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  1. When you stab someone with Spider claws there is a green poison effect as the DOT is applied.
  2. No FX on the poison effects too wouldn't be bad
  3. If you usually solo, then Stalker might be a better choice. Matures quicker / Exemplars better. Stalker Stealth for many missions. Much more durable than a blaster. Stalker solves the usual problem of Electric melee - ST, because it has the Assassin's shock. Then of course you get the Lightning Rod Telenuke. Added to this is the very strong Stalker ATOs.
  4. Paraphrasing another great game .. The gawds rarely interfere in human events
  5. I thought this was a good one as well. I wasn't bothered by the pacing, but maybe that's because I find most newer movies feel like they rush around, and I have gravitated to strong Narrative TV series.
  6. Potential Non noob friendly armors would be more like .. Dark, due to End cost and lack of KB prot. Fire, due to its survival being based on a heal and lack of KB prot. Willpower, since you need Fighting and/or IOs to really absorb alphas well. All great sets. And Willpower is pretty good as an armor for a semi noob. But they do have some challenges. As to needing multiple taunt auras to hold aggro? You don't. One Aura, the power Taunt, and Guantlet are an insane amount of aggro control
  7. Would also be cool if you could choose for them to alternate, like Heavy Blow's animations do.
  8. And this is why we can't have nice things.
  9. Rampant Unaddressed Power Creep is Unaddressed.
  10. And this is why we can't have nice things.
  11. People not only want to be able to solo easily, they want to be able to run Max Difficulty easily.
  12. Tar Patch for Skulls bosses, Tactics for Lts.
  13. To be Fair, he is Nightmare Shaman, Not Daydream Shaman.
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