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  1. I was a founding member of the #1 Villain Supergroup on Infinity. StreetBound! Together with my friend Stress, we quickly climbed the leader board, and held the top spot for quite awhile. Been trying to convince Stress to return to the game, but his attention seems to be with other games at this time. I'll keep chipping away at him, and maybe one day crack the ice. My Main was: AWOL Here is a clip copy/pasted from Fandom Supergroup Page... Founded Oct 2005 (CoV release date) by Stress. First Super Villain Group to Build a Super-Base and do raids. Rank 1st Super Group on the Infinity Server. StreetBound had a one of a kind Super-Base with portal system to several different locations. It's unique base design had a lot of admirers from different servers.
  2. I'm sure this isn't a bug, and it's working as intended, but I have a suggestion for a fix I would really like to see changed/added. Several times I have found myself leading a Task Force, having fun slaying the enemy with friends, only to crash. Due to either a poor internet connection on my part (Life in the Boondocks has it's ups and downs) or due to a Manifest.xml issue. When this happens, leadership of the team falls automatically to the next person on the team. Typically this isn't a major issue, cause I'll just log back in, automatically re-join the team, and we mush on as is. But I have notice two issues sometimes arise. 1) The Leadership star has been passed to another person on the team, and they cannot pass it back til after the entire Task Force is finished. 2) The new leader may have their mission difficulty set to a different level, and suddenly we find ourselves facing mobs FAR higher than we ever would have wanted to. I know the DEV team is sloshing through the endless mess of code created by someone else, but if you can find this game mechanic in the code and somehow 'fix' it so that the leadership star can be passed back to the original team leader, that would help solve if not completely elevate this issue. Another option would be to make it so that once a Task Force is set in motion, the difficulty is set by the choices made by the original Team Leader, and regardless of where the star happens to go from there, the difficulty isn't altered. I don't really like this idea as much as the first, cause often I've found myself doing a Task Force, and needing to adjust the difficulty on the fly, or adjust it up or down based on the missions to come, or the team dynamics. Just a though from a player that does an insane amount of Task Forces every week, and until my crash issue can be solved, have to constantly be weary of losing my leadership to someone on the team that may not want to lead, or is use to facing mobs and a much different level of difficulty than we intended to face on this particular Task Force. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant... and keep up the great work! @MTNSide (Excelsior Shard) SO Sorry, just realized I posted this under WEBSITE feedback, and not GAME feedback. Feel free to move it the appropriate Forum.
  3. Totally Random Task Force Marathon for December 2019 The bus will be back on the road this weekend, and adding more stops to the Marathon. And with 9 stops already 'blacked out' there are plenty of chances of a Re-Roll coming up. Each time a 'Blacked Out' stop is rolled, a random team member will receive 10 MILLION Influence! On Sunday December 8th at Midnight, the Generator will reset, and all stops will be back on the list for the next week. Feel free to add me to your Global Friends List: "@MTNSide" Week of December 02, 2019 - December 08, 2019 Name of Event Time Completed 01) Justin Augustine 57m 02) Ernesto Hess 27m 03) Leader Renault 48m 04) Moonfire 35m 05) Dr. Kahn 47m 06) Penelope Yin 22m 07) Positron 2 33m 08) Imperious 25m 09) Abandon Sewer Trial 20m 10) Dr. Kahn (Player's Choice) 25m 11) Ms. Liberty 36m 12) Tin Mage Mark II 42m 13) Jane Halloway (1st Hero Respec) 18m 14) Lady Grey 35m 15) Ice Mistral 30m 16) Numina 44m 17) Sara Moore 1h 4m 18) Capt. James Harlan (2nd Hero Respec) 21m 19) Death From Below N/A 20) Admiral Sutter 32m 21) Ada Wellington (Market Crash) 33m 22) Virgil Torikoss 37m 23) Katie Hannon 23m 24) Speratrial (1st Villian Respec) 23m 25) Karsis (Cavern of Transendence) 6m 26) Synapse 1H 06m 27) Richard Flagg 30m 28) Tresparciel 13m 29) Positron 1 33m 30) Penelope Yin (Player's Choice) 21m 31) Apex 23m 32) Woodsman (Eden Trial) 16m 33) Manticore 34m 34) Lady Winter (Special Event Roll) N/A 35) Ractespriel 12m 36) Lord Recluse 34m 37) Karsis (Player's Choice) 8m 38) Citadel 41m 39) Faathim the Kind 1H 02m 40) Dr. Q 1H 35m (Week of December 08 - December 15) 01) Moonfire 31m 02) Woodsman (Eden Trial) 12m 03) Leader Renault 36m 04) Numina 28m 05) Lady Grey 38m (Successful Master Of) 06) Virgil Tarikoss 25m 07) Dr. Kahn 31m (Successful Master Of) 08) Positron 1 31m 09) Lord Recluse 51m (Succesful Master Of) 10) Trepsarciel 13m 11) Dr. Quarterfield 1H 46m 12) James Harlan 21m 13) Barracuda 1H15m 14) Positron 2 43m 15) Ice Mistral 36m 16) Justin Augustine 51m 