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  1. Ideally some of the changes to difficulty would come in the form of Enemy Response to attack. Cause right now they are morons. To the point that its pitiful.
  2. Does Scrapper Energy Aura get a weak Taunt Aura? Or just an Aura that does a Debuff?
  3. Haijinx


    Galaxy Brain did a comparison you can probably find it on this subform. Fire performed much worse that you'd expect.
  4. Haijinx


    highest damage Scrapper sets are Titan Weapons, Then War Mace. Nice all arounder for both ST and AOE damage with End discount - Claws. If you prefer the Comic Book Fighting Style - Street Justice
  5. Well I mean I get the sentiment. Problem: Game is too damn easy So if you want to lessen the problem you have to either make baddies kill you faster, or make it so you kill them slower. To do that you either have to buff the baddies or nerf the players. So this is a Nerf Players suggestion.
  6. I wondered about Gurps Supers since those point values would allow you to create badass normal of game RNG breaking proportions if you just pumped them into a none super Gurps character. You could abuse the unarmed/dodge/parry and guns systems to an insane degree with even a 300 point character.
  7. We used to love Champions. But really it was too complicated for 13 year olds. We never played it correctly. Villains and Vigilantes and Heroes Unlimited were much easier to play. Marvel was easier to play too but we really got frustrated with the advancement. It seemed more aimed at you playing known Marvel personalities. I had PSI World. But never really played it. Daredevils was kind of fun. Our campaign was a sort of Shadow/Green Hornet/esque deal.
  8. You think those T9s are useless. Fire and Dark have to die to use theirs .. Rise of the Phoenix should be able to be used when Alive. Whatever the Dark Armor version is called also.
  9. You could probably do this by using your costume slots and ranging the gambit of all the available heights. Since the smallest and largest Avatar sizes are quite varied you could definitely give the impression of these powers anyway. As to what Powesets would fit this scheme? I don't know. Street Justice may as well be called "Comic Book Fighting" since that's what it basically is. So that part is easy enough. Not sure as to the defense type though.
  10. Yeah and you needed some goofy amount to advance besides that.
  11. I don't know they could add a similar mechanic to whirling hands perhaps to get some AOE performance. Like street justice you can use your stacks on ST or AOE
  12. Had to end eventually. This last season was good. But I am getting tired of Time Travel as such a staple of these kind of shows.
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