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  1. Ive used it on both. Works pretty much the same. Though for Veats it might be slightly better in your secondary vs pool. Since they have 80foot range vs 60, you might get a little more uptime. On my blaster its interesting in tactics since i get a nice big yellow circle on my snipe whenever it fires. If i had to guess its up at least 1/4 the time on big teams.
  2. The nice thing about weave, Combat jumping, maneuvers, etc. Is they are defense to all. This makes sets with def holes in them a bit easier to shore up. A SR might not need combat jumping and maneuvers. But an invul or eng aura might find it quite helpful.
  3. Omega makes an interesting point. The damage cap seems too low on SOA. On higher level teams it seems I am at/near it often on my Widow. Luckily base claw damage is high. But it does seem to mean the build up firing or double firing in big teams is less a big deal than it is at lower levels/examplared. Probably nice on a brute though.
  4. Haijinx

    TW advice

    This is true with a few exceptions .. Energy doesn't plus one of its best powers turns you invisible. Well sort of glowing invisible. Kind of a shame since it would solve the END issues nicely.
  5. Haijinx

    Best DPS spec?

    Based on the base damage/DPA - and the results posted on the pylon thread, Titan Weapons is probably the best damage available to Tankers. Probably most damage would be with Bio then possibly one of the other damage type primaries (possible rough order -fire, rad, electric, dark TW doesn't work with shield) But like they said above- its probably easier to build a brute's survivability up to SO Tanker levels. Then any Melee set would likely work
  6. An SR tank can be built to ignore the crash. Getting 65% defense is not very difficult on SR. So for tankers this is mainly an issue for Shield, Ice and Stone (outside granite) Two of those go back to Issue 1. On an SR/SS the question is more .. how much uptime can I get on double stacked rage
  7. You have lots of powers in your build that could go instead of secondary or primary choices to fit fighting pool Stealth and invisibility could go as you can put lotg in weave. Maybe take stealth, maybe take neither Assault can go, Bio does gobs of damage already. Your secondary has endurance recovery so maybe you don't need both conserve power and phys perfection. Or maybe neither. Tldr I agree with Werner pretty much though he did say brute and this looks like a scrapper? I don't think i have ever made a character without tough and weave tbh.
  8. An AOE taunt effect on every attack is better than a single target taunt effect on every attack. I am not sure how that equates to "bad information" "Better" being relative. How much that matters is of course debatable. Or nicer i guess i used - more in the sense of slightly better.
  9. Seems almost like the secondary bonus of end cost reduction and recharge bonus actually discourage you hitting the finisher also Especially since according to the numbers hemorrhage isnt really better dpa
  10. A nice cheap way to get S/L defense with some resist is to use kinetic combat as suggested by nihilii the 4 non proc ios. Then put two crushing impacts for the last two slots, adding 1.5 resist. You can get some pretty decent enhancement values that way also
  11. I use this on my widow and on my ss tank. Works well. Occasionally will have two build up icons from stacking.
  12. I put them in the aoe's. That seems like enough. Pushing one baddie out of the scrum never seems to bother anyone since I'm gonna kill it anyway. The AOEs though, you toss whole mobs around. That annoys people. Plus it lowers the effectiveness of your next AOE. With the KD proc explosive blast becomes super footstomp just hit it from a range of zero.
  13. If sentinel was part of the consideration .. you could also consider .. Bane soldier using the Assault Rifle attacks / ranged and melee You'd get decent armor (huntsman plus bane) with decent status protection. Stealth An accuracy and ranged defense bonus Leadership powers in the secondary with lower end cost and good buff values 3 ranged AOEs without the dumb sentinel AOE nerf. 2 ranged ST attacks 2 melee attacks that can crit from stealth An AOE mag 3 immobilize
  14. Def is definitely better for blasters due to a lack of decent status protection. Sentinels though are more flexible on this point.
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