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  1. No, but there are a few other things that could happen, from in-game (someone checks it, either a visitor or through remote access, and does something in-game either to your characters or "up to and including getting your account deleted/banned,") to "People tend to use the same or similar passwords elsewhere, and this kept it in plain text," so even if someone had no interest in COH, it could be a gateway to affecting things that *do* matter. Not a liability anyone wants.
  2. I've heard of odd things causing odd problems, so I'm not going to dismiss the thought that someone gets motion sick / vertigo / dizzy watching their character spin.
  3. Dear god, no. If it's a toggle, it would be an offensive toggle - and thus drop when the player is mezzed. I've had this be *the* source of damage (at times managing to get the last bit of damage to kill the thing that keeps mezzing me) more times than not. If it becomes a toggle, it loses that ability, and I'd only really use it on my Sentinels with their built-in mez protection.
  4. (A) Redside already has patrons, and (B) Blueside has police as well, y'know. More specifically, the RIP are there mostly to terrorize lowbies and Skulls in Mercy. The PPD show up throughout 1-50, either as part of missions (and upgrading through things like Awakened and Psi police) and just as part of the environment (NPCs and contacts.) Redside, you don't even see the RIP in Oakes. (I just went and looked to double check my memory - I saw one person who looked police-ish and was labeled as "Security Guard." That's the closest thing to a police presence.) Not rea
  5. This, really. I've been sort of "eh" about the option before, but thematically it still fits, given the graphic (as I'm recalling) still looks like a whirling cone of force/wind/whatever around the character, it'd still fit the name/idea *and* open up the power for concepts that don't involve hyperballet. ;)
  6. That change came later on live, as I recall.
  7. They'll make announcement of anything (other than exploit fixes) coming when it's time for it to show up on test. Don't forget, not a professional development house with full time staff and funding. Small, volunteer team doing this around their real jobs. Things come when they come.
  8. Old post, but when I posted it I was talking about the keyboard specifically. I don't need my case playing disco-ball, but... yeah, the Razer software being aware of things has been useful in some games.
  9. Something like this, I think I'd want to see if we got something Patron-like heroside. It has more of that sort of flavor to me.
  10. Right. So what you're saying is HC is a pack of liars who just *say* they've been talking to HC? Also, the "go on for years" has been discussed elsewhere. Easy enough to find. Legal action against other servers is between those servers and NC and frankly about as relevant as saying "Oh yeah? Well if my car's out of gas how come my microwave still works?"
  11. Check your Accolades. Do you have Mercy Mariner? If not, you don't have all the Mercy exploration badges. (Easy way to be sure.)
  12. No, many other servers are very happy to use the spaghetti on wall approach and throw stuff out there, no matter how complete or stable it is. (And wipe or roll things back when, oops, that must be why it wasn't live, it broke stuff.) HC seems to take a more cautious approach and actually... have things *work.* And look decent. More ... like a development house. Given they're in negotiations with NC for licensing and whatnot, being shown to be serious (and cautious and thoughtful) about maintaining and developing it further is a *good* thing. Also, there are two 'bran
  13. I had to double check that (on test) since I remembered them coming back - but I don't have a lot of characters with macros. That said, another place they don't show up is a second build, which means there's another place having a "macros" window where they can persist and move to and from would be nice.
  14. If they did that, I'd want an enforced - say, 5 second - delay between the button being available to be pressed, just to avoid (well, let's be real, make harder) an accidental "blah, keep converting, ooh that's what I wanted*click* gah!" moment for the player.
  15. If they're done under the "bottoms with skins," they wouldn't be able to, as I understand it, since the "skin" takes the other colors. (I don't know why they can't use patterns like tights, I'm assuming because they wouldn't be able to stop them from going over the skin.)
  16. Wow, I know it's "talk like a pirate day" and people are talking booty, but this is just being an ass. If the event had an intentional "Keep them from escaping" - such as, say, the "Prevent 30 fir Bolg from escaping/stop the ritual" from Skipper's ark in Croatoa - there would be a "X have escaped" fail notice, and the event could reset. There is not one. Therefore, no, the point is not actually "stopping prisoners from escaping" in a game mechanics sense. The prisoners also make no attempt TO escape - they will, if people leave them alone, happily stand there staring at the PPD. Th
  17. Every word you've written indicates you don't get it and/or don't want to get it. Has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with me. Frankly, it indicates the ATs don't click with you. Which is fine. There are a bunch of other ones to play. Have fun over there instead.
  18. Short form, humanform you'll *possibly* be happier with peacebringers. But try both and see. I used to have a guide somewhere from live... Here. This is over a decade old, so there have been changes to the game, but I'd say there's a fair amount of still valid. (11/2010.) Quoting a section of it... (Again, remember... written in late 2010.) So in short, I'd basically call a Peacebringer more steady and predictable than a Warshade. You will have Build Up or your heal/HP boost *now,* it will recharge in *this* many seconds and then give
  19. Quoting just this bit, but skimming through... there's a lot of bias in the post. And it seems you're aware of your own, which is fine. But some of this needs pointing out. There has been a *lot* of discussion about why more people play heroes, and it's not just - or, I'd posit, the majority - "I want to be Captain Four-Color GenderAppropriateScout." I mean, for starters the game itself is labeled "City of Heroes." Yes, there's "City of Villains," but ... look up. The site's not listed as "City of Villains: Homecoming" or "Cities of Heroes and Villains: Homecoming." Her
  20. Everlasting's second (10 or 10:30 PM ET) MSR is going to be pirate themed. Trying to get Piracat set up and at a useful level before that.
  21. Yes, and when that happens, the event cannot be completed, thus the description of "broken." I've completed it before, too. I've also had it become unable to be completed because of exactly what you described - and the mob *does not* come back, or doesn't count when it seems to. "It sometimes works" is not exactly the most confidence inspiring description. If my car "sometimes" worked, it'd be in the dealer for repair or replacement as a lemon.
  22. Eh. Personally I think I see this as too much chance for confusion vs "just stop for 3 seconds and slot it when you can." I mean, given how many times basic questions are asked in the help channel (which, not a complaint, it's what it's *there* for,) "I slotted a level 50 enh and it's not working!" leading to several minutes of discussion before someone asks "What level are you?" "12" would probably not be uncommon as a result.
  23. I don't know that I'd call this "unintuitive." Maybe it comes from being a big flight sim buff, where (like in normal flight) pushing a joystick (or mouse) forward makes you dive - IE, head towards the high-drag region known as "ground," or look down - and pulling it back makes you climb. But even without that, if you move your head forward, eventually it's going to tilt down, and pull back = up. I've found the other way to be the unintuitive one, and utterly impossible to get used to.
  24. Got a few on the market or in storage, hmm? :)
  25. Yeah, that event's been that way. Either a prisoner runs off somewhere, or one of the Freakshow (often one of the fliers) runs off in the second portion and breaks it. I know I've tried taunting one back into the general area and had it not work (one that specifically ran.) I've also tried just a generic "prisoner" to see if it would count (it doesn't.) The third phase is usually fine as you just have to defeat the three named/special prisoners and they don't normally run off. If I recall, this didn't (or barely) made it onto live, too. Frankly, I think this could be "f
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