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I'm an altaholic. I create new characters, and sometimes copy old, live costumes over... which sometimes have issues.


One of the things that gets to be a little tedious is related to the fact you start with so many costume slots at level 1. I'm *definitely* not complaining about that, mind you! However, you can't pick a pool power - say, a travel power - until level 4.


In addition, depending on how old the costume is, for those I copy over (yes, I *do* have stuff stuck on drives, why do you ask?) some have had parts renamed or rearranged... which means they get set to something default that often looks nothing like what you had. (Faces are notorious for this.)


I'd like an option in the costume editor where you could pick something (say, your travel power - super jump is good for this) and have a check next to it that says "Modify for all costumes." Yes, you'd be charged whatever you would be charged for 5-8 costumes, but you'd just have to change it in one. Same with other costume parts - everything should have "Face 19," say, so you can select it and just have it copy across all costumes with that head type. (It'd be invalid on, say, a full helmet.)


Alternately, at least for new powers, have the option when selected to color (or set to minimal FX) the way you want it by default.


Purely a QOL request.

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