors: You summon 1-2 Spectral Terrors.  Unlike the original Illusion Control power, these terrors can move around and their attacks deal psionic damage, in addition to applying fear.  Upgrades could add actual hold powers and/or apply tohit or other debuffs, since the fear effects would probably be of less use with the damage they'd be dealing.


7. Reinforce Illusions:  This power has 2 effects - First, it acts like group invisibility, and secondly, it heals your summoned illusions.


8. Summon Phantasm: As per the Illusion Control power, except it'd gain powers & abilities with each upgrade.


9. Perfect Illusions: 2nd upgrade power for your pets.


Please let me know what you think.  Thanks in advance!

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Illusions are often products of Smoke and Mirrors... be it set up, science, or magic. Upgrades to illusions would be ways in which the illusions could be made more convincing or more shocking. As such, I have a few suggestions...


4. Enhance Illusion- Could be something focused on the Smoke involved in creating the Illusions... Visceral Smoke would be thicker and more mysterious, implying better survivability of Illusions upgraded.


8. Reinforce Illusions- A good focus here would be Mirrors, which are often central to a good illusion. Mirror Maze could be an AoE ability that specifically boosts the attack power of Illusions as stated. Or it could increase defense, making them more likely to dodge. It could vary by Pet type.


9. Perfect Illusions- The highest level of upgrade would likely involve three-dimensional emitters... perhaps this could be called Hardened Holographic Emitters. Illusions upgraded with this would have a qualitative upgrade to their damage.



I don't know if this helps, but I tried to keep the powers vague for broad application, but slightly more descriptive as well, inside the Illusion theme.

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Your version is not all that different from my own ideas.  To me, I think the idea of utilizing "phantom" Psychic damage would be thematically appropriate for most of the pets' powers (if not all, even), and I think the sort of chaotic feel of "Illusion" should mean that all the pets should have the ability to Confuse enemies baked into at least one of their attacks.  The way I'd break the powers down:


t1: Spectral Wounds - Low damage attack. More or less same as the controller version.

t2: Phantom Army - They'd have to be changed to take damage.  Like the original decoys, they might use random animations but be functionally the same.  Mostly melee with a default ranged attack for just in case (a la Ninjas)

t3: Blind - Mid damage attack.  Swap the Hold to a Sleep or a Stun, lest it be a little too strong, though, I suspect.

t4: Typical first upgrade

t5: Flash - PBAoE, like with Blind, change the Hold to a Sleep or Stun, add a small amount of damage to give it parity with other MM sets.

t6: Phantasm - For bit of a "special" mechanic here, the second Phantasm would still be an invincible decoy, but its "life" would be tied to the first Phantasm.  Ranged focus.

t7: Group Invisibility - Long duration click power that Hides and grants defense to the MM and all pets.  Pets attacking from Hidden status would do no extra damage, but their first hits would be able to apply a low magnitude Confuse.

t8: Spectral Terror - Same general look, but is mobile and can fly around now, and has both damage and controlling powers.  Ranged focus.

t9: Typical second upgrade

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