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Any oldschool Virtue RP'ers here? All-Star Sentinels? Gods of Golden Age?

Lord Liberty

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On 2/9/2020 at 10:35 AM, Lord Liberty said:

Looking to see who from the old days has found their way here!


Hey LL! I've been here since Homecoming launched and on Everlasting since *it* launched. The All-Star Sentinels had an all too short revival but soon faded away. I think I'm about the only one who still regularly plays.

I've been thinking about posting up the various scaps I used to do for the ASA forums and I found these from when you helped me set-up Doctor Epoch's introduction to the All-Stars. Good times!



@Attache on Everlasting (Formely Virtue and Pinnacle)


Actioneer || Aerobat || Agent Archer || Agent Dare || Amazona || Arbiter Doom || Astrowoman || Atheos || Attache || Aurgelmir || Blue Weasel || Big League || Bomber Girl || Cavalcader || Centenarian || Change Agent || Charade || Chimpanzer || Chorus Girl || Chrono King || Circlet || Cockatrice || Cogsman || Countess Cataclysm || Crackdown || Death Adder || Doctor Arioch || Doctor Typhoon || Goldsmith || Hellstone || Ifrit ||  Illuminoid || Jen-X || Junkman ||  Liberta ||  Lord of Winter ||  Maera || Mime || Monument || Namtaru || Newsreel || Overman || Pakhet || Queen Sting || Steve Saturn || Tarnation || Teen Thunderbolt || Torch Titan || Xerelerex || Zodiax 



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