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  1. Don't forget the guassians chance for buildup in invicibility, it has multiple chances to proc there.
  2. Yeah tbh the farming for the IOs probably takes longer than the power leveling even now.
  3. On those games where it takes 100s of hours to reach max level, allowing you to do this on ALTs makes sense. This game, where you can PUG to 50 after work in a week or so, let alone the whole AE farming in 3 hours stuff ... this really seems a solution looking for a problem. That said, it wouldn't change much really, so whatevs.
  4. There's an acronym that needs to be carefully enunciated.
  5. It is a lot more balanced than say .. City of Heroes.
  6. This does sound bad. I don't see where the mute feature is mentioned? Probably a good time to use it.
  7. It looks fantastic. Even better than the first teaser trailer. Until then I think the best performed version is the multiple voice actor audiobook.
  8. Would just end up being a solo server
  9. The irony being how many children would have died without them.
  10. I think it would be better to adjust the original set to work for scrappers and stalkers. But whatever.
  11. That's what I was thinking. I solo'd my stalker through all the Redside Arcs, and the sneaking ability was pretty useful.
  12. I think some people get frustrated at why everyone seems to want to skip all these primary and secondary powers? To take what? Its like college when people wanted to count basic basket-weaving towards their Mechanical Engineering degree.
  13. With certain primaries it is the best choice of Melee classes for damage end game. The best version of KM, SJ, Staff, Electric and probably Savage Some Scrappers will do better with other primaries (MA, WM and EM for example). Brutes will get more AOE with some primaries like MA, KAT, BS) And of course some primaries are not available on Stalkers (TW, WM, SS, SM) I've found team survival to be excellent due to decreased threat. Solo survival is good, but not as good as Scrappers or Brutes. And Tankers of course have a completely different role.
  14. Almost a Controller Lite with Blaster Damage. Very nice combo. Someone (I think Galaxy Brain) ran through the numbers and Ice was #2 in least resisted damage types also.
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