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  1. Played that one also. The original Traveller. One of the most underrated games ever. You can still get the Computer RPG on Abandonedware sites. Its a lot of fun.
  2. Stone Melee doesn't even have Rage in the way.
  3. No. But you can haz my old refrigerator box. That ripped sleeping bag in it is Lefty's though. He prolly wants that back.
  4. You do have a situation where defense buffs are much more common than Resist buffs A SR tanker doesn't need def buffs, so that does lead to some wasted support. Something like WP just gets stronger and stronger no matter what support is available. The only thing being if you can survive indefinitely in a sea of +4s, maybe it doesn't matter.
  5. Also the one Blaster ATO helps with status protection.
  6. Yeah Id say it occurs several times a task force. I always kinda flinch if I forget to fire off build up to take advantage of Double Build Up Double Boost Up then Crushing Uppercut.
  7. My SR/SS tank is designed to have 65% defense so I can Lulz rage crash. I died twice on my way to 50. Both on Posi 1. (People and those stairs ..) I was intending to get to perma hasten perma double Rage, etc. But I got bored and moved on to something else.
  8. Unless you are a stalker with the buildup ATO. In which case it happens sometimes, not common, but not rarely.
  9. Except, it could be interpreted that you did just that. The person you were saying Lying B to has a female seeming Forum Avatar. So your remark could easily be construed as an intentional, misogynistic attack. While I expect that was not your intention, and instead you meant to focus on the lying part.
  10. I think "Lying B****" can be left out of forum posts though.
  11. Crushing uppercut is slow with a long recharge. I avoided it initially on my scrapper. But came to the realization that its necessary to the set. Initial strikes is basically the same as thunderkick. I skipped it on my scrapper. On my Stalker I kept it, since firing it off quick to make AS a guaranteed crit, or to build to combo three for a buildup+guassian proc fueled CU is helpful. On Stalkers SJ gets full powered build ups, it doesn't on any other AT
  12. A lot of MMOs had ways to make money that get shut down by the devs to try and curb inflation, etc. They also have items which are clearly superior to others for whatever class / slot. Making it harder for newer players to compete with the old money as it were. That doesn't exist in Homecoming ...
  13. Its too bad about the rib cracker animation though ... Id love to have that for an alternate quick AS animation. Making it less "Uppercut Melee"
  14. Willpower has always been better than the Tanker board was willing to concede anyhow. Other than this taunt aura thing, it has no real weaknesses. No glaring holes.
  15. I've played both to 50+1 on both stalkers and scrappers (so all 4) On stalkers its not even close, SJ is just plain better. On Scrappers its a lot closer. STJ is probably a little bit better, but MA is more flexible build wise. For example MA can skip Eagles Claw and do fine. You have CAK, CS, and CK to mix stuff up how you want it. But Street Justice is noticibly less effective without Crushing Uppercut.
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