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Quality of Life Fix/Suggestion


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I'm sure this isn't a bug, and it's working as intended, but I have a suggestion for a fix I would really like to see changed/added.


Several times I have found myself leading a Task Force, having fun slaying the enemy with friends, only to crash. Due to either a poor internet connection on my part (Life in the Boondocks has it's ups and downs) or due to a Manifest.xml issue.


When this happens, leadership of the team falls automatically to the next person on the team. Typically this isn't a major issue, cause I'll just log back in, automatically re-join the team, and we mush on as is. But I have notice two issues sometimes arise.


1) The Leadership star has been passed to another person on the team, and they cannot pass it back til after the entire Task Force is finished.


2) The new leader may have their mission difficulty set to a different level, and suddenly we find ourselves facing mobs FAR higher than we ever would have wanted to.



I know the DEV team is sloshing through the endless mess of code created by someone else, but if you can find this game mechanic in the code and somehow 'fix' it so that the leadership star can be passed back to the original team leader, that would help solve if not completely elevate this issue.


Another option would be to make it so that once a Task Force is set in motion, the difficulty is set by the choices made by the original Team Leader, and regardless of where the star happens to go from there, the difficulty isn't altered. I don't really like this idea as much as the first, cause often I've found myself doing a Task Force, and needing to adjust the difficulty on the fly, or adjust it up or down based on the missions to come, or the team dynamics.



Just a though from a player that does an insane amount of Task Forces every week, and until my crash issue can be solved, have to constantly be weary of losing my leadership to someone on the team that may not want to lead, or is use to facing mobs and a much different level of difficulty than we intended to face on this particular Task Force.


Thanks for taking the time to read my rant... and keep up the great work!


@MTNSide (Excelsior Shard) 



SO Sorry, just realized I posted this under WEBSITE feedback, and not GAME feedback. Feel free to move it the appropriate Forum. 

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yeah hate when this happens

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