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  1. Just Hai, Hai-Jinx was a play on a Martial Arts thing But. You make an excellent point. But its Sentinels Tho. Maybe if Captain Powerhouse gets around to buffing them a bit? And the buff doesn't get ruined like Dark Consumption.
  2. The comic resolution did not feel at all like where another season would have gone. Universe was my favorite SG. I made the mistake of watching that one first. The other two just seemed so dated by comparison so I couldn't get into them.
  3. The main point being - no Sentinel in that decision tree.
  4. Blaster If you don't want to be a blaster .. Scrapper
  5. cept for your Drunk Uncle. You know the one. They can stop any Family gathering.
  6. Def Bubbles were a lot more useful before IOs also.
  7. I think maybe its just more relaxing to concede defeat now. Then it doesn't bother you near as much. I am thinking of making a new Blaster. I may destroy everything super fast, but at least there is an element of risk involved.
  8. Yeah. I mean I'm in the increase the difficulty camp. Fix the outlier sets. Make a reason for Control .. etc etc etc. I just see it as a war that's been lost.
  9. If you mostly solo - then the change in MMOs won't affect you nearly as much.
  10. Why bother? Difficulty or lack thereof seems to only matter to a tiny subset of players.
  11. CO is a Newer style MMO, and so no one teams. COX people always teamed. That's the main thing. Somehow MMOs became single player games with some co-op instead of mainly Team based activities ..
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