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  1. With the upcoming tanker changes, tanker might be a viable choice.
  2. Well you could run say 3 minutes .. then hit it. SR would suddenly become softcapped to everything with great end recovery and huge run speed buff. Invul with unstoppable up could herd perhaps.
  3. If I'm reading this right, you aren't using both +3% def uniques?
  4. Depends on the build I guess. Both of those have much stronger T9s than WP. Which will matter a lot on SOs. As long as you timed it well ..
  5. The Dark defender set has a great debuff rez other that works even if no one dies. Why couldn't Fire and Dark armors self rez do something similar / perhaps with reduced effectiveness?
  6. Yeah idk, ive never seen numbers like that on my softcapped, perma hasten stalker build.
  7. Is this with overload? Or just with Energy Drain? If its just Drain, then mids/pines is way off.
  8. Too bad you have to die to use Rise of the Pheonix. If you could use it while alive it would make an awesome T9.
  9. Willpower's T9 is fine, since its mostly crashless. Its like having a big orange insp on a cooldown.
  10. If your take is correct they should also add +def to the enemy since they punch so slow, the attacks should be easier to dodge.
  11. Giant Rock Monster Smash. ==== Plus their attacks move at the same speed. The animation times are exactly the same.
  12. Brute buildup is only 80% I wonder how this makes Savage Stalkers play, since the get normal build up instead.
  13. Plus the punches move at the same speed as the normal sized people punches.
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