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  1. put it in Eagle's claw on a /Ninjitsu scrapper That should be the highest crit chance a Scrapper can create for a couple attacks
  2. Taunt cap is the same for everyone AOE target cap is higher for tankers (and blasters)
  3. gaze upon my wrecked body, ye better sets, and despair
  4. War Mace is a great set How bout War Mace / Invul / Mu Brute Or Invul / War Mace / Mu Tanker
  5. Everytime someone picks Focused Accuracy for a build, Baby Back Alley Brawler cries.
  6. Shadow Meld is kind of hit the animation while running Juuuuuuuuusssst before combat jumping into a spawn. Since it doesn't root you.
  7. I wonder if Regen is the main issue. But yeah trying to rotate Shadow Meld, MOG and Instant Healing sounds sucky anyway. I'd just max out my recharge on Revive.
  8. Scrapper can rotate Shadow Meld and MOG though.
  9. Yeah. Its so many slots you could use for something useful.
  10. Max Recharge S/L resist at 75% S/L Defense somewhere near 40 I guess Winter IOs are good. I assume this is claws since it makes doing the Purple thing easier with its varried attack types (melee, ranged, PBAOE, TAOE)
  11. That's why we keep having to NErf Regen. So that people stop trying.
  12. Just easier to go SR. With a nice slow resist built in as a bonus
  13. yep I don't even think they would invite me.
  14. Id actually be all for this. But once we build NPCs like players, we need to increase their # of powers, add IO sets and so on. In the end the NPCs will finally follow the rules, but likely be a lot more formidable. Can we get some 75% smash lethal resist with 45% s/l def Council please?
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