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  1. After the dot the spin replaced it, and later BAB sped the spin up to increase DPA.
  2. It was basically a kick version of shadow maul A 3.3 second DOT
  3. Except on Stalker probably. No Spin? No cone in Evis?
  4. yeah thought this was going to be a Claws or Savage debate.
  5. SR does have higher base numbers for def than shield and +20% recharge. It doesn't need to stack mez prot for max DDR either. So its easier /less slots to build. Shield has higher dmg potential of course. Though some high perfoming sets can't be used with it. That and shield makes you move like a male avatar. Which can make some female and huge avs look less fluid movement wise. Though that isn't a hole. Just a quirk. Some primaries do that too.
  6. Only autohit Psi. There are a couple hits out there that autohit AND have terrorize. Which is SRs "hole" I suppose. I only really notice against a couple of the psi AVs
  7. WP has no End drain protection. Usually this is no big deal since it has Quick Recovery and SOW. But if you have Conserve Power then the hole becomes even smaller. Carnies and Malta tend to be where this shows up. It also has no slow protection but IOs can reduce that. Usually this one only crops up vs. KOA and all those caltrops. The DDR thing is a point I suppose. Generally you have maxed S/L resist on WP though at higher levels and def debufs are very often lethal.
  8. SR doesn't have much of a DMG type hole, just autohit stuff WP holes can be patched easily by IOs+Conserve Power
  9. Well not after they hit the ground anyhow ..
  10. There was a Black Panther Run where T'Challa's sister took on the Black Panther mantle. I assume this is the plan for any future BP stuff, or something like it.
  11. Those resist numbers sound low also. You can get 70% S/L on a SR tanker, and it doesn't even have any Resist in set outside the scaling mechanic. A Shield would be better Maybe ignoring the resist ATO? Which admittedly on some tanks is kind of Meh. But on Def tanks is pretty good.
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