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  1. I don't like how the proposed damage buff reduction is basically because of one set.
  2. I guess it depends on how you look at Fury and balance. If you look at it as you balance based on fury being UP, you lower the damage cap and you make it easier to maintain fury. Which seems to be what this is. Which also makes the tanker numbers make sense Scrappers will still do more damage than Brutes. (Outside of some farming stuff) ======= *UP = 70%+ ish or so
  3. Just look at the last Tanker thread. See you in a few weeks.
  4. Scrappers do more damage than Brutes "on demand" or not. They also take less +dmg buffs in teams to hit their cap, which is also slightly higher than brutes in actual numbers, especially since the Brute cap was reduced. And Scrappers can ALSO survive nearly all high level content.
  5. They do in the sense that when teaming with a lot of Brutes or a Tanker they generate less Fury due to having less aggro.
  6. There have been no changes to the "attacked by " fury.
  7. For Tankers Regen might be pretty strong on IOs, due to the better Def and Res values, plus all the Resist in the ATO
  8. For Tankers the part about "Tanker self +damage modifier lowered from 1.00 to 0.75 (they still should do more damage than before due to higher base damage modifiers.)" should reduce the slanted bonus Tankers would have gotten from Rage, or Shield AAO, or Bio Offensive VS. Brutes. Most sets will be barely effected. The "+Radius buff for sphere attacks is now +50%" is slightly less I believe. ========= For Brutes the Fury bonus could basically mean all the Brute doom sayers should stop saying doom so much. Since being able to keep Fury up easier should seriously make playing most Brutes more effective in normal (non-farm) play. That was why I liked my claws brute, the quick attacks made Fury easier to keep up. Now with weighted attacks this perhaps will be how they all play.
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