17) Manticore 38m 18) Sparcetriel 13m 19) Death From Below N/A 20) Admiral Sutter 32m 21) Ernesto Hess 34m 22) Imperious 30m 23) Citadel 54m 24) Apex 24m (Successful Master Of) 25) Ada Wellington (Market Crash) 29m 26) Sara Moore 1H 11m 27) James Harlan 27m 28) Weekly Task Force (Katie Hannon) 26m (Week of December 16 - December 22) - This week OFF, Due to Holiday Prep! (Week of December 23 - December 29) 01) Virgil Tarikoss 24m 02) Mairenn MacGregor (ASN) 21m 03) Ernesto Hess 21m 04) Specetriel 9m 05) Karsis (CoT) 4m 06) Justin Augustine 53m 07) Death From Below N/A 08) Dr. Quarterfield 2H 6M 09) Jane Halloway 28m 10) Penelope Yin 21m 11) Katie Hannon 34m 12) Ractespriel 10m 13) Ice Minstral 33m 14) Moonfire 32m 15) Sara Moore 1h 23m 16) Manticore 42m 17) Miss Liberty 49m 18) The Lady Grey CRASH AND BURN NEW YEAR'S EVE MARATHON! I've reset the generator early this week for a END OF THE YEAR Marathon! All stops have been refreshed, and I'll be running the bus as much as I can today, and tomorrow. Let's see how many stops we can finish to end 2019 and start 2020! (New Year's Eve Marathon) 01) The Woodsman (Eden Trial) 12M 02) Justin Augustine 45M 03) Miss Liberty 45M 04) Faathim The Kind 1H 28M 05) Admiral Sutter 40M 06) Dr. Quarterfield 1H 58M 07) Lord Recluse 38M 08) Positron 1 33M 09) Capt. James Harlan 27M 10) Death From Below (Not Timed) 11) Sparcetriel 12M 12) Ernesto Hess 23M 13) Jane Halloway 32M 14) Barracuda 1H 10M 15) Dr. Kahn 31M 16) Drowning In Blood (Not Timed) 17) Ice Mistral 41M 18) Moonfire 33M 19) Sister Psyche 1H 3M 20) Silver Mantis 1H 6M 21) The Lady Grey 35M 22) Ada Wellington (Player's Choice) 24M 23) Citadel 1H 3M 24) Manticore 45M 25) Sara Moore 57M 26) Ractespriel 11M 27) Mortimer Kal 21M 28) Virgil Tarikoss 33M 29) Karsis 3M 30) Numina 32M 31) Officer Renault 38M 32) Imperious 18M 33) Mairenn MacGregor (ASN) 27M 34) Positron 2 18M Next Tour is Scheduled for Saturday January 11, 2020. No set time, but typically late afternoons into the evenings. (EST) A New Post will be started for each Month, to help keep the tour near that top of the forum list for better visibility.
  4. SPECIAL is for Special Event TFs, Like Summer Block Buster, or Father Time, etc. I didn't add them to this normal list, since I tend to prefer to stick to the 8-man team events. And SBB is 4, and Father Time is larger than 8. But also didn't want to exclude these or other Holiday or special events.
  5. EXCELSIOR! You might have seen me posting from time to time something about "TRTFM". It's just a fun thing I will be doing from time to time. Here are the details and 'rules' I follow. 1) There is no set day, date of time for this. Basically when I have time to kill, and not needed by my SuperGroup or Friends for other things, I will FIRE UP THE BUS, and WARM UP THE DICE! 2) I have a randomizer that has nearly 50 possible outcomes which include almost every Task Force, Strike Force, Trail, and Event Quest. (No ITrials on this list, since the Bus only has 8 seats). It also has "Player's Choice" and "Special" as possible outcomes. On a Player's Choice result, another roll is made to pick a random team member who will get to choose ANY choice from the list. 3) When this event is underway, I will roll the dice for a random outcome. Then will fill any empty seats on the bus before starting the Quest. 4) Once a Quest has been done, it is "Blacked Out" til Sunday at Midnight when the Randomizer resets. If a "Blacked Out" quest is rolled before the reset, a DUPED roll will be announced in team chat, and another roll will be made to pick a random team member who will instantly win 10 Million Influence. As the week progresses the odds of DUPES coming up will increase, so join often, cause you might be the next winner! 5) After each Quest, if time permits, another roll will be made, at which time any in the party can choose to stay on the bus and go for another Event, Leave if they can't or don't want to do the next choice, or ALT to a character that might need that choice instead. Then any empty seats will be filled from those online. 6) We will always try to get any possible badges for every run. If a 'Master Of' badge is possible, only 1 attempt will be made to win it (No Restarts). 7) Any and All missions will be Rushed, Zerged, Ghosted, Stealthed, (Whatever you call it) to speed through the quests as fast as possible. Cause the faster they get done, the more stops the bus can make before the Driver has to pull over to the side of the road and get some sleep. If you like this idea, keep watching chat channels for shouts out when the bus is running. If you have already had a chance to ride along with me on one of these Marathons, I welcome you to post a reply with any PROS or CONS you experienced. Let me know what I've done that you enjoyed, or something that happened that you didn't like. This will help me improve this event for future runs, and give other players some idea of what they might encounter if they join in the future. Thank you everyone, and I'll see you next time the Bus is Fueled up and Ready to Roll! MTNSide
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