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quality of life (nice to have) threads? edits


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Hello, without further ado I would love to see a thread about quality of life stuff.

You know, small, possibly easy to implement things like for instance (*will edit in stuff*):


1) make hostages in rescue missions emit a beep like glowies do. not many things are more annoying that searching for the final hostage hiding behind a door or whatever.

2) add crossbows to the arrow sets just for the different look/ feel of the set.

3) make "loot" stack by type not number - 1 stack of 8 should not fill 8 slots in my vault/ inventory. alternatively more inventory - I would gladly pay for THAT!

4) (forum) maybe pin the threads from those suggestions you will be working on

*5) exemplar down to contacts (or zones) so people can finish arcs or grab the elusive low lvl bank badges.

*6) adjust MM pets in size when in mission or alternatively allow players to walk through them. Being blocked by a demon or robot when you try heading through a door is high on my personal annoyance list.

*7) shamelessly stolen from another thread: color coded lft chat

😎 ??? ...)


*will try to keep up as best as I can with qol suggestions*

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3 minutes ago, Haijinx said:

I like the crossbow idea.  Wonder if its viable 

Never evem thought about it before now, but since I've seen it now I have 3 character concepts that would work really well with a crossbow





It's my Oeuvre baby!

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