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  1. I was hoping that between the Assault Rifle animations / Beam Rifle Animations and Wolf Spider gun animations there was enough to work out the set. (maybe with some pauses if needed)
  2. Basically Tactical Arrow is a great Blaster Secondary that I think could be even more versatile/fun/conceptually friendly/etc with an Assault Rifle Variant in Power Customization.
  3. It would probably synergize with Tactical Arrow well. Too bad you couldn't have a Assault Rifle Based Tactical Arrow instead of Bow.
  4. hmm, what if you slot the fast snipe all the time proc?
  5. Agreed. This is my favorite Stalker Secondary. Energy Aura is awesome on Stalkers and they lose nothing really compared to Scrappers. Actually having +20% recharge vs a variable amount makes it easier to live with. AND with the energy glow version you get to be a glowy silhouette that is easier to see when hidden. Good for old people like me with eye strain. I've run MA/EA and STJ/EA up to Vet level 15+ and they are really sturdy. ====== The Invul numbers for stalkers are also pretty awesome but I haven't played it. And of course Bio for people wanting to do extreme damage, but tbh I'd just roll a Blaster at that point.
  6. I meant all at the same time. I do not think the point was people having an Issue with the "paltry impacts", instead more a running commentary on those who think the game is hard. It stands to reason that if you put a ton of your power picks into things that Hog tons of END and things that are mainly useful for traveling between missions, then the game could seem harder. I do not personally care what people pick powers wise other than for curiosities sake. At the endgame where this incarnate stuff matters most built up characters do not need any help killing a group of baddies. Mainly teammates make it faster/safer/more fun, but really you can solo anything at 54x8.
  7. I am amazed by the number of people that have all 4 leadership powers AND two travel powers.
  8. There does seem to be a camp that thinks the game should be easy because Superheroes
  9. give the "this game is too hard" folks a billion inf and they will change their tune prols
  10. Its not just that. There is essentially institutional inertia to the game. We can't just re-balance the whole game 20 years after the alpha. From a "game design" standpoint that might be best. But from a game standpoint it would be a bad idea.
  11. I don't think we really know what the standard performance of any AT is really We have a slight idea for scrappers damage wise, but thats about it.
  12. I think most of us probably agree that this game is too easy for high End Builds with Incarnates. But re-balancing the whole thing seems like it will wreck what we have. So I'm in the .. add some tricks to enemy groups to make them a little bit harder, and add new high level content that is difficult .. camp.
  13. Ice has no snipe Also don't forget the quick snipes are fun.
  14. Sets without Snipes really got sort of left behind when quick snipes were added. They should get some sort of balancer to this.
  15. This is a good point. If the game were harder, then the added survival of Scrappers (usually) would matter more vs Stalkers. But as it is now, unless its something weird like Rulararu or Incarnate content .. it don't matter.
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